Colombia Nightlife Guide

{The Best Party City In Colombia}

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Colombia Nightlife Guide

{The Best Party City In Colombia}

It’s the blog you’ve all been waiting for. To be straight up, you can’t escape the party when you travel to a place like Colombia.

Even if you go there with every intention not to party, you will eventually be sucked in.

So with that being said, you may as well do it right.

Here’s The Ultimate Colombia Nightlife Guide, and dare I say the last Colombia nightlife guide you’ll ever need…


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cartagena old town colombia

Best Area in Cartagena For Nightlife

The Cartagena nightlife scene is situated in the areas of Getsemani and the Old Town.

And I can confidently say that these areas in Cartagena are up there for the top Colombia nightlife hotspots among tourists.


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Best Clubs In Cartagena


Monday-Sunday 9pm-4am

cartagena nightlife guide

We made a new saying while immersing ourselves in the Cartagena nightlife scene

“When in doubt, Eivissa”.

No matter which night it was, we always found ourselves at Eivissa. Eivissa is not only one of the best Cartagena clubs, but in fact, it’s up there for some of the best Colombia nightlife.

No matter which night you choose to go out it is always the best club in Cartagena, and without a doubt up there for some of the best nightlife in Colombia.

It’s located in the Old Town of Cartagena, right next to the clock tower (I know you know what I’m talking about). Eivissa has got two floors, one of the floors with Latin/Hip Hop music and the top floor (which is a rooftop by the way) playing house music.


Monday-Thursday & Sunday 6pm-2am
Friday & Saturday 6pm-3am


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Alquimico is for the boujee-est of travelers, for those who appreciate a unique cocktail and a low-key night out. This Cartagena party spot offers the most premium, alcoholic beverages in the entire city, but keep in mind, if you are looking for a wild night out, then don’t go to Alquimico.

However, if what you’re after is a more upper-class Colombia nightlife experience, Alquimico is your guy.

Media Luna Hostel Party

Wednesdays 9pm-3am


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Not only is Media Luna Hostel the best party hostel in Cartagena, but they have transformed the top two floors of this hostel into a nightclub which is poppin’ every Wednesday from 9pm-3am.

Believe me when I say it deserves a spot on this list of the best Colombia nightlife. Of course, guests of the hostel get free entry and don’t have to line up, but the rest of Cartagena lines up down Calle 30 to get into the haven of absolute madness!

Needless to say, if you are looking to get some solid shut-eye then don’t stay at Media Luna Hostel on a Wednesday night.

Café Havana

Wednesday-Saturday 8pm-3.30am

cafe havana cartagena colombia

Café Havana is the number one salsa bar in Cartagena! Located in Getsemani, Café Havana blares music that can be heard from streets away, making it impossible not to go and see what all the excitement is about!

With live salsa music, an atmosphere like no other and an unbeatable location, Café Havana is certainly one of the best places to party in Colombia!

Café Del Mar

Monday-Sunday 5pm-2am

cafe del mar cartagena

Café Del Mar is undoubtedly one of the most famous places to grab a drink in Cartagena.

If you choose to go to Café Del Mar, do yourself a favor and go in time for sunset! It’s located on the historic walls of Cartagena and offers a crazy beautiful view of the Cartagena coastline.

Café Del Mar also happens to be one of the most expensive places in Cartagena, so if it’s not within your budget, feel free to join the other tourists and sit along the walls near Café Del Mar to watch the sunset!

Isla Cholon Cartagena

Every Weekend & Most Major Holidays


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Located about 45 minutes away from Cartagena is Isla Cholon, better known as Cartagena’s party island, and dare I say the wildest Colombia bachelor party spot.

Every weekend the wildest of partygoers head over to Isla Cholon to experience the hedonism that they’ve been anticipating all week, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Isla Cholon is part of Isla Baru, in the Rosario Islands which are so well known and loved among locals and tourists. Not only do people party along the beach, but the majority of them take their own boats out and have their private parties overlooking the faultless coast of Cartagena.

The best way to do this is to organize a speedboat from the port in Cartagena to Isla Cholon, however, this can be a bit pricey for some, costing around $140 USD per person. In saying this, you will be able to get better rates if you organize this with a larger group.

Townhouse Rooftop

Monday-Sunday 8pm-1am


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The Townhouse Rooftop is yet another favorite of ours when it comes to Cartagena nightlife.

