13 Best Party Places In Europe

The Ultimate 2020 Summer Party Guide

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13 Best Party Places In Europe

{The Ultimate 2019 Summer Party Guide}

Have you been desperately searching for the best party cities in Europe and are still not quite sure where to go?

Well look no further,

Cause after spending three consecutive summers gallivanting through the best summer party destinations in Europe we have crafted “The Ultimate List” to help guarantee you the wildest summer of your life. 

With an assortment of hedonistic party islands, cities and festivals you might feel a bit overwhelmed when trying to properly plan your Euro-trip.

However, after reading this blog you will quickly become an expert on all the best places to party in Europe for your 2019 backpacking holiday.

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Ayia Napa | Cyprus

Where To Stay In Ayia Napa For Nightlife?

Pambos Napa Rocks – Adults Only Hotel


If Ayia Napa doesn’t deserve to be included on our list of best party places in Europe then we don’t know where else will.

This highly acclaimed beach party destination on the beautiful island nation of Cyprus might possibly offer the most insane-party-crazed debauchery-filled holiday that you may ever experience.

With boat and pool parties “literally” every day of the week during the summer months, and a nightlife that doesn’t finish until the sun comes up, this place is like Spring Break on steroids!

best party places in europe | ayia napa cyprus


best nightlife in europe _ ayia napa club


Ios | Greece

Where To Stay In Ios For Nightlife?

Far Out Beach Club


Looking for a good time?

Well, you found an even better one!

Ios is the type of place where backpackers come for just a few days and end up getting sucked in for the entire season.

There are absolutely zero cares given on this island, so don’t be afraid to come, let loose and party hard on one of the best party islands in Europe!

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greek party islands


Mykonos | Greece

Where To Stay In Mykonos For Nightlife?

Paraga Beach Hostel


“Mykonos tops Ibiza” is a familiar tagline said throughout this famous European party island.

However, we don’t know about you, but any place that draws comparisons to the legendary party island of Ibiza surely deserves our attention.

Mykonos is an around-the-clock party, as many travelers typically start drinking before the clock even strikes noon.

Be sure to hit up Paradise Beach and Cavo Paradiso for a party that will carry you all through the night.

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best party places in europe


Ibiza | Spain

Where To Stay In Ibiza For Nightlife?

Amistat Island Hostel Ibiza


You can’t name the best summer party destinations in Europe without including this place!

If you like Superclubs, world-renowned DJs and an endless supply of party favors, then you have just discovered your paradise.

Ibiza has long been seen as “The party capital of the world” offering an endless catalog of wild and outrageous party events to the backdrop of hosting the best DJ’s in the world. 

Similar to destinations such as Las Vegas or Miami, travelers will often only stay for a maximum of 3 days before the unrelenting party atmosphere and the exorbitant prices get the best of them.

Although Ibiza might still widely be considered as the party capital of the world, we have found other destinations around Europe that go toe to toe with it for half the price!

best party places in europe _ ibiza spain


best nightlife in europe _ ibiza spain club


best party places in europe | ibiza spain club


Mallorca | Spain

Mallorca is basically Ibiza without the outrageous prices.

Offering daily events such as boat, foam and pool parties, a holiday spent in Mallorca is not to be underestimated.

Expect sheer party chaos, as this place (Magaluf in particular), has a tendency to bring the best and worst out of everyone.

Pro Tip
This is just a short boat ride from Ibiza, so you could easily kill two birds with one stone.

best party places in europe mallorca


best party places in europe | mallorca spain 

Sunny Beach | Bulgaria

Who knew the Balkans got this LIT!

Although not as well-known as other party destinations on this list, Sunny Beach definitely should not be overlooked.

This summer European party paradise on the Black Sea is on the same level of wild as the Greek and Spanish islands.

The best part about Sunny Beach (and Bulgaria for this matter) is that this wild party can be enjoyed at a fraction of the cost!

best party places in europe _ sunny beach bulgaria


Zakynthos | Greece


Ready to get out of control?

Zakynthos is the perfect place to have a holiday bender as it easily slides onto our list of best places to party in Europe.

Kick-off Zante the right way with the premier boat party event Rum & Raybans, which just set a record for being the largest of its kind around Europe this past summer!

