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Budva Montenegro is a place that is not even on most people’s travel radar during their first backpacking trip through Europe, however with such a vibrant and lively party scene, it damn well ought to be.

Although the nightlife was on point, after reading such encouraging reviews about the relentless party scene in Budva, I was kind of expecting more in terms of daytime party entertainment too.

My friend and I had been in Budva for about 4 days at this point and hadn’t managed to find one legitimate day party the entire time I was there… and trust me when I say, we were looking.

It wasn’t until a day before we were supposed to depart Montenegro on a bus trip to Serbia, that I somehow managed to stumble upon a place called Plaza Ploce.

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It was the morning after a night of some moderately heavy drinking and bar hopping, so needless to say I was a bit hung over and had already made the executive decision to put the brakes on all the partying until I reached Ayia Napa   (which was supposed to be in about a week or so).

It was at that moment when two cute Brazilian girls decided to join me in the common area of my hostel.

We engaged in the typical traveler banter of what’s your name, where are you from, how long have you been traveling… blah blah blah.

At this point, my hangover and I were in the middle of an epic battle to the death and unfortunately, the hangover was winning, so after a few minutes or so of chatting, I decided to head up to my room to take a nap.

Just as I was about to make my leave, the girls whipped out a bottle of vodka and some chasers.   Needless to say, this immediately peaked my interest and I decided to stay a bit longer and find out what this early morning pre-drink was all about.

Turns out the girls were headed to a beach called Plaza Ploce and claimed it was the best Budva party beach they had been to all week.  They had gone once before and said it was such a good time, they decided to go back.

The girls described it as an epic pool party with a pumping sound system where everyone was partying, dancing and having the best time.

Needless to say, I was a bit skeptical, as my friend and I had been there all week and managed to find absolutely zero noteworthy day parties despite our relentless efforts.

The girls, however, claimed it was “epic” so I decided to postpone my hangover day nap til later.

Nevertheless, my friend and I reluctantly decided to join them since the F.O.M.O was more than overwhelming.  I did make a firm decision however not to drink, so I decided to pass on the Vodka shots, however, my buddy blissfully decide to join in.

Plaza Ploce

Plaza Ploce is not directly located in the main town of Budva, so we had to take a short 20-minute boat ride to the venue.  There is no admission fee to Plaza Ploce, however the boat will cost you 5 euros one way.

As the boat was nearing the venue you could begin to hear the music pumping in the air!  I thought to myself, so far, so good!

Pro Tip

  • Most of the nightclubs in Budva play traditional Serbian folk music, however Plaza Ploce was one of the few venues that played mainstream hits.  It was quite refreshing to hear.

After stepping off the boat and taking in my surroundings, I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with this Budva party beach Plaza Ploce.

Based off the girls brief drunken descriptions, Plaza Ploce truthfully lived up to the hype and needless to say we were pumped. After all of our failed attempts, we had finally found a banger.

The girls were dancing away towards the bar when one of them turned to me and asked “if I wanted a drink.”  She had a smirk on her face because she could tell my firm decision not to drink was not so firm any more.

Unsurprisingly, I hastily responded yes and 30 minutes later, we were all doing rounds of body shots atop the bar.

Miraculously my hangover from hell had finally dissipated and I felt my good old wild side emerge again.

Plaza Ploce is undeniably the King of the Budva party beach and nightlife scene.  Although it is technically more of a foam party then a pool party, there are several pools outside the main party zone that could make it go either way.

The foam cannons in the main party zone are truly extraordinary.  Not long after they start those bad boys up, you are literally covered up to your ears in foam.

Be sure to run if you have your phone with you…or your phone will be ruined.

If you need a break from the unrelenting foam cannons, then you can go for a dip in the ocean swim area by the floating docks.

Although the water temperature was quite pleasant, beware the hectic water conditions make swimming for extended periods of time exceptionally challenging.

There are several lunch areas located in Plaza Ploce, which are relatively convenient considering you won’t want to take a boat back just to grab a bite to eat.  They don’t offer much, just enough to keep you fueled for the party.

Pro Tip

  • Considering that Budva is part of Eastern Europe, don’t expect the drink prices to reflect that.  Within a few hours we racked up a bill well over 100 euros, but I guess that’s what happens when you order several rounds of body shots.

Be aware that much like the rest of Budva, not many people here speak English, however, that will not stop you from having a good time.

Everyone at this event was very welcoming, friendly and offered nothing but good vibes.

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