9 Best Bars In Seminyak

The Ultimate Seminyak Bali Party Guide


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9 Best Bars In Seminyak

The Ultimate Seminyak Nightlife Guide

When it comes to things to do in Bali at night, obviously partying is on the agenda.

In fact, Seminyak nightlife, in particular, should be on everyone’s to-do list when traveling Bali.

Seminyak has got basically everything you need, from shopping, nightlife, restaurants, and beach!

Seminyak bars usually don’t ever disappoint, so when you’re on the hunt for a Bali party, don’t think twice about heading over to Seminyak.

You might already have read the absolute best things to do in Seminyak, but being Wild & Away, we (naturally) have to delve deeper into the partying aspects of travel… thus this post is all about partying and nightlife in Seminyak!

Keep reading to find all the best bars in Seminyak that everyone should experience at least once during their Bali party trip!

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Seminyak Nightlife Guide

seminyak nightlife guide

Where Is The Main Strip In Seminyak For Nightlife?

Seminyak nightlife has several different party areas, all with a different vibe and catering to a different crowd.

Jalan Petitenget

This is probably the most popular of the Seminyak nightlife hotspots catering to a more upscale crowd.

Lined with an assortment of chic bars, beach clubs and restaurants all located within walking distance of each other makes the go-to party are of Seminyak.

Some of the popular bars in the area are Ku De Ta, Mrs Sippy, Potato Head Beach Club and WooBar.

Dhyana Pura

Another popular Seminyak nightlife area is Dhyana Pura.

Nowhere near as fancy as Jalan Petitenget, Seminyak party hotspot caters to a more diverse crowd which makes it quite popular amongst backpackers and expats.

Additionally, a majority of the Seminyak gay bars are located in this area as well.

Popular clubs in this area include OPIVM, Bali Joe and Mixwell.

Kuta Or Seminyak For Nightlife

While Kuta may have been once been the popular spot for nightlife in Bali, its glory days are well in the past.

While they aren’t even located that far from each other, Seminyak nightlife offers a much more diverse and overall better party experience.

Kuta, on the other hand, is rather sketchy and overall depressing.

Don’t make the mistake of partying in Kuta… just stick with Seminyak and you will be just fine.


La Favela Seminyak

best bars in seminyak

Photo by The Bali Bible


La Favela sure takes the cake for being one of the best nightclubs in Seminyak.

If you are looking for a Seminyak party night that 100% won’t disappoint (obviously everyone wants that) then look no further than La Favela Seminyak.

With multiple dance floors and music that will have you up dancing til’ closing time, I don’t see how anyone could leave La Favela without a smile on their face!

One of the best things to do in Bali at night is to party at La Favela, and probably our favorite of the Seminyak bars.


best bars in seminyak

Photo by Tripadvisor


Motel Mexicola is Mexican themed (go figure) and unquestionably one of the best bars in Seminyak.

Grab yourself some delicious Mexican food and a few creative cocktails and

In our opinion, Motel Mexicola is by far one of the best places for a night out in Seminyak.


best bars in seminyak

Photo by Potato Head Beach Club


We know you’ve all heard of Potato Head Beach Club.

Potato Head Beach Club is a restaurant and bar, with a pool and a killer view, somewhere you can visit during the day or at night.

It’s definitely somewhere everyone should enjoy a few chilled out drinks overlooking the stunning ocean landscape.

It’s not rowdy like La Favela, but it sure is beautiful and hands down one of the best things to do in Bali at night, or even during the day.


best bars in seminyak

Photo by Ku De Ta


Usually, Ku De Ta doesn’t really get too rowdy on an average night, but it is a STUNNING spot to grab a few drinks and dinner just in time for the immaculate sunset.

However, this Bali party can get pretty wild when they host events, so check out their website to get your hands on some tickets!

Even if you aren’t able to make it for an event, Ku De Ta is still one of the best Seminyak bars to get started for your Bali party night!


best bars in seminyak

Photo by The Bali Bible


Yet another stunning setup and well-decorated bar that gets jam-packed with other partying souls at night time.

Mirror Lounge & Club is one of the best clubs in Seminyak that will leave you without regret!

