Best Party Hostels In El Nido Palawan

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Best Party Hostels In El Nido Palawan-outpost hoste

Best Party Hostels In El Nido Palawan

The Backpackers Guide

Whether you like it or not, El Nido Palawan knows how to party.

Flaunting quite the selection of party hostels, backpackers will have several different options to choose from when trying to decide where to stay in El Nido. 

So, without further ado, let me introduce you to the Top 3 Best Party Hostels in El Nido Palawan.

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Best Party Hostels In El Nido Palawan

Outpost Hostel El Nido

Hostelworld Rating | 9.2
Dorm Bed Price | $21.68 USD for a 12-bed dorm room

Outpost Hostel is effortlessly the best all-around party hostel in El Nido Palawan. They provide the perfect blend of wild party antics along with a laid-back social atmosphere to chill and mingle with other travelers from around the world.

While the partying is everything you’d expect and more from a top El Nido party hostel, what really surprised me was the overall cleanliness and unique design of this place.

It’s safe to say Outpost Hostel El Nido is one of the cleanest hostels I’ve ever had the pleasure of staying at as they come furnished with clean and contemporary dorm rooms and facilities.

On top of all that, the hostel staff could not be more welcoming if they tried, making guests feel a part of the Outpost Hostel family the very moment they walk in the door.

Therefore, with literally nothing negative to say about Outpost Hostel, the decision to stay here should be an absolute no brainer.

Important Things To Know About Outpost Hostel El Nido

The party ends at 11 pm at Outpost Hostel every night, which afterward everyone who is still looking to party (which is mostly everyone) hops on a tricycle to head into town. 

Afterward, the hostel becomes virtually silent and allowing those who decided to stay in for the night a legitimate chance at sleep.

Check Prices Of Outpost El Nido Here

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Mad Monkey Hostel Nacpan Beach

Hostelworld Rating | 9.1
Dorm Bed Price | $22.99 USD for a 12-bed dorm room

Coming in at a very close second place to Outpost Hostel is the rambunctious Mad Monkey Party Hostel. 

Located on the absolutely stunning Nacpan Beach, this El Nido party hostel places you only a few drunken stumbles away from the most breathtaking beach in all of El Nido.

During the day, backpackers enjoy the chilled-out atmosphere as they hang out on Nacpan Beach enjoying food and drinks from Mad Monkey’s onsite restaurant and bar.

However, despite its laid-back atmosphere during the day, once nightfall arrives, Mad Monkey will begin to show its true colors.

With an infamous reputation across Southeast Asia, every night Mad Monkey turns into ground zero for all forms of hedonism and debauchery as they host some of the wildest parties in the Philippines. So, if you’re a backpacker coming to El Nido looking for the wildest of times, this top El Nido Party Hostel is practically screaming your name. 

Important Things To Know About Mad Monkey Hostel Nacpan Beach

Mad Monkey Hostel is located around a 45-minute drive outside of El Nido Town on Nacpan beach. Although that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s still worth mentioning.

Compared to Outpost Hostel, Mad Monkey’s dorm rooms are nowhere near as clean or modern, however, anyone that stays here considers this to be a worthwhile tradeoff for their legendary beach parties. 

My biggest concern with Mad Monkey was their lack of locker space which is an absolute must for me as a travel photographer and Type 1 Diabetic. 

Check Prices Of Mad Monkey Nacpan Beach Here

mad monkey hostel nacpan beach

mad monkey nacpan beach

Frendz Hostel El Nido

Hostelworld Rating | 9.2
Dorm Bed Price | $23.65 USD for a 6-bed dorm room

The third and final accommodation on our list of best El Nido party hostels is Frendz Hostel. Located directly in El Nido Town, Frendz Hostel is widely considered one of the overall best hostels in El Nido offering an all-around pleasurable experience.

Boasting clean and contemporary rooms, elegant rooftop pool, prime location and vibrant social atmosphere, Frendz Hostel is an excellent option for any type of backpacker. 

However, it is worth mentioning that unlike Outpost and Mad Monkey Hostels, Frendz Hostel is a bit less rowdy and party heavy.

The vibes here are much more laid back and chill as opposed to an American Frat house centered around binge drinking and party games.

All things considered, I do recommend stopping by Frendz Hostel at least once during your stay in El Nido to experience their stunning rooftop pool views which is by far the hostel’s biggest flex.   

Important Things To Know About Frendz Hostel El Nido

Despite the infamous party reputation of the Frendz Hostel located in Boracay, the one in El Nido has certainly gone in a different direction with their vision for this hostel. 

Check Prices Of Frendz Hostel El Nido Here

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where To Stay In El Nido

The three best places to stay in El Nido are in either El Nido Town, Nacpan Beach, and Coron Corong Beach. 

El Nido Town (Frendz Hostel)

El Nido Town is where you will find the majority of hotels, restaurants, bars, and tourist agencies. Situated right along the beach, El Nido Town is the most common area for tourists, however, there are some new up and coming locations.

Nacpan Beach (Mad Monkey Hostel)

Although it was once considered to be an El Nido hidden gem, since being named one of the top 10 most beautiful beaches in the world by Trip Advisor, Nacpan Beach has since flourished into one of the best places to stay in El Nido for backpackers and tourists.

Despite its seemingly isolated location away from El Nido Town, Nacpan Beach provides more than enough accommodation, restaurants, nightlife, and tour options thrive on its own.

Corong Corong Beach (Outpost Hostel)

The third most popular place to stay in El Nido is along Corong Corong Beach.

Boasting arguably one of the best sunsets in El Nido, this area is lined with accommodation options with a wide enough selection to suit any travelers needs.

Though there are not as many food options available when compared to Nacpan Beach, most backpackers either eat at the Outpost Hostel restaurant or take a quick 5-minute tricycle ride into the main town for more food options. 

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