13 Hiking Instagram Accounts

That Will Repost Your Epic Travel Photography

13 hiking instagram accounts

13 Hiking Instagram Accounts

{That Will Repost Your Epic Travel Photos!}

Growing your Instagram account nowadays can be tough.

Emotionally, mentally, even physically… it’s all a struggle.

Therefore, as Instagrammers, we look for every possible advantage to gain organic exposure and grow our travel accounts on Instagram.

Whether it’s through using hashtags, shoutouts or some other new method to help us successfully grow our travel Instagram accounts, it is all necessary.

In this particular blog, we focus on travel Instagram repost accounts.

Specifically showing you all the Best Hiking Instagram Accounts That Will Repost Your Epic Travel Photography.


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In the Instagram universe, there are loads of different “feature accounts.”

However, even though you might tag the same ones day in and day out in all of your travel photography, you probably notice that you don’t get reposted too often.

It sucks… we know. 

However, there is one major key to significantly improve your chances of getting a travel Instagram repost.

Be More Specific!


A lot of the time when people are tagging accounts on Instagram, they put absolutely no effort what so ever into researching the accounts they are tagging.

More often than not, just typing in travel or backpacking into the search bar and tagging the first 15 random accounts that pop up, doesn’t end well.


hiking instagram accounts halong bay

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Instead, if you become more specific with the accounts you are tagging, you will have a significantly better chance of getting reposted.

For example, when posting a photo of you hiking in Hawaii, don’t just tag massive accounts like @bestintravel or @travelawesome.

Although getting a repost on one of these accounts would do wonders for your follower count…

These accounts receive thousands of tags per day and the likelihood of you getting a repost is slim to none.

Instead, try tagging smaller niche Instagram travel accounts like @hikingbangers or @hawaiitag.

By choosing these two over the former achieves 2 things:

  1. Both accounts are extremely relevant to your photo, therefore increasing the likelihood of a repost.
  2. Both accounts have a significantly smaller following, hence increasing the likelihood your Instagram tag will even be seen.

Therefore, with this concept in mind, today we will find the best hiking accounts to tag on Instagram for your travel photography.

By tagging these hiking feature accounts on Instagram and becoming more specific with your Insta-tags you can open your account up to a whole new level of engagement.

So, without further ado, these are the 13 Best Hiking Accounts To Tag On Instagram who will repost your epic travel photos!


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1. Bucketlistadventures_

Tag and #bucketlist to get featured

2. Hikingbangers

Tag to get featured

3. Backpackingviews_

Tag and DM to get featured

4. Adventurenthusiasts

#adventurenthusiasts and tag to get featured

5. Allaboutadventures

#allaboutadventures and tag to get featured



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6. Peoplewhoadventure

#peoplewhoadventure and tag to get featured

7. Trekkingtoes

#trekkingtoes and tag to be featured

8. Unlimitedvoyage

#unlimited voyage and tag to be featured

9. Hikingculture

#hikingculture and tag to be featured



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A post shared by Hike ● Explore ● Adventure (@hikingbangers) on


10. Earthoutdoors 

#earthoutdoors and tag to be featured

11. Hike.vibes

#hikevibes and tag to get featured

12. Inspiring_wanderers

#inspiringwanderers or tag to be featured

13. Backpackersglobe

#backpackersglobe or tag to be featured


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