Crouching Lion Hike thumbnail
Posted by | January 29, 2018
The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Crouching Lion Hike In Oahu

Crouching Lion hike, being a high achiever in beauty, is one of Oahu’s most popular trails that certainly offers some of the best and most iconic views of the island.

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Travel quotes to inspire
Posted by | December 18, 2017
33 Unique Travel Quotes To Inspire Your Next Adventure

So if you're tired of these overused cliché travel quotes like "the journey of a thousand miles begins with" blah blah [email protected]@king blah, then hopefully after

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most beautiful places in the philippines
Posted by | December 11, 2017
15 Beautiful Places In The Philippines To Feed Your Wanderlust

There are over 7000 islands in this tropical paradise, and the amount beautiful places in the Philippines is simply too many to count.

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gift ideas that any travel addict would love thumbnail
Posted by | November 22, 2017
19 Astonishing Gift Ideas That Any Travel Addict Would Love

What do you buy for someone who's seen the world? We've come up with 19 astonishing gift ideas that any travel addict would love.

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pink palace corfu thumbnail
Posted by | November 12, 2017
Is The Pink Palace Corfu Europe’s Best Party Hostel?

With an outrageously wild reputation, a notorious booze cruise and an infamous toga party you'll never forget, is the Pink Palace Corfu Europe's best party hostel?

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full moon party
Posted by | November 5, 2017
The Full Moon Party | The Worlds Most Infamous Beach Party

The Full Moon party is a ridiculously wild beach party made up of travelers from around the world, infamous for its purely hedonistic and unadulterated party atmosphere.

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travel essentials thumbnail
Posted by | November 2, 2017
Travel Essentials

Every one of these items are fundamental to our travels. We really will not leave our home city without bringing these travel essentials.

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Corfu Greece Backpackers Party Guide
Posted by | December 18, 2016
The Ultimate Corfu Greece Backpackers Party Guide

The Ultimate Corfu Greece Backpackers Party Guide! This little hidden party haven that not too many people know about is one of Greece's best kept secrets.

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europe vs asia thumbnail
Posted by | November 23, 2016
Europe vs Asia {Which Is The Better Continent To Travel?}

After traveling to both continents and creating crazy personal stories of our own, we now have the question: Europe vs Asia? Which is better for travelers?

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