Located in the Old Town surrounded by the historical walls that once protected the city of Cartagena, Townhouse Rooftop is the most perfectly situated rooftop bar to meet with your friends and pregame before heading out to the wilder parts of the night i.e. Eivissa. The prices are great, the view is even better, and it’s just an overall good time at Townhouse Rooftop.

Chiva Party Bus

Every Night 8.30pm-12am
Price: $17 USD per person


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Are you traveling solo and want to find friends to party with?

The Cartagena Chiva Bus is the answer to your prayers.

It’s one of the most popular ways to get into the Cartagena nightlife scene, as you spend a few hours getting drunk and dancing on this bus that takes you all around the streets of Cartagena while you do it.

Included in the price you get unlimited rum and cokes, and free entrance to the club that they drop you off at the end of the party bus tour.

Best Party Hostels In Cartagena

Media Luna Hostel

media luna hostel cartagena

Media Luna Hostel is by far the best party hostel in Cartagena. Not only because of its two-level nightclub that is packed to the brim with riotous party goers, but the overall social vibe here is always vibrantly upbeat with nothing but travelers looking for a good time.

Every evening there is some sort of entertainment at the hostel, whether it is salsa classes, karaoke, or a live band, there’s always something to get the party started, which is what makes Media Luna Hostel the best party hostel in Cartagena.

Also, they have a pool, which is absolutely necessary with Cartagena’s tropical heat!


Casa En El Agua (San Bernardo Islands)

casa en el agua

If you haven’t heard of Casa En El Agua, it’s literally a party hostel in the middle of the ocean (if you don’t speak any Spanish, the name directly translates to ‘house in the water’).

So it is technically not part of Cartagena, but in order to get to Casa En El Agua you must take a boat from the port of Cartagena. Therefore, it’s usually part of everyone’s Cartagena itinerary anyways.

If you’re lucky and get a good group of people who want to party as much as you do, Casa En El Agua turns into one of the best party hostels in Colombia. However, this is all depending on the crowd that is staying there at the time.

We stayed for two nights, and on the first night everyone was literally completely wasted dancing on tables, and the second night (as lots of people left and new people came) it was a bit tamer and it only got as wild as a few drinking games.

Nonetheless, it’s an absolutely stunning once in a lifetime opportunity. Though it only houses around 20 people at a time so be sure to book early.



el poblado medellin 1

Best Area In Medellin For Nightlife

Anyone who has been to Colombia knows that Medellin is one of the best places to indulge yourself in what is considered to be some of the best Colombia nightlife.

The Medellin nightlife scene is predominantly situated in Parque Lleras, which is part of El Poblado – the ‘tourist zone’ of Medellin. Most of the bars and clubs in El Poblado close at around 4am, so if you wish to continue the party you’ll have to head to the local areas, which are located about a 15-minute taxi ride away.

Just a tip: It might feel slightly more sketchy partying in the local area being tourists, and the whiter (or more gringo) you are the more you stick out. However, for the most part, we had a great time and ended up coming back multiple times.  

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Best Clubs In Medellin

La Octava (Ball Pit Bar)

Monday-Saturday 4pm-1am
Sunday 1pm-1am

la octava ball pit bar

This is arguably the most unique bar in the world.

At least it’s the most unique bar that I’ve ever been to!

La Octava is a Medellin bar that has an actual ball pit! Although this can be kinda dangerous if you really think about it, it sure is a lot of fun to go crazy in that ball pit while you’re drunk!

I will say that this bar doesn’t play the best music, nor does it have much of a dancefloor, but we all come here for the ball pit and then move on to the next bar shortly after.

Envy Rooftop Bar

Monday 12pm-12am
Sunday & Tuesday 9am-12pm
Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday 9am-2am
Friday 9am-4am


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With views as gorgeous as Medellin, it would be a sin not to have a rooftop bar that overlooks it all! Envy Rooftop is a classy Medellin party spot where you can grab some cocktails while overlooking the spectacular Medellin view.

It’s not only somewhere to go at night, but Envy Rooftop is also open during the day which makes it a great pregame spot.

Envy Rooftop Bar is without a doubt one of the best places for partying in Colombia!

Midnight Club

Wednesday-Saturday 8pm-2am
Sunday-Tuesday CLOSED


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I think what makes Midnight Club one of the best Medellin nightlife spots is the perfect fusion of reggaeton and hip hop that they play all night.

