9 Best Thailand Party Places

The Ultimate Thailand Nightlife Guide

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9 Best Thailand Party Places

 {The Ultimate Thailand Nightlife Guide}

If you thought you’ve already endured the wildest nights of your party career, and visiting Thailand will purely serve as a cultural experience then think again.

Thailand nightlife is both famous and infamous around the world for its wildly edgy party antics.

Needless to say, anyone who has yet to visit Thailand envisions nothing but sleazy bars and sketchy back-alley massage parlors with promises of happy… (you know the rest.)

And they would be 100% correct! 

However, contrary to popular belief not every single party place in Thailand fits this description.

Granted Thailand is home to some of these more provocative forms of entertainment, it is also home to other less sleazy choices of nightlife along with the vibrant backpacking atmosphere that travelers’ love so much.

That’s the beauty of Thailand; there is something for everybody, no matter what you’re into.

All you need to know is simply, where to look.

Below we list the 9 Best Thailand Party Places to help you find the absolute best nightlife so you can have an unforgettable trip.

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Khao San Road, Bangkok

top thailand party places khao san road

Highly flaunted as the wildest party street in all of Southeast Asia, Khao San Road nightlife can be best described as one crazy-ridiculous-promiscuous-bizarre adventure.

One could literally write a book on all the crazy stuff they witness in just a few short nights they spend here.

Bangkok commonly serves as a brief and informal introduction to the rest of Thailand, as the first city, most backpackers will arrive in on their backpacking holiday.


And what a heck of an introduction it is!

A chain of rowdy backpacker bars, steamy Ladyboy Cabaret shows, spontaneous scorpion eating contests…

Oh, and can’t forget

Raunchy ping-pong shows that will leave you utterly speechless as you sit and witness all of the things that go way beyond your wildest nightmares.

And don’t even get me started on the animal cruelty…

First time Thailand backpackers, will be dumbfounded at the level of debauchery and mischief they will discover on the just single night.

To make matters worse, or possibly better depending on your point of view…

Khao San Road nightlife is just a small taste of what else is to come as you continue to explore the rest of the best Thailand party places on this list.

Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan

full moon party dates

If you thought Bangkok was crazy, then just wait until you experience the signature party event of Thailand.

Koh Phangan island is the place where it all goes down once a month under the light of the full moon as partygoers mindlessly dance the night away with not a worry in sight.

This top Thailand party island attracts around 10,000 – 30,000 people from all over the world, just for one unforgettable and completely out of control evening.

Essentially, turning The Full Moon Party into an after dark playground where cultural strangers from around the globe come together and play into the evolving chaos.

Out of all the party places in Thailand, The Full Moon Party of Koh Phangan is hands down the most insane event on this list presenting travelers with one of the most uninhibited nights of their lives.

For a complete guide including a full list of Full Moon Party dates, best places to stay, and literally everything else you need to know click the link below.

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Walking Street, Pattaya

thailand tips and advice pattaya

Walking Street is a glimmering beacon for sinful nocturnal entertainment.

Jam-packed with everything from go-go bars, massive dance clubs, back-alley massage parlors’, and enough Thai night-butterflies to satisfy the likes of Sterling Archer.

Nightlife in Pattaya walking street has rightfully earned itself quite the infamous reputation throughout the years as one of the top Thailand party places. 

However, top Thailand party city aside, the nightlife in Pattaya walking street is a bit of an acquired taste that might not be suitable for some travelers.

The relentless pestering by club promoters and lady-boy night butterflies gets old very fast.

Not to forget the flocks of incessant Thai night butterflies can quickly become a turn off for backpackers interested in a more genuine and lighthearted nightlife experience.

Although the Pattaya city nightlife every bit deserves to be on this list of the top Thailand party places, considering that it is pretty much as wild and raunchy as it gets…

Just be aware that it is a bit much to take in for more than a few nights at a time.

Ark Bar Beach Resort, Koh Samui

Ark Bar Beach Resort

Ark Bar self-declares itself as the one-stop party destination of Koh Samui, yet another top Thailand party island.

This beachfront venue located in the heart of Chaweng is just a few blocks away from the most popular nightlife area of Koh Samui.