Definitely check out Mirror Lounge & Club when you’re looking for some serious Seminyak Bali nightlife.


best bars in seminyak

Photo by Woo Bar Bali


Woo Bar is the perfect place to spend your time vibing out in relaxation mode.

Like most of the places mentioned on this list, Woo Bar has a pool, food, and drinks so basically, you won’t need to leave the venue for any reason during your visit!

Woo Bar hosts different events all the time too, so check out their website so you don’t miss out on anything! Click here for event information!


best bars in seminyak

Photo by The Bali Bible


Mrs Sippy isn’t as well known for Seminyak nightlife, but instead for its day parties.

But let me tell you, the nighttime parties are as lit as the daytime parties hosted by Mrs Sippy!

It is one of the best bars in Seminyak for both the daytime and nighttime, and it had to be mentioned in this blog.

Mrs Sippy is somewhere you go to day-drink, have a swim and show off your tricks on the diving board!

This is by far my favorite daytime Seminyak party so don’t skip out on this one!


best bars in seminyak

Photo by OPIVM


Seminyak’s newest nightclub is officially here and is disappointing no one.

This Bali party haven has got two levels blasting techno/house music, all while having shisha, poles and aerial dancers giving OPIVM a burlesque feel to the club.

If you’re looking for some nightclubs in Seminyak, OPIVM has got you covered.


best bars in seminyak

Photo by 40 Thieves Club


40 Thieves Club Bali is different from all the other Seminyak bars, as it is more of a New York style speakeasy.

Step into Bali’s luxurious and mysterious side and spend a night sipping cocktails at 40 Thieves Club.


Seminyak is one of the best places to stay in Bali, because of it being central to pretty much everything you need including the beach, bars, restaurants, and shopping.

As always, we recommend accommodation for backpackers on a budget, mid-range travelers, and luxurious heavy-spenders.

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Please be aware that some of the links in this blog contain affiliate links and at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU, Wild & Away earns a small commission if you decide to make a purchase/reservation.  The commission made from each affiliate link helps to support this website. Please understand that I have experience with all of these booking companies, and I only recommend certain accommodation if I find they will be useful to you. Thank You!



where to stay in bali hotel 7

M Boutique Hostel

The perfect accommodation for backpackers on a budget! It’s close to everything you need, and you’ll be surrounded by other backpackers also ready to explore the best Nightlife in Seminyak.


where to stay in bali hotel 8

Astagina Resort Villas & Spa

It’s so nice here that you won’t want to leave your villa! But when there’s so much incredible nightlife in Seminyak, trust us… you will be leaving your hotel sober, and drunken stumbling back into your room in the early hours of the morning.


where to stay in bali hotel 9

The Ulin Villas & Spa

If you’re after a luxe accommodation option, look no further. This hotel is perfectly located in Seminyak to be secluded all while being close to the best bars in Seminyak.

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Gili Trawangan

In case you haven’t heard, Gili Trawangan is a tiny island just 1.5 hours away from mainland Bali where the craziest of us go wild when the sun goes down.

With parties every night and insanely beautiful beaches to lay on during the day, Gili T is our number one place for where to party in Bali that’s not Seminyak.

Trust us on this, if you’re looking for the most hedonistic Bali party scene, get your butt to Gili Trawangan.

Click here to check out our Gili Trawangan Party Guide.

Finns Beach Club, Canggu

Finns Beach Club is located in Canggu, about 10 minutes away from Seminyak.

They have a gorgeous infinity pool, a swim-up bar, and a superb sunset that is not to be missed.

Whether you want to get lit with your friends, or perhaps just take in the sunset views, you can do both here at Finns Beach Club.

If there’s any place that will make people jealous when they look through your IG story, it’s here.

Omnia Beach Club, Uluwatu

Omnia Beach Club is where you want to be if you want to be boujee and sip on delicious (expensive) cocktails while overlooking the stunning ocean view of Uluwatu.

It wasn’t as wild as we usually like it to be, but it is a luxuriously lavish experience!


Did we forget to mention some important information in our blog “9 Best Bars In Seminyak 2019 {The Ultimate Seminyak Nightlife Guide}”?

Drop your comments & suggestions below!

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