The Best Hostels In

Huacachina Peru

The Budget Backpackers Guide

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The Best Hostels In Huacachina Peru

{The Budget Backpackers Guide}

The Huacachina desert oasis is an absolute must for anyone who is backpacking through Peru.

In recent years, Huacachina has become a huge tourist attraction as it finally climbs out of the shadows of the more popular destinations like Machu Picchu and into the well-deserved spotlight.

With an ever-growing number of visitors arriving each day, Huacachina has built several awesome hostel choices in order to satisfy the rising demand.

Whether you are looking for an out of control party hostel, an adventure hostel or even a simple budget hostel, Huacachina has it all.

Therefore, continue reading to discover all the best hostels in Huacachina Peru.

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the best hostel in huacachina peru

How Long To Stay In Huacachina?

 For the average traveler visiting Peru, 2-3 days should be enough time to experience all the best things to do in Huacachina.

However, for those who wouldn’t mind doing day excursions to places like Nazca, Paracas and Canon de los Perdidos then I would recommend at least 4-5 days.  Not to mention if you like to party… (in which case stay at Wild Rover but more on that later).

In the time that I spent in Huacachina, it was very common to see traveler’s initially book only 1 or 2 nights at first, but then keep extending their stay because they just did not want to leave.

best hostels in huacachina

What Are The Best Areas To Stay In Huacachina?

As you can see from photos Huacachina is quite a small town.

There is literally one road in and around town, along which the majority of Huacachina hostels and hotel accommodation is located on.

Therefore, unlike other destinations such as Lima which has several different neighborhoods to decide between such as staying in Miraflores or Barranco, the desert oasis of Huacachina is much simpler.

However, some travelers opt to stay a few nights in the nearby town of Ica as a change of pace.

Although I wouldn’t personally recommend doing this because there is not much to do at all in Ica, it is another option.

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Best Hostels In Huacachina

Best Party Hostel In Huacachina

Hostelworld Rating: 8.7

Effortlessly stealing the crown as the best party hostel in Huacachina, Wild Rover is the king of nightlife.

Party hungry backpackers flock to Wild Rover to experience their one of kind rambunctious atmosphere and nightly themed party events that always manage to seem to bring the wildness out of everyone.

However aside from the boisterous nightlife, Wild Rover is a surprisingly pleasant accommodation during the day.

The stunning outdoor pool and bar area provide the perfect place to relax and grab a bite to eat as you lay in the sun and recover from all the mayhem that ensued the previous night.

Furthermore, the hostel rooms are unexpectedly quite clean and cozy (aside from the blaring music coming from the bar just a few steps away.)

The decision to stay at Wild Rover should be a no brainer for anyone looking to party every night and meet countless others from around the world all looking to do the same thing.

Things To Consider

  • Keep in mind that Wild Rover is in every aspect a party hostel so if you are a person that deeply values your sleep and private time, do not stay here.

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Banana’s Adventure

banana's adventure hostel in huacachina
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The Best Adventure Hostel In Huacachina

Hostelworld Rating: 9.3

With a 9.3 Hostelworld rating, it’s not hard to see why this is arguably the best hostel in Huacachina.

Banana’s Adventure is arguably one of the most complete hostels I have ever had the pleasure of staying at.

Boasting a perfect blend of everything travelers have come to expect from a hostel plus some, Banana’s Adventure sets the bar unfairly high for the other hostels in Huacachina.

The coolest part about this hostel is that every night booked at Banana’s Adventure includes a free activity tour/activity.

The included tours/activities range from:

  • Dunebuggy & Sandboarding Tour
  • Pisco & Wine Tasting Experience
  • Delicious BBQ Dinner at the hostel

The price for some of these tours and excursions alone makes this place an absolute steal.

Not to mention a uniquely beautiful outdoor pool and restaurant area serving as the perfect spot for you to take a break from your busy days in Huacachina.

In addition to this, the contemporary design and cleanliness of the hostel rooms often times makes you forget you are even staying in hostel at all.

To top all of this off, Banana’s Adventure even includes a free daily breakfast for any guest of the hostel, which is quite delicious.

With a nearly endless list of positives it’s hard to imagine staying anywhere else in Huacachina.

Things To Consider

  • Although Banana’s Adventure is one of the most complete hostels ever, keep in mind it does lack quite a bit in the social and party scene.
  • Starting from around $21 USD per night, Banana’s adventure is not the cheapest hostel in Huacachina. Even though they do include a free event each day you spend there, some backpackers may opt for a less pricey option.

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Other Hostels In Huacachina

Hostelworld Rating: 9.3

Boasting heavy hipster vibes, The Upcycled Hostel is another popular choice for backpackers looking for a low-key and per atmosphere.

With a fraction of the rooms that the major Huacachina hostels like Wild Rover and Banana’s Adventure have, The Upcycled Hostel offers a more personal touch.

The staff here could not be friendlier and the vibes could not be more relaxed.

Not to mention the property is very well maintained and spotlessly clean.

Not a bad deal for only $14 USD per night along with an impressive 9.3 Hostelworld rating.

Things To Consider

  • This hostel is legitimately located around a 10-15 minute walk from the center of Huacachina so keep that in mind before booking.

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The Desert Nights Hostel

the new desert nights hostel in huacachina
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Hostelworld Rating: 8.7

As a relative new comer to the Huacachina hostel scene the Desert Nights Hostel is definitely a place budget backpacker will want to consider for their stay.

With rooms starting as low as $7 USD per night, this is guaranteed to be the most affordable accommodation option in all of Huacachina.

While the rooms are quite basic, that completely reasonable considering the exceptionally low prices.

However, the hostel also features an on-site restaurant serving up some of the best Peruvian dishes in all of Huacachina.

Things To Consider

  • This is truly a no-frills hostel that merely serves as place to lay your head at night.  Therefore, if you were looking for a little bit more out of your stay in Huacachina then I strongly recommend you stay somewhere else.
  • However, if you are mostly intrigued by the exceptionally affordable price, then by all means this is the hostel for you.

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