Also, with over a hundred bars, you will never run out of options for a good time and will fall in love with some of the best nightlife in Europe.

where to party in europe | zakynthos greece


Barcelona | Spain

Where To Stay In Barcelona For Nightlife?

Kabul Party Hostel


Barcelona is an absolute must-visit during any European backpacking tour.

There is something extraordinary about this place that is guaranteed to leave you with some of the best party stories from your Euro-trip.

Barcelona is known for its plethora of world-renowned clubs such as Pacha and Opium that are conveniently situated right on the beach.

The best part: after these clubs begin to clear out around 5 am, the party relocates to the beach ensuring Barcelona as one of the best beach party destinations in Europe!

best europe nightlife | barcelona spain


Corfu | Greece

Where To Stay In Corfu For Nightlife?

The Pink Palace


Although a bit lesser-known than the other destinations on this list, don’t underestimate this hedonistic nirvana.

When looking for a good time on the island of Corfu, look no further than the Pink Palace backpackers party hostel.

Quite frankly, this place is what makes Corfu stand out as one of the best summer party destinations in Europe.

Widely recognized as the wildest party hostel on the planet, at the Pink Palace, the party has not considered a success unless everyone ends up skinny dipping on the beach by night’s end.

Pro Tip

  • Make sure you are there for the booze cruise and toga party. This is where you will discover how Corfu got its promiscuous reputation.

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Budapest | Hungary

Where To Stay In Budapest For Nightlife?

Retox Party Hostel

Well, this city is just the gift that keeps on giving.

Citywide beer bikes, boat parties on the Danube, iconic nightlife venues and some of the wildest party hostels we’ve ever seen.

During the summer months, this city transforms into absolute mayhem each and every night of the week.

Furthermore, the craziest part of Budapest can actually be found in the thermal spa houses initially intended for tranquility and relaxation.

However, not anymore…

The “Sparties” have transformed into gigantic music-filled hot-tub parties hosted every Saturday night.

Spoiler alert: This is one of Europe’s most debaucherously entertaining events, so prepare yourself for literally anything!

Pro Tip

That Retox Party Hostel we mentioned above is one of wildest party hostels that we have ever experienced. Their motto sums up the experience perfectly: “You may never be this free again.”

best party places in europe _ budapest hungary


Prague | Czech Republic

Where To Stay In Prague For Nightlife?

Madhouse Party Hostel


Prague definitely gives Budapest a run for its money for the title of “party capital of Eastern Europe”.

With some of the best nightlife in Europe, the beer that is cheaper than water, and decriminalized drug laws, Prague has become a beacon for stag parties amongst the Europeans.

If you’re planning on visiting the best party places in Europe then Prague had better be on your list!

Pro Tip

They filmed part of the movie Euro-trip here, so you know that it must be wild!

best party city in europe | prague czech republic


best party place in europe | prague beer


Lagos | Portugal

Where To Stay In Lagos For Nightlife? 

Rising Cock Party Hostel

Lagos Portugal is one of the most beautiful places that we have ever seen.

You’ll find yourself taken away by the coastline and laid-back atmosphere Lagos has to offer; that is until the sun goes down.

This picturesque utopia is pretty much wild the entirety of the summer and is a favorite of amongst many backpackers.

When traveling here, make sure to stay at the legendary Rising Cock Hostel.

best nightlife cities in europe | lagos portugal


Budva |  Montenegro

To complete our list of the best party cities in Europe we head to a little seaside town in Eastern Europe that goes by the name of Budva.

Budva is the party capital of Montenegro—a country that most people have never even heard of.

Throughout summer, Budva hosts several wild foam parties during the day topped off with a relentlessly vibrant nightlife scene.

Although Budva is touted as one of the best party destinations in Europe, it is definitely much classier than the other places mentioned on this list.

The crowd consists largely of Serbians, Ukrainians, and Russians, so it is a bit of a different vibe (without the overabundance of sloppy Brits).

This place will definitely suck you in, as it did with us, turning our 4-night stay into a much longer one.

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Save13 Best Party Places In Europe {The Ultimate 2019 Summer Party Guide}” For Later?




Save13 Best Party Places In Europe {The Ultimate 2019 Summer Party Guide}” For Later?


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