Where Are The Best Beaches In Colombia

The Ultimate Guide

best beaches in colombia

Where Are The Best Beaches In Colombia

The Ultimate Guide

Who doesn’t want palm trees swaying, crystal clear Caribbean waters and freshly caught seafood in their life?

Well lucky for you these are all things that the best beaches in Colombia have in common.

Colombia beaches have the most entrancing tones of blue and aquamarine that will leave you endlessly addicted.

This hypnotizing array of beautiful Colombia beaches are the real-life replication of a dream vacation, and you must go see it for yourself!

Keep reading to discover where to find all the best beaches in Colombia!

San Luis Beach, San Andres Island

best beaches in colombia

Located about a 15-minute drive from the main beach of San Andres’ awaits the absolute perfection of San Luis Beach.

Expect nothing less than blindingly white sand and gleaming blue waters anywhere you go in San Andres Island, however, in my opinion, San Luis beach is the best one of them all.

I say this because the main beach can get EXTREMELY crowded while on the other hand, San Luis beach is much quieter and even more delightful.

There’s even an abandoned shipwreck located a short distance from the shores of San Luis for those looking for something a little more adventurous.

In addition to this, there are several delicious restaurants serving all types of appetizing dishes that are quite hard to pass up on once the tantalizing smell comes dancing past your nose.

Crab Cay Providencia

crab cay providencia

Okay so it’s not technically a beach, but Crab Cay is a little slice of heaven that definitely deserves to be on anyone’s list of the best beaches in Colombia!

The elusive tropical oasis of Crab Cay can only be reached via a boat tour from the island of Providencia, which you can read about in more detail by clicking here.

This paradise dreamland which is located just a few minutes from the shores of Isla de Providencia (Providencia Island), is actually the fourth largest coral reef in the world and is heavily protected to conserve the precious coral and marine life.

Crab Cay Providencia is without a doubt the best of all the Colombia beaches as a place where you can fulfill your wildest snorkeling dreams.

Come here expecting to swim with turtles, stingrays, colorful schools of tropical fish and even small reef sharks if you get lucky!

Furthermore, if you are able to pull yourself out from the warm, Caribbean waters for a moment, then make sure you make the short trek up to the peak of Crab Cay because this spot is definitely one of The Most Instagrammable Places in Colombia!

There may not be a patch of sand to lay on, but trust me when I say, the crystal-clear turquoise waters that stretch out as far as the eye can see, are guaranteed to make up for it.

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Cabo San Juan Tayrona National Park

visiting tayrona national park colombia sunset

Cabo San Juan easily takes the cake for being the crowd-favorite beach in Tayrona National Park Colombia!

It requires a short hike through the jungle to reach it, however as soon as you step out of the dense forest and directly onto the sandy shores of Cabo San Juan, you’ll see that it was worth every struggle.

You can read the Full Guide To Finding Cabo San Juan Tayrona National Park Colombia Here!

However, just so you know, Cabo San Juan isn’t the only beach to see here Tayrona National Park.

A majority of Tayrona National Park beaches are nothing less than enthralling; however, swimming is not permitted in most of the beaches due to the extremely rough waters and powerful undercurrents.

There are signs posted at every beach to tell you if it is safe to swim or not.

However, just to clarify you can indeed swim at Cabo San Juan.

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Playa Blanca Cartagena


Cartagena beaches aren’t the nicest, so people typically flee to Playa Blanca for a beachy getaway while in Cartagena.

This is one of few Cartagena beaches that have that white sand and refreshing Caribbean water you’ve been yearning for, however, if you’re also on the hunt for a secluded, quiet and relaxing beach, then Playa Blanca is not the beach for you.

If you are there on a weekend, public holiday or during the peak season, be prepared for lots of hassling by vendors and tourists everywhere you look.

This may turn you off going to Playa Blanca, but let’s face it, Cartagena’s weather is way too hot and tropical to not have at least one beach day.

If you want to best avoid the crowds then try to stay the night at Playa Blanca or visit during the low season.

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Manzanillo Beach, Providencia Island

manzanillo beach providencia island colombia

This quiet beach is lined with towering palm trees and some of the softest and most gleamingly white sand you’ll ever saunter along.

Manzanillo Beach is one of our favorite places to bask under the Caribbean sun as you simply lose track of time and let the day slip away.

It’s no surprise that a beach this perfect would be located on the hidden tropical paradise of Providencia Island.

In an island where impeccably tropical beaches are located just a few minutes away from each other in either direction, it was none other than Manzanillo Beach that stood out as one of our favorites.

If the sound of Caribbean music, leaning palm trees and fresh seafood appeals to you, you’ll absolutely fall in love with Manzanillo Beach.

Johnny Cay, San Andres Island

johnny cay san andres

If you’ve ever dreamt of being on a deserted island where you’re surrounded by nothing but powdery white sand, translucent blue waters, and picture-perfect palm trees, then I have some good news – you can stop dreaming about it and visit Johnny Cay.

Johnny Cay is basically a perfectly placed patch of sand in the middle of the ocean that is filled with enough gorgeous palm trees to satisfy your tropical addiction for the next five years!

This tropical oasis is only accessible by boat from the main beach of San Andres Island, although the island looks so close to the main beach that you could practically swim there.

Spending a few hours here surrounded by incredible, crystalline blue water is a sure-fire way to bring out your inner mermaid.

The hardest part is getting back on that boat to leave for the mainland!

San Bernardo Islands

casa en el agua hostel

The San Bernardo Islands are about an hour out of Cartagena via boat and is also where the famous hostel on the water ‘Casa En El Agua’ is located!

Apart from having an entire hostel in the middle of the ocean, the San Bernardo Islands also have some of the most gorgeous little beaches featuring nothing less than that beautiful white sand and lukewarm mesmerizingly blue water that we all love so much.

Being located so close to the city of Cartagena makes the San Bernardo Islands and in particular, Casa En El Agua one of the very best things to do in Cartagena!

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Rosario Islands

Between the tropical heat and lack of Cartagena beaches, visiting the Rosario Islands for a couple of days is one of the absolute best things to do in Cartagena.

The Rosario Islands are made up of 27 smaller islands and the entire area is another one of the three protected coral reef national parks in Colombia.

Of course, it wouldn’t be on this list if the water wasn’t that hypnotic shade of blue, and there’s no doubt that some of the best beaches in Colombia near Cartagena are located throughout the Rosario Islands!

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