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Best Hostels in Coron Palawan {Where To Stay In Coron}

It’s no secret that Coron Palawan is a staple destination for anyone’s Philippines backpacking trip! With some of the best island hopping in all of the Philippines, outstandingly beautiful beaches, and some of the clearest water you’ll ever see, Coron Palawan is never one to disappoint.

Just a heads up… you won’t be spending much time in your Coron hostel at all seeing as there are so many activities to do in Coron that require you to be on a boat all day! And believe me, island hopping around Coron really does take it out of you, therefore it’s most likely that your hostel will purely be a place of rest.

Nonetheless, it’s always important to stay in the best place possible to suit your needs, and I don’t doubt that one of the Coron hostels listed below will satisfy your requirements!

Keep reading to find out all the best hostels in Coron Palawan that all have the Wild & Away stamp of approval!


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Where To Stay In Coron Palawan

Busuanga Island is pretty big, so it’s critical that you stay somewhere that is convenient for you to easily access the pier. Which for most people, this is somewhere that’s close to the port and where they can access boats to go island hopping for the day!

The most popular place to stay in Coron Palawan is in Coron Town. This is where the majority of hotels and hostels are located as well as all the restaurants and conveniences. There are even a few bars!

The port is located just a 10-minute tricycle ride away from Coron Town, and Fransisco B. Reyes (Busuanga) Airport is located 40-minutes away from Coron Town.

There are a few hotels and hostels scattered around the rest of the island, however, these areas are quite out of the way from what you’ll most likely be needing.

Just to clear things up, people confuse Busuanga Island for Coron Island all the time. Busuanga Island is the main and largest island in the Calamian Island group. It’s where you will fly into when you visit Coron and is also where Coron Town is located.

Coron Island is a different island about a 15-minute boat trip away where popular destinations such as Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon are located. There is an abundance of other incredibly perfect ‘castaway-like’ islands surrounding Busuanga Island that you will most likely visit during your Coron adventures.

Some travelers even opt to go for a more authentic island experience and stay on one of the other islands in the area. A popular place to stay that isn’t Busuanga Island is another island called Bulalacao Island. It’s around 1.5 hours away from Coron Town and offers the 5-star Two Seasons Resort.

Some other more adventurous backpackers like to also camp out or stay in a Beach Hut for a couple of nights on destinations like Black Island.

Hop Hostel

Hop Hostel is the number one hostel in Coron Town for backpackers. Your search for where to stay in Coron may have just begun, but it can stop right here because Hop Hostel has everything you need.

While I wouldn’t exactly call it a party hostel, it’s definitely the most social hostel in Coron Palawan all thanks to their rooftop bar that is open every night.

All beds come with a locker and a privacy curtain, which are in my opinion, necessities when staying in a hostel! Hop Hostel is one of the best hostels in Coron Palawan, so snag a bed for your stay quickly before it’s too late and it sells out!

And believe me, Hop Hostel is always the first hostel in Coron to sell out.

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Bam Bam Hostel

If partying or socializing isn’t on your top priority list, Bam Bam Hostel is the next best option. It’s located right in Coron Town with easy access to any convenience you may need.

It’s a quiet hostel, however, there is a bar/club right underneath the rooms so it can be quite loud while you’re trying to sleep for a few hours.

Each bed has a privacy curtain, light, power port and lockers to store your valuables, and there’s really not much else we could ask for in a hostel!

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Dayon Hostel

Finding where to stay in Coron Palawan is not a very hard task when you have options like this one. Dayon Hostel is yet another hostel located in Coron Town, and it has everything you need in a hostel, including lights, power ports, and a locker for every bed.

It’s not a party hostel or anything of the sort, although they do have a rooftop terrace area where you can chill out and have a beer.

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Avisala Hostel

Avisala Hostel is a modern and newly built hostel in Coron Town and it’s perfect for the backpacker who simply wants a comfortable and clean place to sleep. All beds come equipped with a locker, light, power port, and a privacy curtain so you can’t be disturbed by any other backpackers while you sleep.

Breakfast is included in the nightly price of your stay, an added bonus we all love!

We really can’t think of anything bad to say about Avisala Hostel, which is why it’s one of the best hostels in Coron Palawan.

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Coron Palawan FAQs

Is there nightlife in Coron Palawan?

Coron is by no means a “party place”, however, they do have a couple of bars in town. While these bars aren’t anything too special, they are someplace to visit at nighttime if you are looking for some type of social scene.

Hop Hostel is the most social hostel in Coron, and the closest thing you’ll get to a party hostel in Coron, but a few games of beer bong is the furthest it comes to being a party.

My advice is to stay at Hop Hostel and have a few drinks and a boogie, then go to bed and preserve your energy for a full day’s worth of island hopping!

What are the best things to do in Coron Palawan?

By far the best things to do in Coron Palawan all include island hopping.

Coron is most known for the exotic island destinations like Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon, among a myriad of other unbelievably tropical islands and beaches that are guaranteed to blow your mind.

Other than Coron Island Hopping Tours, you can do some other activities around Busuanga Island such as hiking up to the peak, going to the hot springs or visiting Concepcion Falls. However, in my honest opinion, no one really goes to Coron to do the hike or visit the hot springs.

The star of the show is most definitely the island hopping tours and these islands are some of the best you’ll see in all of the Philippines.

How To Get To Ditaytayan Island Coron Palawan

How many days should I spend in Coron?

I recommend staying in Coron for 3-4 full days. This will ensure you have enough time to go on 2-3 island hopping tours around Coron. Keep in mind you need to book boat tours one day in advance, so you won’t be able to go on a boat tour on the first day that you arrive.

As I said above, there’s not too much else to do on Busuanga Island except for a waterfall and the hot springs, which in my honest opinion aren’t really worth seeing, and I’d much rather go on another boat tour than do these activities.

In saying that, if you have an extra few hours then it’s worth making a trip to see the hot springs or waterfall in Coron!

How do you get to Coron Palawan?

Coron Palawan is a fairly easy place to get to, whether it’s by plane or boat.

The island you’ll need to fly to is Busuanga Island (the main island where you will most likely stay), and the airport is called Fransisco B. Reyes (Busuanga) Airport which is located a 40-minute drive away from Coron Town.

There are many direct flights departing from Manila to Coron daily, and the flight time is only one hour. You can get to Busuanga Island from other places in the Philippines, however you will most likely have a stopover in Manila.

Another common route is from Coron to El Nido and El Nido to Coron. Although El Nido also has an airport, flights to El Nido are usually quite expensive, so most people get from Coron to El Nido (or vice versa) via a 3.5 hour ferry.

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