Cartagena Nightlife Guide

Where To Party In Cartagena Colombia

Where To Party In Cartagena Colombia


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Cartagena Nightlife Guide

Where To Party In Cartagena Colombia

The city of Cartagena Colombia represents many different things to many different travelers.

For some, Cartagena is a place to come relax, unwind and explore the beautiful historic architecture and vibrant culture of the walled city.

For others, it is a spectacle of hedonism that can sometimes result in an avalanche of wild behavior and questionable decisions.

With that being said, in this Cartagena nightlife guide, we are going to focus on the more hedonistic (exciting) side of the walled city showcasing all the best places where you can party to your heart’s content until the early hours of the morning.

So, continue reading to find exactly where to party in Cartagena and other important party tips for an unforgettable and above all safe visit to one of Colombia’s most electrifying cities.

What Is The Best Cartagena Nightlife Area For Tourists?

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The Old Town and Getsemani districts are the two most popular neighborhoods for nightlife when searching for where to party in Cartagena Colombia.

The Old Town, in particular, is encumbered with the vast majority of Cartagena nightlife spots ranging from low key dive bars to upscale rooftop nightclubs that overlook the entire city.

Aside from the assortment of party venues, the Old Town is littered with delicious little restaurants, boutiques and street performers guaranteeing an eventful evening for even those interested in keeping the night a bit tamer.

Although a majority of your time spent exploring the diverse Cartagena nightlife scene will be galivanting throughout the Old Town, a few blocks away in Getsemani you will find even more party options.

One of the best party hostels in Colombia and a world-renowned Salsa Club are located dead smack in the middle of the Getsemani district.

Aside from these two popular party venues, Getsemani is loaded with an assortment of dive bars and other smaller party venues, making this the perfect change of pace from the Old Town nightlife scene.

No matter which district sounds more appealing to you, the Old Town and Getsemani are located just a few blocks away from one another making them perfectly accessible no matter which one you choose.

cartagena nightlife guide


Monday – Sunday | 9 p.m to 4 a.m

In the past, on a Monday or Tuesday night in Cartagena, finding good nightlife can prove to be quite a difficult task for tourists and causal partygoers.

However, this was all before the flame-throwing, confetti shooting and resplendently rambunctious Eivissa Nightclub arrived on the scene.

This notorious late-night party is by far the most popular nightclub in the city and is guaranteed to be a wild experience no matter when you decide to visit.

This two-floor nightclub is located in the heart of the Old Town next to the famous clocktower.

It’s safe to say the Cartagena nightlife scene would not be so infamous if it were not for the notoriously wild party antics found at Eivissa.

In a nutshell, visit Eivissa if you are looking for an immediate wild party where it’s almost impossible not to be seduced into the evolving chaos.

It’s truly one of the best venues of the entire Colombia nightlife scene.



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Media Luna Hostel Party

Wednesday | 9 p.m to 3 a.m

Widely known as the best party hostel in Cartagena, Wednesday nights at Media Luna are absolute madness!

Located in the center of the Getsemani district, every Wednesday night Media Luna hosts one of the most popular events in the entire city.

Over-embellished with its very own night club on the top two floors of the hostel, these hostel parties have become one of the staple events of Cartagena.

With the unification of both backpackers and locals all anticipating the night to unfold, expect nothing less than an avalanche of wild behavior.



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Monday – Thursday | 6:00 p.m – 2:00 a.m
Friday – Saturday| 6:00 p.m – 3:00 a.m
Sunday | 6:00 p.m – 2:00 a.m

Alquimico is not your standard bar.

In fact, the bartenders or “mixologists” at Alquimico treat bartending like fine art as they take pride in concocting only the most appealing and visually stunning cocktails anywhere you will discover in Cartagena.

On top of having some of the most enchanting drink selections around, visitors will also be delighted to discover an absolutely delicious food menu to complement their premium quality handcrafted alcoholic beverages.

While I wouldn’t recommend Alquimico if you are anticipating a wild night out, for those interested in keeping it bit more low-key and boujee for the evening, then you will not want to miss out on this famous Cartagena nightlife spot.

cafe havana cartagena colombia

Café Havana

Wednesday – Saturday | 8:00 p.m – 3:30 a.m

Touted as one of the most famous Salsa bars in the word, Café Havana is typically the first place that pops into mind when debating the best Salsa bars in Cartagena.

Even public figures like Hilary Clinton and Obama himself, have frequented Café Havana when in town.

Featuring world-class musicians from around the world, an unbeatable upbeat atmosphere and some of the best live salsa music in the country easily makes this one of the best Colombia nightlife spots in Colombia.



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Café Del Mar

Monday – Sunday | 5:00 p.m – 2: a.m 

This is probably one of the most expensive places on this list to grab drinks, however, it is also one of the most famous.

As a cultural spotlight, every day around sundown tourists flock towards Café Del Mar to grab some drinks, socialize and enjoy the beautiful golden Cartagena sunset.

