The Best Party Hostels In Colombia

The Certified Guide

casa en el agua

The Certified List Of The Best Party Hostels In Colombia

Despite past distinctions as one of the more dangerous travel destinations, Colombia has since turned over a new leaf and in recent years become a flourishing backpacker hotspot.

This sudden boom in tourism has introduced oodles of new hostels throughout the country and given Colombia’s wild party reputation, it’s no surprise that some of the best ones are party hostels.

From hostels set deep in the jungle to hostels that double as a massive nightclub, to even hostels lost in the middle of the ocean, Colombia could quite possibly have some of the best party hostels in the world.

So keep reading to discover all of the best party hostels in Colombia.


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The Best Party Hostels in Cartagena


media luna hostel cartagena

Media Luna Hostel, Cartagena

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Famous for hosting parties every Wednesday night in their own nightclub on the top floor, Media Luna Hostel has rightfully made their way to the top of the list for the best party hostels in Cartagena.

The Media Luna hostel party has become famous throughout Cartagena and touted as one of the top nightlife events in the city.

The cover cost for this weekly event is 15,000 COP (which is approximately $5 USD), however, the party is free for guests staying at Media Luna hostel.

Apart from this epic Cartagena party hostel having their own club and one the best parties in Cartagena, Media Luna is equipped with a conveniently located common area for guests to congregate and begin drinking before heading out to the various bars and clubs of Cartagena.

In the common area, Media Luna hostel will regularly host nightly events ranging from salsa lessons, karaoke, even to pong tournaments.

On top of all this, Media Luna even features a pool which I deem necessary for any Cartagena party hostel to deal with the relentless Colombian heat.

How Many Nights Should I Stay At Media Luna Hostel Cartagena?

I recommend staying 3-5 nights at Media Luna Hostel.  As one of the best party hostels in Cartagena, Media Luna’s social atmosphere and the location is unbeatable.

Just be sure to book your accommodation for Wednesday so you don’t miss the famous Media Luna party!

Not to mention a pool is a great addition to any party.


  • Chilled out pool area
  • Free breakfast
  • They have their own club and host an event every Wednesday
  • Great social atmosphere
  • Excellent spot to pregame before going out to the clubs
  • Located in the heart of Getsemani



  • Noisy if you want to sleep

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casa en el agua

Casa En El Agua, San Bernardo Islands

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Casa En El Agua (which literally translates to “house on the water”) located in the ocean near the San Bernardo Islands, is hands down the coolest hostel in Colombia.

While it’s not in the city of Cartagena, a majority of backpackers will catch the speed boat to Casa En El Agua from the port in Cartagena.

When there’s no WiFi, no neighbors to complain about noise, and alcohol at your fingertips, what else would anyone be doing but PARTYING?

I think it would be a crime not to at this point.

While some nights are certainly a hit or miss depending on the particular crowd of guests at the hostel, Casa En El Agua is guaranteed to be one of the coolest experiences you will have in Colombia.

How Many Nights Should I Stay At Casa En El Agua

Although Casa En El Agua might be the most unique hostel in Colombia, I recommend no more than 2-3 nights.  Aside from relaxing at the hostel and taking day trips to the surrounding San Bernardo Islands, there is not that much to do there.

Also, I could imagine waiting in a long line to shower with a bucket could grow old pretty quickly.


  • In the middle of the ocean
  • Party every night
  • Yummy cocktails
  • Free breakfast
  • Awesome staff
  • The coolest hostel we have ever stayed at


  • Drinks and food are a little more expensive (to be expected)

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Best Party Hostels In Medellin


best hostels in medellin

Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel Medellin

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Medellin has some of the best nightlife in the country and as you might expect they also have one of the best party hostels in Colombia.

As one of the most popular Medellin party hostels, Happy Buddha is the conclusive pregame spot in Medellin where the majority of nightlife revelers choose to begin their late-night festivities.

While Thursday through Saturday night brings the biggest crowds, it is still a popular spot during the week for restless backpackers looking for some late-night entertainment.

As far as Medellin party hostels are concerned, Happy Buddha is the place to be if you want to start your night off properly.

Located perfectly in the heart of El Poblado AKA where all the bars, restaurants, and tourists are, everything you need is literally just steps away.

When it comes to the best party hostels in Medellin, Happy Buddha just never seems to fail us.

How Many Nights Should I Stay At Happy Buddha Hostel Medellin?

I recommend 2-3 nights from Thursday – Saturday at Happy Buddha Hostel.  Although this is not enough time to see the city of Medellin, this is when the parties are best so you won’t mind missing a few nights of sleep.

However, after this, I recommend switching accommodation from here to another Medellin party hostel because there are much nicer hostel options for a much lower price in El Poblado.

Alternative Accommodation | Casa Kiwi Hostel


  • Good rooms
  • Warm shower
  • Free breakfast
  • Best spot to pregame before a night out
  • Located in the heart of El Poblado


  • Depending on how close your dorm room is to the bar, on some nights it can be quite difficult to sleep.
  • The dorm room is very average when compared to other Medellin hostels.


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Best Party Hostels in Santa Marta Colombia


la brisa loca santa marta

La Brisa Loca, Santa Marta

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Embellished with a massive outdoor nightclub on the top floor of La Brisa Loca, don’t plan on much sleep when staying at this wild party hostel.

