The Best Clubs in Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok Nightlife Guide 2019

bangkok nightlife guide

 The Best Clubs in Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok Nightlife Guide 2019

Bangkok, a city that is infamous for its debauchery has long been a major draw for many backpackers from around the world.

For those who love it, Bangkok nightlife represents a city that is a spectacle of hedonism and is a culmination of a myriad of guilty pleasures.

For others, the Bangkok nightlife and entertainment scene is a crude example of the depravity that they try to steer clear from.

Regardless of your opinion, in a nightlife atmosphere founded on shock entertainment, a night out in Bangkok at one point or another is guaranteed to leave you speechless.

Continue reading to discover all the best places in Bangkok for nightlife.

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What Is The Best Nightlife Area In Bangkok?

Khao San Road

The most popular nightlife area in Bangkok is none other than our beloved Khao San Road.

This is essentially the backpacker hub of Bangkok that is a hive of activity throughout all hours of the day.

Which is why Khao San Road is often the first place in Bangkok backpackers look to find accommodation so they can be close to the center of the action.

A majority of the clubs here are open until 4 a.m and practically splitting at the seams with party hungry tourists looking to get a little out of their minds.

No matter if that means running rampant through the streets consuming enough buckets to inebriate an elephant, daringly eating handfuls of scorpions and tarantulas, visiting a scandalous ping pong show, getting a sketchy back alley massage or if it simply means just dancing the night away in one of the many bars and clubs, a night on Khao San Road will never disappoint.


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As one of Bangkok’s designated nightlife zones, RCA is home to some of the best clubs in Bangkok.

With a very mixed demographic of backpackers, expats, and Thai upper class, RCA offers an exciting blend of party animals all looking to unwind and let it all out on the dancefloor.

However, do keep in mind, unlike Khao San Road which has a much more relaxed dress code, the nightlife scene of RCA is a bit fancier.

You’re definitely going to want to dress to impress if you are planning a night out in this particular Bangkok nightlife and entertainment area.


Sukhumvit is in fact the longest road in Thailand comprised of numerous tourist entertainment options like high-end hotels, deluxe shopping malls and a collection of upscale restaurants.

This nightlife area of Bangkok is home to some of the classier forms of nightlife in the city with a variety of stylish rooftop bars.

While Sukhumvit is a wonderful part of Bangkok to visit, most backpackers elect to stay near the more affordable area of Khao San Road.

Soi Cowboy

Popularized in the cult classic hit “The Hangover 2” Soi Cowboy is arguably one of the crudest neighborhoods in Bangkok.

Anyone in search of Thailand’s stereotypical scandalous adult entertainment will be more than pleased with the Bangkok nightlife area of Soi Cowboy.

Teeming with hordes of Thai night butterflies, pesky club promoters, go-go bars and other forms of risqué nightlife entertainment, Soi Cowboy caters to a very distinct crowd of travelers.

However, those interested in some more lighthearted and casual entertainment will be better suited for Khao San Road which offers more of a variety.

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Best Clubs In Bangkok?


Location: RCA

Open: 9 p.m – 4 a.m

This is one of the best clubs in Bangkok for Electronic Dance Music (EDM).

This massive Bangkok nightclub has a capacity of around 2000 people and with heavy bass pumping through their massive sound system throughout the night, you can imagine the energy level this venue provides.


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The Club

Location: Khao San Road

Open: 10 p.m – 4 a.m

As one of the longest standing clubs in the city, this gargantuan 3 story Bangkok nightclub is the most popular nightlife venue on Khao San Road.

Expect a cover fee of around 500 baht, which is considered very pricey by Thailand standards.

Additionally, if you don’t mind the slightly pretentious vibes and instead focus on the music, then you will definitely have a good time.


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Location: Sukhumvit

Open: 9 p.m – 4 a.m

Regularly hosting big-name international DJs, Insanity takes advantage of the star power to lure a majority of partygoers inside.

However once inside they are definitely not disappointed.

Spinning all the latest and greatest in both EDM and Hip Hop combined with a big room experience, the wow factor is undeniable.

Known for having a plethora of local Thai women throughout the club, this is one of the top venues amongst Bangkok nightlife for single men.

Expect to pay around a 300 baht entry fee including a free drink.


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SuperFlow City Beach Club

Location: Khao San Road

Open: 12 p.m – 2 a.m

Recognized as the only day club in Bangkok, SuperFlow City Beach Club’s unique summer beach theme is something backpackers really enjoy.

