How To Get To Bulog Dos Island Coron Palawan

{The Ultimate Guide}

Waling Waling Beach Coron Palawan Coron Island Hopping Tour

How To Get To Bulog Dos Island Coron Palawan {The Ultimate Guide}

If you’re anything like me, you’re constantly on the hunt for the most picture-perfect tropical beach destinations to fulfill your dreamiest desires.

Bulog Dos Island is the Coron Palawan Island Hopping destination you need in your life, with its never-ending palm trees, blindingly white sand, and ridiculously clear aquamarine waters that put even your dreams to shame!

There’s no better place to unwind and feel the serenity that surrounds you than one of Coron Palawan’s most underrated tropical island.

Keep reading this blog to find out absolutely everything you need to know about Bulog Dos Island and your Coron Palawan Island Hopping Tour!


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Quick Facts About Bulog Dos Island Coron Palawan

• First and foremost, let’s clear something up. Most people tend to believe that Coron Island is the island we fly into when flying to ‘Coron’ when in fact it is actually Busuanga Island. Coron is just an area on Busuanga Island, and Coron Island is a separate island about 15 minutes away from Coron Town by boat, which is where the popular Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon are located.

• There aren’t too many accessible beaches near Coron Town on Busuanga Island, so all of your tropical island getaways need to be fulfilled by you booking one of the unforgettable Coron island hopping tours!

• Bulog Dos Island is easily one of the best beach destinations in all of Coron Palawan, and it would be a huge shame to miss out on it.

Where Is Bulog Dos Island Coron?

Bulog Dos Island is a beach essentially part of the Bulalacao Island group in Coron Palawan and is in fact connected to Bulalacao Island via an incredibly gorgeous sandbar. It’s located about 1.5 hours away from Coron Town by boat.

I know this may sound like a lot, but it’s well worth it when you get there and you’re the only boat on the island.

The downfall of some Coron Island Hopping destinations is that while it may be one of the most beautiful places in the world, it’s usually full of tourists.

You won’t have that problem here with Bulog Dos Island being located so far away from Coron Town.

How Do You Get To Bulog Dos Island?

To get here you can either choose to take a public boat tour or a private boat tour.

Bulog Dos Island is included in Coron Island Hopping Tour C otherwise known as the Island Escapade Tour.

The Island Escapades Tour only includes:

Malcapuya Island

• Banana Island

• Bulog Dos Island

I highly recommend booking a private tour and adding even more destinations to your Island Hopping Tour, such as:

• Coco Beach

• Ditaytayan Island

The benefits of doing a private tour over a public boat tour is that you can choose your destinations and choose how long to spend at each one!

barracuda lake coron philippines-public-boat

Bulog Dos Island Public Tour Boat

Public Coron Palawan Boat Tours typically cost somewhere between 1300-1700 PHP depending on which tour you choose, and this price includes food, snorkels, and any gear you need for the day.

Bulog Dos Island Private Tour Boat

Private Coron Island Hopping Tours are always a little bit more expensive than the public boat tours, but it is the much preferred and recommended option.

This price usually doesn’t include food so you will have the option to go to the market just before your boat tour departs to buy anything you’d like the crew to cook for your lunch.

You will find all types of fresh fish, vegetables, rice, fruit, alcohol, literally anything you can think of you will find at the market.

In our case, our private boat tour cost us about 2000 PHP per person (with 5 people) and this included 5 destinations. On top of this, we bought some delicious food from the market that was cooked to perfection later that day!

Coron Island Hopping Tour Package-island-escapade-tour

When Is The Best Time To Visit Bulog Dos Island?

The beauty of doing Coron island hopping tour C is that not too many other tourists choose to do it… meaning that the destinations will pretty much have little to no tourists there!

So it doesn’t exactly matter what time of the day you get there.

However, like all tourist destinations, the earlier you get there the better it will be and the less people will be there.

Bulog Dos Island Entrance Fee

The entrance fees for the destinations on your Coron boat tour are prepaid before you even get on the boat, and you will pay it the same time you pay for the boat tour.

The entrance fee to get onto Bulog Dos Island is 200 PHP per person.

What To Do On Bulog Dos Island?

Bulog Dos Island is the most dreamlike tropical island for you to just simply relax and take it all in. There’s nothing much to do except swim, snorkel and lay in the sun! 

Swimwear by: The Wild Swim


Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Accommodation On Bulog Dos Island?

There is no accommodation on Bulog Dos Island, however, there is accommodation on Bulalacao Island right next to the sandbar where it connects to Bulog Dos Island.

The Two Seasons Resort is a 5-star resort that will have you feel like you’re living a dream you don’t want to wake up from.

Check prices on Agoda here.

How Long Should I Spend On Bulog Dos Island?

If you’re doing the Coron Island Escapade Tour, you’ll most likely have around 1-1.5 hours at Bulog Dos Island.

However, you could easily spend 2 hours here if you were on a private tour and chose to do so.

Keep in mind, the amount of time you spend at each destination on your private Coron boat tour depends on how many destinations you have scheduled in for the day.

If you’re wanting to stay at the Two Seasons Resort, then I recommend spending around 1-2 nights there which will give you enough time to explore the islands and get some relaxation time in.


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