Casa En El Agua Colombia

The Party Hostel In The Middle Of The Ocean

casa en el agua

Casa En El Agua Colombia

The Party Hostel In The Middle Of The Ocean

In case you haven’t already heard, located in the middle of the Colombia Caribbean Sea you’ll discover one of the most extraordinary hostels you’ll ever lay eyes upon.

Casa En El Agua is hands down one of the best hostels in Colombia, as well as one of the coolest and most unique hostels in the world.

The name “Casa En El Agua” literally translates to “house on the water”, and its outlandish location is just one element that gives this hostel its distinctive charm.

casa en el agua colombia

Though it wasn’t always a backpacker hotspot…the property has been since transformed from a once upon a time family holiday house into the most sought-after hostel in Colombia.

While it may come as no surprise, a hostel as alluring as this one is booked up several weeks in advance and sometimes even more in the high season.

Therefore, if you would like to spend a few nights in this Colombian bucket list hostel, then you’ll probably want to keep reading to find out exactly how to reserve a room at this secluded backpacker haven.


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Casa En El Agua is located in the San Bernardo Islands, just a 2-hour boat ride from Cartagena.

Although not technically located in Cartagena, the easiest way reach to Casa En El Agua is from Cartagena and it has therefore earned a spot as one of the absolute top things to do in Cartagena.

casa en el agua


Don’t bother searching for Casa En El Agua on because you will just be wasting your time.

The only way you can book your stay at Casa En El Agua is directly through their website.

Book Your Stay At Casa En El Agua

Probably because a hostel this cool has no problem selling out their rooms, without the help of the booking site.

Quite impressive!

You have the choice of selecting a private room, dorm room, or a hammock for the duration of your stay.

Keep in mind, this is a hostel located in the middle of the ocean so don’t expect the rooms to be in any way luxurious, or even have a shower for that matter.  Instead, prepare to just shower with buckets of water but more on that later.

Casa En El Agua is a 2-story hostel with the bottom level being the bar/eating/common space where everyone hangs out during the day.

The top floor is where all the rooms are located, and there’s only one 8-bed dorm room, 3 private rooms, while the rest of the accommodation are just hammocks.

The toilets and shower area are located downstairs in the common area as well.

Pro Tip

You MUST book your stay at Casa En El Agua early. It’s always booked out about a month in advance, therefore most travelers don’t realize this and miss out on their opportunity to stay there during their stay in Colombia.

Book Your Stay At Casa En El Agua

casa en el agua sunset


How To Get To Casa En El Agua?

Finding how to get to Casa En El Agua can be a quite confusing process, so we’re here to clarify the details for you.

Funny story but, we almost missed our chance to stay at Casa En El Agua all together because we were unaware that we had to reserve a spot on the ferry ahead of time.

However lucky for us they were able to squeeze us on at the last minute the morning of our arrival date.

You can reach Casa En El Agua via a 2-hour boat ride from the port of Cartagena.

There are two boats daily that leave from Gate 5 at Muelle Del La Bodeguita (the port of Cartagena).

The only boat company to get you to the San Bernardo Islands (and obviously Casa En El Agua) is called Tranq it Easy, which is actually a sister company of Casa En El Agua.

The boat costs 100,000 COP per person each way, therefore a return ticket will cost you COP 200,000 total (which is around $65 USD).

You can easily book this online via the Tranq It Easy website.

Pro Tip

Book your return boat trip to and from Casa En El Agua at the same time of booking your room.

If the boat sells out before you book, there is no way to get to Casa En El Agua and you will miss out on your stay there.

The boat is usually sold out a few days in advance, so be sure to book your Tranq It Easy boat early.

The first boat leaves at 9 am, and the second boat leaves about 10 minutes after that.

They make a few other stops around the San Bernardo Islands, (as not everyone on the boat is staying at Casa En El Agua).

You must get to the port at 8.30am to check-in and pay the one-time entrance fee to the San Bernardo National Park of 16,500 COP prior to boarding the boat.

The boat leaves at 12 noon every day from Casa En El Agua back to Cartagena.

casa en el agua boat


How Long To Stay At Casa En El Agua

I would recommend staying at Casa En El Agua for 1-2 nights.

Just as a reminder, Casa En El Agua is literally a hostel in the middle of the Caribbean Sea, and although it’s incredible to be surrounded by the lush aqua blue colored waters, you will run out of things to do, hence why I recommend no more than a 2-night stay.

Casa En El Agua will be one of the most unique and awesome hostel experiences you may ever have, but there just comes a time where you will want a real toilet to poop in and a running shower to wash with.


 hostel on the water

What To Do At Casa En El Agua

While the best thing to do there is to spend every waking minute laying in the sun whilst drinking delicious cocktails and just simply  enjoying the experience, Casa En El Agua also offers daily activities such as:

 hostel life

Boat To Isla San Bernardo beaches

You can hire a boat to take you to some of the San Bernardo Islands beaches during the day.

If you’ve never seen a picture-perfect beach with white powder-like sand and luminously aquamarine-hued water, this is your chance.

Visiting some of the best beaches in Colombia is the perfect thing to do if you get bored of simply lounging and drinking all day at Casa En El Agua.

Santa Cruz del Islote

Most people don’t know this, but the most densely populated island in the world is located right in Colombia, smack bang in the middle of Isla San Bernardo about a 5-minute boat ride from Casa En El Agua.

Just around 1/8 a square kilometer in size, Santa Cruz del Islote is home to about 1,200 people!

There are 90 houses, 2 stores and even a school located on the island.

A majority of the people working on Casa En El Agua actually live on this island and you will see them taking boats back and forth each day.

Sub Wing

Ever wish you could glide through the waters of the Caribbean like a dolphin.  Well now is your chance, as Casa En El Agua provides Sub Wing tours!

Click here If you are unfamiliar with what exactly a is Sub Wing.



When you’re confined to one little hostel in the middle of the ocean, there’s nothing better to do at night than to party!

Especially when there’s a full bar stockpiled with alcohol as well as some awesome reggaetón beats pumping through the speakers that will get everyone in the party animal spirit.

The party begins every night after dinner and lasts until around 1 a.m or sometimes later depending on if the party that particular night is next level or not.

However, keep in mind, partying at Casa En El Agua can be a bit of a hit or miss… the level of wild is dependent upon the people staying there at any given time.

One night may be one of those crazy, dancing on the tables kind of nights, while the next night maybe a chilled-out card games kind of night.

You truly never know…

However, be prepared because, on the wild party nights, Casa En El Agua turns into one of the best party hostels in Colombia!


Things To Know Before Staying At Casa En El Agua

• It books out really quick, so be sure to book your stay a few months in advance!

• You must also book your boat there and back in advance as well because the boat sells out and there is no other way to get there!

• They use dry toilets in Casa El El Agua. One hole to pee, one hole to poop, no flushing.

• To shower, they provide you with a bucket of freshwater. It’s limited to one bucket per person and the line for the showers can last anywhere up to an hour.

• You can only take 8kg of baggage per person, and they will not let you on the boat if you have a lot of luggage. They aren’t weighing bags or anything, but if you come with a few big suitcases, they’re going to notice it and possibly not let you on the boat.

• They use a tab system so you will not have to pay for anything until you check out of Casa En El Agua.

• Make sure to bring enough cash with you before you depart Cartagena because there are no ATMs anywhere near Casa En El Agua.

• Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served at specific hours of the day. You must order your lunch and dinner several hours in advance so the cooks know how much food to prepare.


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