One step in this club and you’ll be there till it closes, no doubt! Partying in Colombia doesn’t get much better than this!

Los Patios Hostel Pub Crawl

Fridays 8pm


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If you happen to be traveling alone and want to find friends to go out with then get yourself on the Los Patios Hostel Pub Crawl!

It’s on every Friday night from 8pm and they will take you to all of the best Medellin nightlife spots!

Where To Party In Medellin After 4am

So lots of us still want to kick on after all the El Poblado bars and clubs close for the night.

However, in order to keep the party going you will need to take a 15-minute taxi to the following clubs.

Pro Tip

It’s a more local area, so if you’re by yourself or get sketched out easily then I’d probably recommend to give it a miss.

Definitely go to these clubs if you’re in a group!

Club Seven

Everyday 12 midnight-7am


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Club Seven is definitely the most touristy club in this area!

In fact, there is a tourist bus that usually drops off partygoers at some point during the night.

It opens at midnight, so that’s how you know it’s dedicated to the recovery sesh. 

Club Fahrenheit

Open until 7am


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Club Fahrenheit is another Medellin nightclub where you can kick on until the sun comes up! It’s full of locals and you’ll have to pay a small cover fee to get in, but it is worth it!

It’s located on the same street as Club Seven only a few meters away, which is super convenient. Club Fahrenheit also closes at 7am which makes it one of the best Colombia Nightlife spots! 

Corner of Calle 86 & Carrera 42 in Itagui

Open until 6am

This corner of Calle 86 & Carrera 42 in the area of Itagui has around 6 different bars and clubs so the options are endless! All the bars on this corner close at 6am.

Just tell your taxi driver to take you to Palmahia (one of the clubs on this corner) and he will know exactly where you want to go. In addition, it’s only around the corner from Club Fahrenheit and Club Seven.

This is one of our favorite Medellin Colombia nightlife spots so definitely check it out!

Pro Tip

It’s a very local area, and sometimes they aren’t too welcoming to ‘gringos’ entering the club, but if this happens just move on to the next bar where they will be more than happy to let you in!

Best Party Hostels In Medellin

Happy Buddha Hostel

happy buddha hostel

This is where everyone starts off their night for some drinks, beer pong, and dancing!

Happy Buddha Hostel is the number one Medellin party spot for the pregame! Every night, Happy Buddha fills up with travelers just waiting for a wild night.

Needless to say, that if you are looking for a good night’s rest, then definitely don’t stay at Happy Buddha Hostel.


Hostel Rango Boutique

hostel rango hostel medellin

Not only does Hostel Rango Boutique have a great party atmosphere, but it’s also super clean and beautifully designed.

It doesn’t get as busy or rowdy as Happy Buddha Hostel, but it is another option for travelers who are looking to make new friends along their backpacking journey.



Best Area In Cali For Nightlife

It’s no secret that Cali Colombia is the salsa capital of the world. Whenever I speak to another traveler about the best Colombia nightlife, Cali always seems to come up in the conversation.

Needless to say, Cali is one of the best places for Colombia nightlife where you can literally dance til the sun comes up.

The area that has the best bars and clubs in Cali Colombia is called Granada and Menga. Granada is more touristy and dare I say safe, and Menga is more of a local area and they do some serious salsa dancing there.

Best Clubs In Cali

Bourbon St

Monday-Thursday 5pm-1am
Friday & Saturday 5pm-4am

Located in the town of Granada, Bourbon St is one of the most touristy bars you will find.

If you’re not so much into salsa, you’ll enjoy it here. They play live music along with more mainstream music and everyone always has a fun night at this club.

La Topa Tolondra

Monday-Wednesday 7pm-1am
Thursday-Saturday 8pm-4am


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La Topa Tolondra is one of the most famous and best salsa bars in Cali!

It’s a mixed crowd of both locals and tourists, so if you kinda know salsa but aren’t too serious about it, you’ll enjoy your time here.

Best Party Hostels In Cali

Kilele Hostel


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Don’t expect a wild party here, but do expect daily salsa lessons and a quick stroll to all the best Cali nightlife.

Kilele Hostel is one of the more social hostels in Cali and there’s no doubt that you’ll enjoy your time here. They also have a pool… and who doesn’t love a hostel with a pool?!



Best Area In Bogota For Nightlife

One thing is for sure… when it comes to Colombia nightlife, the Bogota party scene will not disappoint!

