The Best Beaches In Milos Greece

(That Will Make You Drop Everything)

The Best Beaches In Milos Greece (That Will Make You Drop Everything And Go)

Milos is a little island in Greece, often overlooked by travelers most likely because of its lack in nightlife. But boy oh boy is she a beauty.

Of course being Wild & Away, we’re always searching for the craziest nightlife, but we just couldn’t pass up on the ever so gorgeous island of Milos.

Milos is the land of caves and hidden beaches, making this magical island the perfect little escapade you’ve been looking for!

The waters in Milos have the most alluring hue of aqua and I truthfully still can’t get over it even when I look back at photos.

The caves in Milos are nothing short of remarkable, and seeing them in the flesh feels so incredibly surreal, you’ll feel as though you were dreaming.

If any of that sounds appealing to you then Milos needs to be part of your Greek Island itinerary!

Milos is truly the untouched Greek Island you’ve been waiting for, and your heart has been yearning for.

Pro Tip
There are only a couple bars on this island so needless to say this is not a party island whatsoever. However, where it lacks in partying, the beauty of this island sets the bar even higher than (dare I say) Santorini and without the exasperating crowds.


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Key Places To See


Ah, what did we do to deserve this hidden gem in the world?

If you search ‘Milos’ on Google, these are the very caves you’ll see all across the screen. Kleftiko is truly a masterpiece handcrafted by the gods, and when you see it for yourself you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Kleftiko is only ever seen by humans during the summer months when boat tours are running, and therefore remains fairly untouched as it is only accessible by boat.


Have you ever dreamt of going to the moon but know you probably never will because you’re not an astronaut? Well Sikia is the closest thing to turning your dreams into reality.

If the moon had a secret beach no one knew about, this is what it would look like. Sikia is a sheltered beach that is surrounded by endless white rock and glowing sand.

Guys… when I say white sand, I mean white, moon-like sand that I’ve literally never seen anywhere else in the world. This place seriously feels like you’re on the moon.


You can actually access this one by car, but it’s pretty dangerous and difficult so it’s better to choose a boat tour that will make a stop at Papafragas at some point.

You can get off the boat and snorkel your way to the hidden beach that lies beneath the incandescent white rock formations.

How To Get To These Places

Now for the catch… in order to step foot on any of these stunning havens, you must book a boat tour as they are all only accessible by boat, except for Papafragas.

A boat tour is by far the best thing to do in Milos, as it allows you to see outrageously stunning caves, hidden beaches, and seaside villages you won’t be able to see anywhere else.

Some important information you need to know:

  • Book the tour one-day prior.
  • You can find people at the port (Adamantas) that are selling their boat tours every afternoon.
  • The boat tours take all day.
  • Prices will vary depending on which boat tour you choose.

Top 4 Beaches In Milos

While so many stunning cave areas are only accessible by boat, there are some places around Milos you can get to without having to book a boat tour.

First and foremost, no Greek Island blog is complete without a whole section about beaches. Milos is home to over 70 flawless beaches that you’ve most likely seen on those postcards that happen to be plastered all around Greece.

Obviously you won’t get to experience all of these beaches, so here is our top 4…


This is by far the most unique beach I’ve ever come across, and I could go back there every single day without getting bored.

It’s sprawling with white rock for miles, and the moonscape of Sarakiniko makes you feel like you’re on another planet.

You can thank the volcanic eruptions that happened thousands of years ago that created this beauty we are so blessed with.

From where you park your car or get dropped off by the bus, it takes around a 5-minute walk (with an incredible view) to get to the beach.

Pro Tip
Keep in mind the last bus leaves from Sarakiniko at 7.10pm!


This is the exotic getaway beach you’ve been longing for. I can’t say anything bad about Firiplaka. 


Paliochori Beach is probably one of the most popular and busy beaches in Milos.

It comes equipped with lounge chairs and a restaurant for your convenience.

The sand is luminous and the water is warm all thanks to the heat rising from volcanoes beneath the surface.


This one is something special. One thing you should know about Tsigrado Beach is that it’s more difficult to access than the rest. You have to walk down a steep cliff with the guidance of a rope, and then climb down a little wooden ladder to get to this gem, hidden in a cove.

Now, we all know that the most beautiful things in the world are usually hidden and you’ll see why once you get down to the beach. It will take a bit of extra effort, but it is beyond rewarding.

Where To Stay

Adamantas (AKA Adamas)

This is the port in Milos where you will depart your ferry. Adamas has a plethora of beachside restaurants, accommodation, and easily accessible transportation to get you around the island.


Plaka is north of Adamas and is quieter than Adamas. It does have those typical Greek streets with white walls and colored doors we all love so much.

It’s about a 15-minute drive from the port and the bus has a route that takes you to and from Plaka to Adamas.

How To Get Around

You can rent a quad for around 45 euros a day, or you can take a bus everywhere for around 1.80 euro.

The bus system is very reliable and takes you everywhere around the island, so it’s a good option if you want to save some money.

How To Get There

Milos has both an airport and ferry port, however the airport is so tiny, it only opens up for incoming and outgoing flights.


If you’re on another island in the Cyclades like Santorini, you’re most likely going to catch a ferry to Milos. Depending on whether you take the fast ferry or not, it can take anywhere from 2-6 hours to get from Santorini to Milos.


It takes 40 minutes to get from Milos to Athens and vice versa, and isn’t too expensive either.

Note: if you’re traveling from Santorini to Milos there are no connecting flights (there is a stopover in Athens) and flying this route can be expensive so we recommend taking a ferry from surrounding islands.

Are We Missing Something?

Did we forget to mention some important information in The Best Beaches In Milos Greece (That Will Make You Drop Everything)?!

Drop your comments & suggestions below!

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