However, once the sun is gone, don’t expect the party to stop there!

Party revelers will proceed to drink and party the night away under the stars in what is one of the most stunning Cartagena nightlife venues in the entire city.  



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Isla Cholon Cartagena

Every Weekend, Most Major Holidays 

Located on Isla Baru, near the Rosario Islands around 45 minutes away from the city of Cartagena, Isla Cholon (Cholon Island) is widely considered to be a party paradise.

Known as Cartagena’s party island, hedonists flock here during weekends to embrace the wildly tropical party atmosphere of Cholon Island.

Boats anchor out along the shores of Isla Cholon as people proceed to both party on the boats and the beach.

In fact, the best way to reach Isla Cholon is by organizing a speedboat from the ferry port in Cartagena.

Although the speedboats can get a bit pricey at around $140 USD per person, if you are able to organize a group trip you will be able to find better rates.

Townhouse Rooftop

Monday – Sunday | 8 a.m – 1 a.m 

There’s no better place than Townhouse Rooftop if you’re looking for the perfect little rooftop bar to grab some pre-drinks before you head over to Eivissa or Alquimico.

Townhouse Rooftop is an outstanding cocktail & tapas restaurant located in the center of the historic walled city of Cartagena Colombia.

With spectacular food and drink prices and a view that is even better, Townhouse Rooftop quickly became one of our favorite warm up spots for the night.


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Chiva Bus Cartagena

Tour Duration | 8:30 p.m -12:00 a.m
Chiva Party Bus Price | Night Tour – $17 USD/person 

The Cartagena Chiva Party Bus is one of the most popular things to do as you spend 3-4 hours getting drunk and dancing the night away on board what is guaranteed to be one of the wildest bus rides of your life.

With all you can drink Rum and Cokes included in the price, an evening spent aboard the Chiva Cartagena party bus is one of the best informal introductions to the cities vast and entertaining nightlife scene.

All tickets include the Rum and Coke beverages as well as the entrance fee to the nightclub at the end of the ride.

Pro Tip
If you are traveling to Cartagena as a solo traveler, then this Colombian Party Bus is an excellent way to meet new friends who are as keen to party as hard as you do.

Best Party Hostels In Cartagena

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media luna hostel cartagena

Media Luna Hostel

Featuring a massive nightclub on the top 2 floors of the hostel pretty much solidifies Media Luna as the best party hostel in Cartagena.

Aside from playing hosts to one of the biggest Cartagena party events of the week, Media Luna offers backpackers an unbeatable combination of an affordable stay, a vibrant social atmosphere topped off with a perfect location in the heart of Getsemani.

My only complaint about this hostel is that they only host this party once a week!

However, I guess that’s for the better because otherwise they might as well just throw out all of the beds and turn into a full-fledged nightclub!

Pro Tip
Guests of the hostel get into the party free of charge and are not required to wait in the long entry line.

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mamallena hostel cartagena

Hostel Mamallena

If you are looking for a hostel better suited for sleep but still provides a cordial social atmosphere, then look no further than Hostel Mamallena.

Located directly across the street from Media Luna Hostel, Hostel Mamallena provides backpackers with the same great atmosphere, affordability, and a location without all the ear pulsating noise from a massive two-story nightclub.

However, Hostel Mamallena does feature a newly renovated bar and daily happy hour which are the perfect places to socialize and meet other travelers.

Not to mention the staff here really do their absolute best to make you feel at home, making the time you spend here much more special and memorable.

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Cartagena Nightlife Tips

cartagena old town colombia

Is Cartagena Safe At Night?

While Colombia often times gets a bad rep attributed to its dark narco past, I felt completely safe wandering the streets of Cartagena after dark.

During our visit, we stayed in both Getsemani and The Old Town districts.

I consider both areas to be completely safe as long as you don’t put in yourself into unnecessarily sketchy situations.

If you stick to the main public areas and try to not go out alone then you should also feel safe exploring Cartagena after dark.

Pro Tip
Keep in mind, although the streets are extremely busy at night, once the bars and clubs close it doesn’t take too long for the streets to clear when travelers and locals revert back to their accommodations.

where to party in cartagena colombia

What Is The Dress Code In Cartagena?

 Lucky for us backpackers, the Cartagena nightlife venues are not very strict with dress codes, so you should not have to worry too much about dress codes when partying here.

The majority of bars in Cartagena are very casual and sometimes even allow visitors to get in even wearing tank tops and flip flops.

Heck, places like Eivissa even host an actual flip flop party!

Whereas, other places like Alquimico and Café Del Mar, partygoers tend to get a little more dressed up for.

Is A Cartagena Bachelor Party A Good Idea?

 Honestly, if I was getting married, I would be beyond thrilled if my best man organized a Cartagena bachelor party.

This is just one of those cities where often times rules don’t apply and literally anything can happen.

The women here are exceptionally beautiful, and the nightlife is particularly wild.

On top of that, whatever you are looking for in Cartagena, you can easily find it if you catch my drift…


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