The Certified Best Santa Marta Hostel

For Backpackers {Updated Guide}

santa marta hostelThe Certified Best Santa Marta Hostel For Backpackers {Updated Guide}

By no stretch of the imagination is Santa Marta Colombia going to be the most remarkable city backpackers will visit during their travels throughout Colombia. 

However, a majority of those backpacking Colombia will inevitably find themselves in this unremarkable and quite frankly homely city at one point or another during their trip.

Therefore, in a city that is as unexceptional as this, it is essential to stay at one the best hostels in Santa Marta to get the most of your time here.

In this blog, we will introduce you to a range of Santa Marta hostel options to help make your time spent here much more tolerable and way more exciting.

The question of where to stay in Santa Marta has never been easier!


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La Brisa Loca Santa Marta

As Santa Marta’s premier party accommodation for nightlife revelers, this party hostel will not disappoint.

This massive three-floor hostel is embellished with a personal nightclub located directly on the top floor of the hostel, placing guests’ mere steps away from the party.

The hostel party goes off every Thursday-Saturday night from 10 p.m until 3 a.m in the morning.

Additionally, the hostel is very lax with noise restrictions throughout the night allowing backpackers to keep the after party going to their heart’s content way into the morning.

Any party hungry backpacker should seriously consider booking La Brisa Loca Santa Marta while in this city.

Other Things We Loved About La Brisa Loca Santa Marta Hostel

  • Aside from being one of the best party hostels in Santa Marta, La Brisa Loca is one of the cleanest and most accommodating hostels that we have stayed at in Colombia.
  • The hostel rooms are very spacious and include a charging port, fan, personal light and curtain for each dorm bed allowing backpackers maximum privacy.
  • The WiFi in La Brisa Loca is excellent throughout the hostel which is considered a delicacy when backpacking Colombia.
  • Aside from including free breakfast, La Brisa Loca also features a delicious and reasonably priced restaurant open from 8 a.m until 9:30 at night.

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Republica Hostel Santa Marta

republica hostel santa marta

Continuing with the theme of hostels that feel nothing at all like hostels, Republica Santa Marta has the vibrant social atmosphere you’ve been looking for, while embellished with a chic contemporary design of an upscale hotel.

Add in a flawless location, welcoming and exceptionally helpful staff, as well as the hostel’s luxuriant pool, and you have the recipe for one of the best hostels in Santa Marta Colombia.

Although the city of Santa Marta itself will leave you unimpressed, Republica Hostel is going to at least give you second thoughts about extending your stay.  

What We Loved About Republica Santa Marta Hostel

  • Each dorm bed has its own private and comfortable space separated by walls and a curtain giving backpackers the rare feeling of solitude in a 4-16 bed dorm room.
  • Additionally, each dorm bed has its own locker, reading light and plug.
  • The hostel will help backpackers organize tours to the attractions of Santa Marta like The Lost City, Tayrona National Park, Minca and so much more.

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The Dreamer Santa Marta

the dreamer santa marta

As the very definition of chill, The Dreamer Santa Marta is the place to go when looking to escape the bustling city streets of Santa Marta and step into a summer paradise.

Distinctive from the closed hostels of downtown Santa Marta, The Dreamer entices backpackers with an open and unobstructed environment perfect for relaxing and restoring the energy tank before onward travel.

Lazy days here are often spent poolside with a cocktail in hand as guests soak up some of that golden Colombian sun.

Moreover, the unreserved atmosphere at The Dreamer creates the perfect environment for backpackers looking to socialize and meet like-minded travelers.

Other Things We Love About The Dreamer Santa Marta

  • The hostel is located on the outskirts of the city placing it closer to the popular attractions of the area like Minca, Tayrona National Park and Palomino.
  • Although the food seems a bit pricey at first, you will forget all about it as you soon as you sink your teeth in the delicious meal.
  • If you have any plans of traveling to Palomino (which you should), anyone that stays at The Dreamer Santa Marta will receive 15% off of their stay at their hostel in Palomino.

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El Rio Santa Marta

el rio santa marta hostel

Voted the best hostel in Colombia and the second-best hostel in South America, staying a few nights at the El Rio Santa Marta party hostel should be a priority for anyone backpacking Colombia.

The only thing that kept this hostel from ranking higher on this list of best party hostels in Santa Marta is that aside from what the name might imply, El Rio Santa Marta hostel is not actually located within the town of Santa Marta.

It is actually located in the middle of the Colombian jungle alongside the Buritaca River, between Santa Marta town and Palomino, hence the name “El Rio.”

Despite this one small technical detail a few nights spent at the El Rio party hostel might just be some of the wildest nights of your life.


Other Things We Loved About El Rio Santa Marta Hostel

  • This hostel has placed an emphasis on socializing and living in the moment which is further implemented by the zero WIFI policy.
  • However, the hostel does provide a tablet for those who need to book onward travel and other emergencies.
  • At first, we were a bit skeptical about the zero WiFi but the hostel atmosphere was so great you quickly forget about it.


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Santa Marta Colombia FAQs

Is Santa Marta Worth Visiting?

Although the city Santa Marta itself should not be on anyone’s top things to do in Colombia list, it is definitely a city that you should visit.

Aside from the Santa Marta hostel selection offering some of the best hostels in Colombia, Santa Marta is a great transitional city offering easy access to other more popular destinations.

Backpackers will find easy and affordable transportation to a variety of destinations such as Tayrona National Park, Minca, Palomino Beach, Costeno Beach, and The Lost City.

Just remember Santa Marta is more about the places surrounding the city than the actual city in itself, and it will be worth the visit.

How many days should I Stay In Santa Marta?

Depending on your plans, try to stay no more than 3 consecutive nights in Santa Marta.

In my particular trip to Colombia, we flew into Santa Marta from San Andres Island and stayed 2 nights over the weekend before eventually moving on to Minca for two nights.

From there we decided to venture back to Santa Marta for another 2 nights in order to meet up with some friends and take a day trip to Tayrona National Park before checking out and moving on to Palomino.

Once we finished our few days in Palomino we headed back to Santa Marta for one night before flying to Medellin.

Not every destination requires you to stay there for a few nights, some (like Tayrona) only require a day trip in my opinion.

It really all depends on what day trips you’re planning to do from Santa Marta and other destinations surrounding Santa Marta you wish to spend a few nights in places such as Minca or Palomino.

Is Santa Marta Safe?

Although it has some issues most backpackers will have no safety concerns when wandering through the streets of Santa Marta.

As long as backpackers remember to stick to the touristy areas at night time and avoid wandering alone on a dark street, then you should feel quite safe on the streets of Santa Marta.


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