While the atmosphere of this club is fairly chill during the day time hours, it is still a nice option for travelers to come vibe out and have some drinks.

Located directly on Khao San Road, the entrance to SuperFlow City Beach Club is in fact quite small and easy to miss, however, once you enter down the pathway, you will notice a massive club space in the shape of an L.

As one of the top clubs in Bangkok, if you happen to be in the Khao San Road area, this is one venue you will want to check out.


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Sky Bar

Location: State Tower

Open: 6 p.m – 1 a.m

 Nestled 820 feet in the air, Sky Bar is one of the highest bars in the world.

Although not technically a club, this iconic Bangkok nightlife venue was featured as the final showdown in the “Hangover 2.”

Not to say it wasn’t already popular before, after the release and wide success of this movie, Sky Bar managed to gain even more publicity and popularity.


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Where To Stay In Bangkok For Nightlife

One of the most important decisions you can make when traveling is which hostel/hotel you book for the duration of your stay.

This could not be truer for a city as large as Bangkok.

Therefore, in order to get the most out of the Bangkok nightlife and entertainment scene, you need to choose the accommodation that is well within a reasonable travel distance to some of the best bars and clubs of the city.

Not to mention that choosing a hostel that will allow you to meet likeminded party-hungry travelers like yourself will make your experience so much more fun and memorable.

Below we have listed some of our favorite party hostels that will have you just moments away from the best Bangkok nightlife areas around the city.


Please be aware that some of the links in this blog contain affiliate links and at NO ADDITIONAL COST TO YOU, Wild & Away earns a small commission if you decide to make a purchase/reservation.  The commission made from each affiliate link helps to support this website. Please understand that I have experience with all of these booking companies, and I only recommend certain accommodation if I find they will be useful to you. Thank You!


Bodega Party Hostel

If you’re looking for a good time, then you’ve found it!

Located just a 7-minute walk from Soi Cowboy and a 7-minute drive from Sukhumvit, Bodega Party Hostel is perfectly situated near some of the best party places in Bangkok.

When a majority of the top clubs in Bangkok are located under a 10-minute walk away, you can’t really ask for much more than that!

In addition to its excellent location, the parties at Bodega can indeed get quite wild themselves.

Many travelers consider Bodega to be one of the best party hostels in Bangkok and for good reason.

This top Bangkok party hostel offers three different pub crawls throughout the week, an on-site bar, nightly drinking games, and arguably one of the best social atmospheres in the city.

Long story short, don’t plan on getting much sleep when staying here.

Bangkok nightlife for singles is practically effortless for any travelers that manage to book this accommodation.

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Mad Monkey Hostel Bangkok

Mad Monkey has all the qualities of a top party hostel which is what makes it one of the best places to stay in Bangkok for nightlife.

This top Bangkok party hostel comes furnished with a massive bar, outdoor pool, and an unbeatable social atmosphere.

Add in the fact that Mad Monkey is situated right along with the backpacker hotspot of Khao San Road and this deal becomes way too good to pass up.

Mad Monkey’s central location near some of the top Bangkok nightlife venues means you are just literal steps away from all of the action.

As if that wasn’t already enough of a reason to stay here, Mad Monkey earned an impressive 9.1 rating on HostelWorld with over 2,700 reviews.

While I’m sure a majority of these ratings can be attributed to their unbeatable location and vibrant social atmosphere, the exceptionally clean and comfortable rooms (which is not typical for Thailand hostels) has a little something to do with it as well.

Bangkok nightlife for singles is practically effortless for any solo travelers that manage to book this accommodation.

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What Should I Wear For Thailand Nightlife?

When planning a trip to Thailand, be sure to bring warm weather clothing.  Shorts, tanks, swim trunks and bikinis are an absolute must.

In fact, a majority of the bars in Thailand don’t even have a dress code.

Especially the bars on the islands like Koh Phangan and Koh Phi Phi.

However, in metropolitan cities like Bangkok, the dress code is dependent on the particular neighborhood and venue.

Most bars and clubs around Khao San Road have very relaxed dress codes and pretty much allow you to wear whatever you want.

On the other hand, bars in areas like RCA and Sukhumvit are a bit stricter and might not let you in with shorts and flops.

For guys, slacks and a button down should be just fine, paired with a decent pair of shoes.  (So not the pair of shoes you just wore during that 4-hour hike in Khao Sok National Park).

As for the ladies, pretty much wear whatever and want you will still get in.

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