The 9 Best Things To Do In Providencia Island Colombia

best things to do in providencia island colombiaThe 9 Best Things To Do In Providencia Island Colombia

Providencia Island Colombia is a secret Caribbean paradise that isn’t ample with tourists or a stable Wi-Fi connection.

What it is ample with is the bluest water you just might ever see, palm trees in every which direction you turn, and some of the best and cheapest seafood in the world.

What makes Providencia such a standout destination in Colombia is the fact that it doesn’t feel like you’re in Colombia anymore.

Providencia’s Creole culture is unlike the culture of mainland Colombia.

The people are so incredibly friendly, and a majority actually speak English, which is not too common in the rest of Colombia.

Additionally, unlike parts of mainland Colombia, it is super safe in Providencia, with just 6000 island inhabitants allowing for a very close-knit community.

It goes without saying that the Caribbean is home to the some of the world’s most breathtaking tropical landscapes, but Providencia is just something even more remarkable than any other Caribbean island I’ve been to.

Here is our list of the 9 best things to do in Providencia Island Colombia to make your trip an unforgettable one.

Crab Cay

crab cay providencia

It’s no surprise that the reason so many people flock to the Caribbean islands is to experience the 50 shades of crystal clear turquoise blue waters.

Which is why I’m so surprised that given Crab Cay has some of the most alluringly blue water in all of the Caribbean, it’s not on more people’s travel radar.

Moreover, with the fourth largest barrier reef in the world, it’s not hard to see why snorkeling at Crab Cay is second to none.

Swim with stingrays, sea turtles, flamboyant fish and the occasional nurse shark if you are lucky.

Additionally, don’t forget to take the 5-minute walk up to the viewpoint and prepare yourself to be blown away with uninterrupted views of turquoise Caribbean seascape as far as the eye can see.

They weren’t lying when they called it the sea of seven colors!

As one of lesser-known most Instagrammable places in Colombia, Crab Cay is an iconic tropical utopia that would be a shame to miss out on.

Almond Bay

almond bay providencia island colombia

While not the most impressive beach you’ll ever step foot on, Almond Bay is a must for anyone who is exploring Providencia Island.

This nice, sandy and quiet beach is perfect for anyone who is simply looking for some quiet time in the sun.

Additionally, if you become thirsty or are looking for a cheeky bite during your time on Almond Bay, there is a small conveniently located bar near the entrance.

Freshwater Bay

The next beach down the road from Almond Bay is Freshwater Bay!

Again, another Caribbean beach to spend some quiet time on without any disturbance getting in the way.

There is a sit-down restaurant here too for when you work up an appetite from getting a perfect suntan!

As one of the best beaches in Providencia, your beach cravings will be thoroughly satisfied.

Divino Nino’s Restaurant

davina nina providencia island colombiaCalling all seafood lovers!

Divino Nino’s Restaurant was recommended to us by our hotel owner, and we do not regret it one bit.

You need to go there and grab a Plato Mixto (seafood platter) for 2 people.

This seafood platter is so good it could turn any vegetarian back into a meat eater with just one bite.

It costs COP 65,000 (about $20 USD) and includes shrimp, lobster, octopus, and 2 ver y large fish, French fries, rice, and salad.

There’s so much food in this platter that we couldn’t even finish it.

Mazanillo Beach (AKA Manchaneel Beach)

manzanillo beach providencia island colombia

As the perfect tropical escape for any beach lover looking to experience the best of Providencia, look no further than Mazanillo Beach.

This tropical escape is the hands down one of the best beaches in Providencia offering a couple of tasty seaside restaurants, lazy chillout spots, a dive center as well as one magnificent palm-fringed beach that is guaranteed to make your jaw drop.

It would be a crime for me not to mention that Mazanillo Beach is lined with those dreamy low hanging palm trees that you only see on desktop computer backgrounds.

Mazanillo Beach is any photographers dream destination, and any beach lovers retreat.

Explore Santa Catalina

santa catalina island providencia

Santa Catalina is an even tinier little island just next to Providencia and in recent years a bridge was built connecting the two islands, so now you can just take a 5-minute walk over to Santa Catalina and explore paradise within the paradise.

You can either walk or ride a bicycle in Santa Catalina, but walking is just fine.

Here you will find hotels, restaurants, Morgan’s Head viewpoint, and a few other swim spots!

Morgan’s Head

Morgan’s Head is a viewpoint you can only access by hiking through Santa Catalina Island and reaching the viewpoint, or by passing it on a boat and seeing it from the water!

This 20-minute easy stroll through the jungle in Santa Catalina is worth every step once you get to Morgan’s Head, feel the breeze from the top and relish in the tranquility.

Snorkeling & Diving

snorkel at crab cay

We mentioned before how Providencia Island has the fourth biggest barrier reef in the world, so it goes without saying that some of the best snorkeling in the world is located right here in this secret little Caribbean Paradise.

We saw turtles, stingrays, barracudas, and even a little reef shark as well as multiple schools of fish when we snorkeled in Providencia.

The reef is heavily protected, so you must not touch the coral or animals while you’re snorkeling.

Some parts of the reef are so protected that you are not even allowed to swim there.

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