Cenote Azul Playa Del Carmen 

The Last Guide You’ll Ever Need

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Cenote Azul Playa Del Carmen 

The Last Guide You’ll Ever Need

There’s no denying Mexico is blessed with a bevy of stunning cenotes.

However, considered an absolute gem of the Riviera Maya, Cenote Azul is one of the most beautiful cenotes of the bunch.

Cenote Azul’s spectacular profusion of lush green jungle and emerald blue waters easily make this one of the beautiful places in The Riviera Maya.

Cenote Azul playa del carmen mexico

About Cenote Azul

  • Cenote Azul is an open-type cenote that basically resembles a shallow tropical lagoon.


  • Surface area-wise, Cenote Azul is quite large, allowing for a less cluttered feel, even when there are a lot of tourists here.


  • The main cenote area features an epic 20-foot cliff jump that proves to be the highlight of most people’s visit. This is usually the area where most visitors will spend their time watching an onslaught of tourist attempt backflips from the Cenote Azul cliff jump.


  • However, if you’re not a fan of heights, there is a small dock that a lot of the less daring cliff jumpers choose to dive in from.


  • Cenote Azul is also located nearby to several other cenotes including Cenote Cristalino and Cenote Jardin Del Eden. Though Cenote Azul is the most popular of the bunch, most tourists wisely choose to visit all three in one day in order to kill two birds (or three) with one stone.


  • The crystal-clear like rainwater of Cenote Azul provides excellent swimming and snorkeling conditions.  However, photography enthusiasts will also be pleased to know the deliciously green foliage surrounding the lagoon provides an absolutely stunning backdrop for the shimmering blue water.


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When Is The Best Time To Visit Cenote Azul?

Given the popularity and central location of Cenote Azul, visiting without sharing this tropical gem with other tourists is quite rare.

However, the best time to visit Cenote Azul is anytime during the week, either first thing in the morning or a few hours before the park is set to close.

Though the sinkhole will never be as crowded as some of the other popular Riviera Maya cenotes, like Cenote Ik Kil or Gran Cenote, visiting during peak times on the weekend could prove to be quite crowded.

Therefore, if you are visiting for the sake of photography, then I highly suggest you visit at these recommended times, otherwise it will become quite impossible to get that magical shot.

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Cenote Azul Entrance Fee

 The Cenote Azul price of entry is 120 pesos (approximately $6 USD), which is quite affordable.

Pro Tip

If you plan on going cenote hopping for the day between Cenote Jardin Del Eden, Cenote Cristalino and Cenote Azul, be sure to bring enough cash with you in advance because at the time of writing this they do not accept debit card and there are no ATMs in the area.

Where Is Cenote Azul?

The Cenote Azul location is quite close to the downtown area of Playa Del Carmen, located just a 20-minute drive away.

Alternatively, Cenote Azul is located about 1 hour and 20 minutes south from Cancun and only 40 minutes north of Tulum.


How To Get To Cenote Azul from Playa Del Carmen?

Taking A Collectivo To Cenote Azul

Taking a collectivo (small public bus or shuttle) is the cheapest way of reaching Cenote Azul from Playa Del Carmen. These small public buses typically cost 40 pesos per one-way ticket.

In Playa Del Carmen, you can catch the collectivo every 10 minutes from 2nd street.

With that being said, Collectivo’s do make plenty of stops along the way which greatly prolongs the journey.

In addition, they are oftentimes filled to maximum capacity requiring people either stand or sit on the floor.


Drive Yourself To Cenote Azul

Similar to traveling around to most attractions in the Riviera Maya, renting a car and driving yourself is the simplest option. Renting a car in Cancun, Playa Del Carmen or Tulum typically costs around $30 USD per day during the high season and offer the most efficient way of getting around to wherever you need to go.

In order to get to Cenote Azul from Playa Del Carmen by car, you will need to head south along Highway 307 towards Puerto Aventuras for about 20 minutes. Once you reach this destination, continue driving for another several minutes until you reach the Barcelo Hotel entrance where you will then turn left.


Take Taxi To Cenote Azul

Though not the most affordable option, you can take a taxi from Playa Del Carmen for around 250 -300 pesos.  However, be careful because Taxi drivers in the Riviera Maya are known for ripping off tourists.


How To Get To Cenote Azul From Cancun Or Tulum?

If you are traveling from Cancun or Tulum, I highly suggest you drive yourself. Otherwise opting to take a taxi will cost you a lot of money and taking a collectivo will cost you a lot of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Cenotes In Riviera Maya?

Considered to be sacred by the Mayan people, cenotes are natural sinkholes that are created once the ceiling collapses to reveal the underwater system below. In fact, cenotes were considered to be the only source of water for the Mayans, which is why they are indeed so sacred.

Interestingly enough most of the sinkholes on this list are connected to each other through either one of two subterranean water systems called Sac Actun (219 miles long) and Ox Bel Ha (270 miles long).

Read More About The History Of Mexican Cenotes Here


How Deep Is Cenote Azul?

Although I’m not exactly sure how deep Cenote Azul is, the deepest point (by the cliff jump) is around 20 ft. However, the rest of the lagoon is much shallower, averaging around 3-6 feet deep.

Aside from the cliff jump spot, Cenote Azul is considered to be one of the shallower cenotes in the Riviera Maya.


Is Cenote Azul Family Friendly?

Given that the majority of Cenote Azul is quite shallow, it is widely considered to be safe for a family of all ages to take a dip.

However, unlike Cenote Cristalino, lifejackets are not offered here. In addition to that, there is no snack shack for food and refreshments located on the premises.

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