At least during the weekend anyway…

On Thursday through Saturday, La Brisa Loca hosts events on their rooftop club and this is the spot where every party animal in Santa Marta eventually winds up!

In fact, the party has become so popular that there is regularly a line to get in.

With that being said, this is only for those that are not guests of the hostel, so as long as you are staying at La Brisa Loca you will skip the wait.

While the parties during the weekend are quite packed, parties during the week are much more low-key, which involve around 30 people or so hanging around the bar.

Another thing that we loved about La Brisa Loca was that in spite of its notorious reputation as a party hostel, La Brisa Loca is adorned with a quite contemporary design and maintains sanitary appearance.

Usually when you choose to stay at a party hostel, cleanliness is a typical sacrifice, however, La Brisa Loca is quite possibly the cleanest hostel I’ve ever stayed at.

How Many Nights Should I Stay At La Brisa Loca Hostel Santa Marta?

Aside from the fact that the city of Santa Marta is pretty crap, a stay a La Brisa Loca is quite refreshing.

Depending on your schedule and if you’re looking to party, I would stay here for 2-3 nights from Thursday – Sunday, when the hostel throws its massive weekend parties.


  • Clean, spacious rooms
  • Every dorm bed has a fan, light, charging port, and curtain
  • Free breakfast
  • Fantastic social & party atmosphere
  • Excellent location in Santa Marta which is walking distance of the bus station


  • The rooms located on the top floor of the hostel (the nightclub level) are exceptionally noisy making sleep virtually impossible.

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santa marta hostel

El Rio Hostel, Santa Marta

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Similar to the above situation, when you’re in the middle of nowhere there’s nothing better to do than to party!

Voted the best hostel in Colombia, El Rio hostel must be doing something right.

Although the typical parties at El Rio will not be the wildest nights you’ll ever have, once or twice a month they host an epic 12-hour party that everyone from Palomino to Costeno Beach are sure to attend.

When they’re not hosting a huge party event like the one mentioned above, hostel guests will hang out and party around the bar.

However, it shuts down quite early around 12.30-1am, but some people start a bonfire and continue the party down at the beach after the lights go out.

Pro Tip

El Rio Hostel is not directly located within the city of Santa Marta. It’s actually located 1 hour and 15 minutes away, with the closest tourist town being Palomino, which is a 30 minute drive away from El Rio Hostel.  However we decided to rank it among Santa Marta hostels because this is how they are listed on

How Many Nights Should I Stay At El Rio Hostel

Also, the regular nightly parties are not as wild as we would have liked, El Rio arguably has the best social atmosphere out of any hostel on this list.

There are daily activities scheduled for every day so you are never bored.

Furthermore, the no WIFI policy is a wonderful addition, making it that much easier to meet new friends when everyone is not preoccupied on scrolling through their assortment of social media accounts.

Therefore, I would highly recommend 3-5 nights at this hostel, although a majority of guests do end up coming back for more.


  • Party every night
  • Fantastic social atmosphere


  • They close the party early at around 12.30-1am every night.
  • They don’t only shut the party down, they turn off every light so you can’t really just hang around and chill out afterward.

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The Best Party Hostels In San Andres


best party hostels in colombia

El Viajero, San Andres

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San Andres itself isn’t the greatest for partying in Colombia, but if you’re looking for a solid social atmosphere and some light partying while you’re there, your best bet is to stay at El Viajero.

They have a terrace on the top floor overlooking San Andres and it comes alive at night!

I consider it the perfect place for the pregame before everyone heads over to the Coco Loco nightclub to finish the night off.

While El Viajero won’t be the wildest party you have ever stayed, it is your best chance of a good night in San Andres.

How Many Nights Should I Stay At El Viajero, San Andres

2-3 nights is the perfect amount of time to stay at El Viajero.

Additionally, the island of San Andres is not very large so this should be more than enough time to see everything.


  • Free breakfast
  • Great social atmosphere
  • Within 5-10 minute walking distance from the beach


  • Rooms aren’t the nicest

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Best Party Hostel In Minca


casa elemento minca colombia

Casa Elemento, Minca

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Not all great party hostels have to come equipped with their own personal nightclubs for a good time, and Casa Elemento proves that.

While Casa Elemento is known throughout Colombia as the “hostel with the giant hammocks” this stunning Minca hostel is the perfect place for anyone that is looking for some chilled out vibes and light thrills with some good friends.

Every night after dinner, Casa Elemento guests will all hang out around the bar until about 1 am when it closes.

Aside from the unbeatable panoramic views, the communal vibe at Casa Elemento is something truly special, rightfully earning it a spot among this list of best party hostels in Colombia.

How Many Nights Should I Stay At Casa Elemento Minca

You might be surprised that I personally recommend no more than 1-2 nights in Casa Elemento.

The reason being, the hostel is located in a very remote location near the peak of the Sierra Nevada mountain range making it quite difficult anytime you want to leave the hostel for the day.

Also considering the things to do around Minca are relatively mediocre, a 1-2 night stay would be more than enough to experience this unique Colombia hostel.


  • Some of the best views in Colombia
  • Chilled out and relaxing atmosphere
  • Food is excellent
  • Great Vibes


  • Cold showers
  • Lack of things to do in the area

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