Zakynthos Greece Backpackers Party Guide
Posted by | May 24, 2016
Zakynthos | Greece

Although not as featured as it should be on most Greek backpacking tours, Zakynthos or Zante for short is secretly a traveler’s paradise! Offering a flawless mix of adventure, relaxation,...

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The Ultimate Lagos Portugal Backpackers Party Guide
Posted by | May 23, 2016
Lagos | Portugal

Lagos is an amazing place and everybody we have spoken to that has had the opportunity to visit has loved everything about it. There is nothing to dislike in this...

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Barcelona Spain Backpackers Party Guide
Posted by | May 5, 2016
Barcelona | Spain

For backpackers, Barcelona comes to life once the sun goes down. Wild and Away always started off by either drinking and talking in their dorms or chilling out on the...

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Mykonos Beaches
Posted by | April 28, 2016
Mykonos | Greece

We don’t know about you but any destination drawing comparisons to the most infamous party haven known to man certainly deserves a spot on the ol’ bucket list.

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Hvar Croatia Backpackers Party Guide
Posted by | April 27, 2016
Hvar | Croatia

Hvar is a destination famous for its stunning beauty and scenic views of the Adriatic coastline, however, it misses the mark when it comes to excursions and nightlife. Hvar is...

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Ios Greece Backpackers Party Guide
Posted by | January 2, 2016
Ios | Greece

Ios is one of the most unique places we have ever had opportunity of traveling to. The island thrives on a wild party atmosphere, similar to spring break parties except...

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