Barracuda Lake Philippines

The Best Barracuda Lake Coron Tour Guide

Barracuda Lake Philippines

The Best Barracuda Lake Coron Tour Guide

Known as one of the best diving spots in Coron Palawan, Barracuda Lake has permanently secured a spot as one of the best things to do on Coron Island.

It’s unfathomably crystal-clear blue water and dynamic movie like landscape make this one of the best Instagram spots in Coron and for good reason. 

Aside from the beauty that is found topside, from the minute you explore under the water’s surface, you are transported to a world of immaculate beauty that is so remarkable it’s hard to put into words.

Continue reading, this Barracuda Lake blog and discover everything you possibly need to know for your upcoming visit to one of the most magical places in the Philippines. 

barracuda lake coron philippines


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 About Barracuda Lake Philippines

  • Known by the locals as Luluyuan Lake, this insanely clear body of water that makes up Barracuda Lake is located on the same island as the more famous Kayangan Lake.
  • Interestingly enough, at 4 meters deep the lake changes from fresh to saltwater, allowing divers to see a halocline (or an area where the water changes in salinity) which causes a cool underwater visual effect.
  • Swim long and deep enough in Barracuda Lake and you’ll most likely come across one of the famous Barracuda’s that the lake was named after.

barracuda lake coron philippines

Where Is Barracuda Lake Located?

 Barracuda Lake is located on Coron Island Palawan which is just a 25–30-minute boat ride away from Coron Town.


Just to clear things up, Coron Town is not located on Coron Island, but in fact, it is actually located on the separate island of Busuanga.

Check The Location Of Barracuda Lake Here On Google Maps

How Do You Get To Barracuda Lake Coron Philippines?

The only way to get to Barracuda Lake is to book either a public or private boat tour from Coron Town which is located on the neighboring island of Busuanga. 

barracuda lake coron philippines

Barracuda Lake Philippines Entrance

Barracuda Lake Public Tour 

The public boat tour to Coron Island costs around 1000 – 1400 PHP (which is approximately $20 – 22 USD) depending on who you choose to organize your tour through as well as how good your haggling skills are.

Though every tour company is different Barracuda Lake is included on the Coron Island Tour B.  Though the public Coron Island tours are the cheapest options for visiting the sights on Coron Island, they are certainly not the best.

The main problem with the Coron Island public group tours is that they take you to most of the destinations at peak times which means you will be there when all the other tourists are also there. The reason for this is all of the public Coron Island boat tours have the same itinerary, meaning all tourist boats will be arriving and departing at the same time. 

However what I recommend instead, is to take the Barracuda Lake private tour which gives you some much-appreciated flexibility in your schedule allowing you to handpick which destinations you visit as well as how long you wish to stay at each one.  


barracuda lake coron philippines-public-boat

Barracuda Lake Private Tour

When we visited Barracuda Lake, my group and I had arranged a private boat tour from Coron Town that included Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoon, Banol Beach, Skeleton Shipwreck, CYC Beach, Atwayan Beach, Green Lagoon and Barracuda Lake.  For our group of 5 people, we were able to book the private Barracuda Lake Tour (aka Coron Island Tour) for 1900 PHP per person (approximately 38 USD per person). This included all of the entrance fees for every one of the destinations as well.


barracuda lake philippinesSWIMWEAR BY: THE WILD SWIM

The best thing about booking a private Coron Island boat tour is that you can pick which destinations you want to visit and how long you wish to stay at each destination. Though it’s a bit more expensive than booking the group tour to Coron Island, it allows you to see all the sights of the island in a day as opposed to booking two separate tours to see the same things.

Another benefit of the private boat tours of Coron Island is that the crew even prepares you a delicious seafood feast from the food you purchased from the market.  Before you board your boat, the captain will take you to the local market to do a grocery shop for your lunch that day.


Shopping at the local market was a very unique experience and one of the coolest parts of the tour.


Coron Island Hopping Tour Package-island-escapade-tour

Coron Island Private Boat Costs

2 – 4 people | 2700 PHP total + entrance fees for each destination

5 – 8 people | 3250 PHP total + entrance fees for each destination

9 – 15 people | 3800 PHP total + entrance fees for each destination 

Best Time To Visit Barracuda Lake Philippines?

If your goal is to beat the rest of the crowds to Barracuda Lake, then the earlier the better.  This is a very popular tourist spot on Coron Island, and for the exception of the morning time, there is going to be quite a few tourists there.

With that being said, it does not get as crowded as Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon so I suggest you visit those destinations first before visiting Barracuda Lake. 

barracuda lake coron philippines

Barracuda Lake Philippines boat dock

What To Do In Barracuda Lake Philippines? 

Diving and snorkeling are hands down the two best things to do in Barracuda Lake.  The underwater panoramas are absolutely mesmerizing and described as one of the most beautiful and unique diving experiences in the Philippines.

Aside from that, there is not much else to do here, though if you don’t plan on swimming it is still worth a quick visit. 

Barracuda Lake Philippines Diving


How Much Is The Barracuda Lake Entrance Fee? 

The Barracuda Lake entrance fee costs 200 PHP per person, however, this is typically paid to your tour company prior to boarding the tour boat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is It Called Barracuda Lake?

Barracuda Lake gets its name from a large fish skeleton that was once discovered at the bottom of the lake. Not to mention, the significant portion of Barracuda that grace the lakes waters. 

Is Barracuda Lake Dangerous?

Not in the slightest bit. I have been to Barracuda Lake Coron on two separate occasions and both times we felt perfectly safe swimming in the lake.  In fact, there are plenty of other people there also swimming, as well as a lifeguard (or at least I thought he was a lifeguard).

Does Barracuda Lake Have Barracuda?

For anyone wondering if there are barracudas in Barracuda Lake, then the answer is yes. There most certainly are Barracudas in the lake.  With that being said, don’t imagine a lake swarming with Barracudas, though chances are you will see the occasional Barracuda while swimming by.

Barracuda Lake vs Kayangan Lake

On one hand, Barracuda Lake offers one of the best places for diving in Coron Island. On the other hand, Kayangan Lake offers more things to do in terms of snorkeling, hiking, and photography. Therefore if your main purpose is diving then you will probably prefer Barracuda Lake over Kayangan Lake.

With that being said both destinations offer distinctive beauty that makes both worth visiting.

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