The best area to be in for Bogota nightlife is none other than Zona T! This is where the majority of bars and nightclubs are at, and the perfect spot for tourists who want to stick to the places that are more touristy.

Best Clubs In Bogota

Presea Rooftop

Monday & Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday 9pm-3am
Thursday & Friday 9pm-2.30am
Saturday & Sunday 9pm-3.45am


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The best way to start the list of the best nightlife in Bogota is of course, with a rooftop bar. Presea Rooftop is a straight-up reggaeton bar with real dancers and all.

Oh, and there’s even a stripper pole. You know it’s bound to be a good time when there’s a stripper pole in the middle of a club!


Sunday & Monday CLOSED
Tuesday-Thursday 6pm-2am
Friday & Saturday 6pm-3am


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So Bogota has a night called ‘Gringo Tuesdays’ and it’s held at Vintrash.

When you’re traveling, every day is the weekend, so you’ll most likely want to go out on a Tuesday, and when you do this is undoubtedly the best place to be for that.

Hotel V

Wednesday-Saturday 8pm-3am
Sunday-Tuesday CLOSED


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Hotel V is yet another crowd favorite located in Zona T.

It’s actually where Gringo Tuesdays were held, however, the night got so big that they had to relocate to Vintrash. Regardless, Hotel V is still one of the best nightclubs in Bogota!

Black Sheep

Thursday-Saturday 9pm-3am
Sunday-Wednesday CLOSED

Black Sheep is just a fun bar in the center of Zona T, so definitely check it out at some point during your Bogota travels.

When you walk in you’ll find a heap of tourists having nothing less than a wild night!


Tuesday-Saturday 9pm-6am
Sunday & Monday CLOSED

Mint is the best nightclub in Bogota after all the other places close at 3am.

Most after-hours clubs play house music, however, Mint will be playing reggaeton music til the sun comes up!

It’s not uncommon that we want to keep the party going after the bars all close for the night, and thankfully you can at Mint. And it’s located in Zona T so you won’t have to go very far to do so.

Best Party Hostels In Bogota

Fatima Hostel Dorms


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Fatima Hostel Dorms has something we’ve never seen at any other hostel before.

They have a quieter section with rooms for people who want to chill out and they also have a section with rooms for those who want to party. They also have their own bar on the premises which is a big reason as to why this is one of the best party hostels in Bogota.



Is it safe to party in Colombia?

The short answer is yes! Colombia nightlife is quite safe, but like anywhere, don’t do anything foolish like take a walk down a dark alleyway at night or wander off into an isolated section away from other tourists.

It’s best to stick to the busier, more touristy Colombia nightlife areas and preferably not by yourself. In addition, if you have a far distance to walk back to your hostel at night, I’d recommend taking a taxi instead of walking.

where to stay in Medellin Colombia

Where To Stay In Cartagena?

The best place to stay in Cartagena is either in Getsemani or the Old Town. They’re about a 5-minute walk from each other and considered to be quite safe and touristy.

It’s where all the Cartagena Colombia nightlife, conveniences, and restaurants are located so I wouldn’t think twice about this one. We’ve stayed at Media Luna Hostel, a party hostel located in Getsemani on Calle 30, and usually everyone’s go-to pick when it comes to finding where to stay in Cartagena.

We’ve also stayed at Mamallena Hostel, which is a small, quiet hostel located directly across the road from Media Luna Hostel.

cartagena street

Where To Stay In Medellin?

The best place to stay in Medellin is an area called El Poblado, near Parque Lleras, which has the bulk of the best Medellin nightlife and arguably some of the best of the Colombia nightlife.

This is considered the ‘tourist’ zone of Medellin, where it’s pretty much always busy. There’s a heap of nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, and police on basically every corner. We’ve stayed in Happy Buddha Hostel which is a party hostel, and the place where everyone starts their night off before heading to other bars in the area.

We’ve also stayed at Casa Kiwi, which is a hostel just one street away from Happy Buddha, but it’s not a party hostel so you can get a better night’s sleep if you wish.

el poblado medellin 2

What To Wear On A Night Out In Colombia?

Colombia’s bars and nightclubs didn’t really have a dress code from our experience, however, there were a couple of bars in Medellin that did not allow men to wear tank tops.

You can basically wear anything as a female when exploring the Colombia nightlife.

where to party in cartagena colombia


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