wat arun temple bangkok
Posted by | December 26, 2019
Bangkok or Phuket {Is It Better Fly Into Bangkok vs Phuket}

Bangkok or Phuket is a difficult question. Therefore, we decided to compare and contrast the most important differences between Bangkok and Phuket.

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cusco vs lima
Posted by | November 27, 2019
Lima or Cusco {How Many Days To Stay In Lima vs Cusco}

How many days to stay in Lima or Cusco can be a difficult decision if you have never visited Peru before. However, in this blog we compare the differences...

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bali vs thailand thumbnail
Posted by | October 24, 2018
Bali vs Thailand 2019 {Which Destination Is Your Perfect Getaway?}

Bali vs Thailand? While both a Bali and Thailand trip draw many similarities to each other, they also have some significant differences that you should...

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El Nido vs Coron Palawan Thumbnail
Posted by | March 26, 2018
El Nido vs Coron Palawan [ The Ultimate Philippines Battle ]

There’s no way you could possibly be disappointed with either of the islands, but there are some differences between El Nido and Coron, which begs the ultimate battle… El Nido...

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europe vs asia thumbnail
Posted by | November 23, 2016
Europe vs Asia {Which Is The Better Continent To Travel?}

After traveling to both continents and creating crazy personal stories of our own, we now have the question: Europe vs Asia? Which is better for travelers?

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