Boracay Nightlife Guide

The Philippines Wildest Party Island

Boracay Nightlife Guide | The Philippines Wildest Party Island

The Philippines, a place surrounded in magnificence is famous for it’s pristine white sand beaches, breathtaking vistas, and whimsically magical seascapes, however unbeknownst to most travelers lies a thriving nightlife scene.

The obvious choices for nightlife such as Manila or Cebu city offer more your standard club scenes, however the best of the Philippines nightlife can be found nowhere other than Boracay island.

If you are looking for a place to truly let your inner party animal run rampant, then continue reading to get fully acquainted with Boracay Island |The Absolute Best Of The Philippines Nightlife!

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Boracay Nightlife

Without question, Boracay leads the way for all things party when it comes to the best of the Philippines nightlife.

Boracay prides itself on being the go to destination for anyone interested in getting wild for a night. Or two. Or three… well you get the idea.

Most of the action is located near Station 2 on the island, so we definitely suggest searching for a hostel or other accommodation in this area.


We personally recommend FRENDZ RESORT & HOSTEL, which is conveniently located in the heart of all the action.

Not only are they situated directly near the party… they are the party, presenting some of the best backpacker friendly vibes on the island.

From regular pasta parties, booze cruises and other alcohol oriented events, this place really knows how to get the party started.

Furthermore, the people that run this place are beyond welcoming and are truly dedicated to making sure you have the time of your life.

Pro Tip
Bar Tab – What’s awesome about this place, is that you can party to your hearts content without having to worry a thing about a bill until you check out, thanks to the convenient tab system.


A night out on the town in Boracay offers a plethora of nightlife options to choose from, each one more wild than the next.

If beach parties are your thing, then get ready because a majority of the clubs are situated directly on the beach.

Often times the clubs and bars get so crowded on the inside, that they just wind up spreading beachside.

Our personal favorites were called Club Epic, Club Paraw and Club Summer Place, which are always filled with rambunctious partygoers living it up until the early hours of the morning.

Club Epic

Full Event Schedule |

This is one of the more upscale looking clubs on the island and happens to be conveniently located right next to D-Mall which makes the mission for some late night munchiez a total breeze.

Expect the longest happy hour in Boracay, competitive drinking games, enormous flamboyant flaming cocktails and an energetic crowd looking to make the most of a night with endless possibilities.

Pro Tip
In order to make it through a night in Boracay, your body will need a proper meal. Don’t miss the classic Epic Baby Back Ribs and Burger (sold separately). Even after a night full of binge drinking, bad decisions and hangovers, this mouth watering feast is something you won’t forget.

Happy Hour is from 12 pm – 10 pm so be sure to pace yourself.

what to do in palomino at nightClub Paraw

 Club Paraw is a longtime favorite on Boracay Island.

The legendary seaside party experience draws in large numbers of partygoers each night, due to its lively and rambunctious party scene that catches the eye of anyone simply passing by on the beach.

There aren’t many people who can say they’ve successfully walked passed Club Paraw without being snatched in by the party.

Featuring two floors of full on binge-drinking and non-stop dancing, this is a bar you won’t want to miss during your time in Boracay.

Not to forget the drinks are remarkably cheap!

Pro Tip
This is one of the stops for the famous Boracay Pub Crawl, so if you really want to see this place take it up a notch, just wait for this high-spirited crowd to roll in.

Summer Place

This is a popular club for tourists, spinning some of the biggest names in music.

Partying here you will be introduced to people from around the world, thanks to it’s heavily mixed crowd.

Pro Tip
On some nights depending on the crowd, you can expect to pay a small cover charge for both of these clubs.

Boracay Pub Crawl

Boracay Nightlife Guide

Looking to meet some awesome new friends? Aside from staying at Frendz Hostel, Boracay Pub Crawl is one of the best ways to do so.

This is the number one pub-crawl in all of Boracay, thanks to their ability to so quickly transform complete strangers into the best of friends right before your very eyes.

It’s not often that we recommend doing pub-crawls, but if you happen to be visiting Boracay Island on your own, then this is one the best ways to meet like-minded travelers just looking for a good time.

Not to mention that the guys who run this pub crawl are absolute party animals whose sole purpose is to make sure you have a night you most certainly will forget… because of all the drinking and hangovers that is.


As the biggest event on the island, every Labor Day weekend, Boracay celebrates this cultural event where famous local and international DJ’s turn Boracay Beach into the wildest place in all of Southeast Asia.

Often drawing comparisons to Thailand’s Full Moon Party, LaBoracay is labeled The Philippines “Spring Break”, attracting thousands of zealous partygoers each year.

LaBoracay can be total madness (in the best way possible), being the number one party event of the year in The Philippines.

Expect some of the most legendary nights of your life, featuring enough foam, beach and paint parties to satisfy your inner party animal for a good while.

LaBoracay Videos

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