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The Ultimate Backpackers Guide

The Ultimate Ayia Napa Cyprus Backpackers Party Guide. 


"The party begins every day in the afternoon and it’s bumping until the sun comes up. It is basically like college spring break that lasts for 3-4 months, filled with people of many different nationalities."



First and foremost, this place is totally insane. In its peak season, this place has one of the craziest party scenes that we have ever seen. Take one lap through the town and you will see endless bars, clubs, and food places. The party begins every day in the afternoon and it’s bumping until the sun comes up. It is basically like a college spring break that lasts for 3-4 months, filled with people of many different nationalities. It’s best to prepare the liver before visiting Ayia Napa, because all day every day is a party.

Ayia Napa is in the very southwest of the island nation of Cyprus, which lies in the Mediterranean. While tourists of many different nationalities visit, it is heavily frequented by British, Israeli, Lebanese, Russian, Ukrainian, and Greek Cypriot tourists. This place has endless boat parties, pool parties and adventure activities that will make you want to ditch your next destinations in favor of staying longer. Every night will feel like the craziest night of your life.

Pro Tip
Do not enter through North Cyprus…you will get scammed!



Minimum Stay: 5 days

Best to Visit: June to July

Getting Around: Buses, Scooters/Quads/Dune Buggies, Walking

Where To Stay: Near Bar Streets

Wild & Away Factor

Scenery 8/10
Excursions 6/10
Food 7/10
Price 8/10
Day Drinking 10/10
Nightlife 10/10
Vibes 10/10

One of the only negative aspects of Ayia Napa is that there is a void of proper hostels. To be fair, events are so well advertised and in plain sight that hostels are not really needed in order to find the fun. Hostels are cheap and they do provide a family atmosphere and a crew to go out with and the lack of activities definitely, does not ruin the good vibes of Ayia Napa. There are many budget hotels and apartments, so there is an abundance of accommodation for the influx of travellers.

Flora Maria Aparthotel

Odyssea Elyti 24Ayia Napa 5330, Cyprus

“Flora Maria is so centrally located the party is literally at your doorstep.”

  • -Central location right in the heart of Ayia Napa party scene
  • -Comfortable and Spacious
  • -Friendly staff
  • -Modern Amenities
  • -On site bar and common area
  • -A bit expensive for budget travelers
  • -Cannot be too loud, or else you may get noise complaints


Senor Frogs Boat Party

This goes down every Friday and it certainly cannot be missed! The Senor Frogs boat party has champagne showers, wet t-shirt contests and just about anything else that you would expect to see on a wild Spring Break. The staff are the ones who really make this experience as they lead the charge for debauchery for the duration of the boat trip.

Napa Rocks Pool Party

A big swimming pool, cheap drinks, and champagne showers…does this sound appealing? It sure does to us! This party is a blast and much like everywhere else in Ayia Napa is an “anything-goes” type atmosphere.

Club 100 Ayia Napa Events Package

All of Ayia Napa’s top events are included plus free club entry passes along with a free MVP discount wristband. All this for just £100. Essential for the party hungry budget traveler!


Senor Frogs

This place is crazy each and every night. It is always packed with people at the outside tables, on the dance floor, or on the poles. Senor Frogs does not have pushy promoters like many other places because frankly, it doesn’t need them. This is always a reliable place to party and have a good time.

Castle Club

This is one of the only proper clubs in Ayia Napa as many places would be considered dance bars. This place is large with a fantastic layout and frequently brings in big named artists.


It is hard to walk by this place without stopping in for a drink…or two…or three. When entering, you will be greeted by an overflow of people dancing on elevated platforms at the entrance. A picture of this place at peak time is the ideal shot of what many imagine of college spring break.

Pub Crawl

Prepare to go on one of the biggest and rowdiest pub crawls of your life. This pub crawl is not just about getting to know the people on the crawl and making many friends for the night. This pub crawl gets out of control very quickly and is really unlike anything we’ve seen in many other European destinations (Greece excluded!)

Nissi Beach

When walking through the town during the day, you will notice that the streets are eerily empty. This is because everyone is either busy with day activities or at Nissi Beach. The beach has many bars and restaurants to hang out at, is a good place to be social, and take it easier in preparation for the night-time shenanigans!

Motorbiking to Cape Greco

When arriving to Ayia Napa, you cannot help but see all of the motorbikes, quad bikes, and dune buggies. Do yourself a favor, and rent at least one of these! Take a ride out of town down to Cape Greco, which is the type of site that you may have seen in a movie but never actually thought that you would see in real life. When you get here, you must jump off the cliff! It is not that scary…we saw pre-teen kids doing it!

Waterworld Waterpark

This Greek-themed waterpark is a blast, but the only downfall is that it is quite expensive. Nevertheless, this is a great way to spend the day and feel like a kid again (a big drunk kid!)

Transportation To And From Ayia Napa


You can take a plane to Cyprus but make sure you fly into Larnaca Airport NOT Ercan Airport. Larnaca Airport is located on the Greek/South side of the Island, and is closer to Ayia Napa than Ercan Airport.

If you fly into Ercan Airport then you have to cross the Turkish/Greek border which is unpleasant so it’s best to fly to Larnaca Airport.

Budget Tips
  • Fly from Greece, not Turkey because it’ll take you to the Turkish side of Cyprus not the Greek side.
  • If partying is your primary concern, buy the party package to save money.
  • You won’t spend that much money on hotels, but partying will eat into your bank account so beware.
Wild & Away Checklist
  1. Senor Frogs Boat Party
  2. Napa Rocks Pool Party
  3. Pub Crawl
  4. Jump off the cliff at Cape Greco
  5. Rent a dune Buggy
  6. Spend the day at the Waterpark
  7. Stay out until the sun rises
  8. Don’t be too hungover to do it all again the next day!

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