Aside from its convenient location, Ark Bar hosts one of the most electrifying beach parties in all of Thailand.

Although it is nowhere near the size of the Koh Phangan Full Moon party, the Ark Bar beach party is one of the most excitingly enjoyable dance parties you will discover throughout Thailand.

Furthermore, anyone staying at the Ark Bar Beach resort will enjoy a beautiful poolside bar along with the upbeat and charismatic backpacker vibes that Ark Bar has become so famous for.

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Ibiza Pool Party, Phi Phi Island

ibiza pool party koh phi phi thailand | thailand party places

As one of the most anticipated events on Phi Phi island, the Ibiza pool party is a can’t miss attraction for anyone looking for the best party places in Thailand.

Hosted every Sunday and Wednesday at the Ibiza House Resort, backpackers can enjoy a vibrant social scene and the perfect opportunity to mingle with travelers from around the world.

With a diverse crowd of backpackers, cheap alcohol, great music, and a beautiful seaside pool area, what more could you possibly ask for?

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Bangla Road, Phuket

Yet another infamous party street in Thailand… who could have guessed it?

Bangla Road located in Patong Beach draws heavy comparisons to the Pattaya Walking Street nightlife.

Patong Beach is encumbered with all the same characteristics ranging from its vast selection of go-go bars, massive club venues, pesky night butterflies amongst other forms of risqué nightlife entertainment.

This often times makes it difficult to distinguish one place from the other.

However, one key difference is if you are interested in visiting a Ping-pong show, then Bangla road hands down has the most shocking one I’ve ever seen.

Although the shows here cost a bit more than they do in Bangkok, the dancers and stage animals are fully prepared to give you your money’s worth. 

Nonetheless, similar to the Pattaya Walking street nightlife, Patong Beach nightlife is best experienced in small doses and is not a place you will want to be for too long.

Phi Phi Island

phi phi viewpoint thumbnail

If you are in search for the best nightlife in Thailand, then there is no better place than this little tropical island of hedonism.

Backpackers from around the world flock to this famous Thailand party island for a light-hearted uninhibited atmosphere that makes it almost impossible not to fall in love with.

More often than not travelers become so enamored by the vivacious backpacker lifestyle found on Koh Phi Phi that they often end up extending their stay attempting to capture every fleeting moment.

Who can blame them?

This is an island built around a fairy tale; where travelers feel embellished, carefree, and void of responsibility. 

However, unlike Koh Phangan, whose nightlife and social atmosphere revolve around the Full Moon, Phi Phi Island is always a backpacker hotspot no matter when you visit.

Additionally, there are so many other fun things to do on Phi Phi island, presenting travelers with a nice alternative to the relentless party entertainment.

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Sairee Beach, Koh Tao

low season thailand thumbnail

Famously known as the cheapest destination in the world to obtain a Diving License, Koh Tao has a distinctive beauty about it that will continue to amaze you even after you leave.

Though this tropical delight is often times just seen as a popular dive destination, don’t underestimate its blossoming nightlife atmosphere.

Sairee Beach is the place to be for anyone in search of some high-spirited nocturnal entertainment.

On Koh Tao, backpackers can expect lively beach parties, dazzling fire dancing performances, and nothing but positive vibes.

Although the Koh Tao nightlife does tend to end a bit earlier than expected with a majority of venues closing down around 1 a.m, as long as you get started a bit earlier you will truly love the genuine feel-good atmosphere of this little Thailand party island.

Blanco’s Boat Party, Phi Phi Island

party in koh phi phi | thailand party places

Cruise to Maya Bay in style (and probably a bit drunk) aboard this entirely wild booze cruise.

Hosted by the one and only Blanco’s Party Hostel, enjoy the day exploring some of the most beautiful destinations in the Andaman Sea alongside some of the coolest people on Phi Phi Island.

Although the 1,700 THB price tag is a bit steep, especially by Thailand standards…

Blanco’s boat party really knows how to get the party started with all you can drink alcohol, a bass-pumping sound system, exciting drinking games and the assembly of the wildest crowd of backpackers from the entire Phi Phi Island on one boat.

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