The Ultimate Corfu Greece Backpackers Party Guide

Located off the northwest coast of the Ionian sea, lies the island of Corfu.

Although often overlooked by a majority of backpackers, which is a huge mistake,  Corfu rewards its visitors with lovely beaches, beautiful green mountain ranges unlike anywhere in Greece and last but not least, the infamous Pink Palace.

Corfu is not known for its partying, but if you stay at the Pink Palace Hostel it’s a promise you’ll be doing nothing else.

You may travel there alone, but you’re guaranteed to leave with some lifelong friends.

This little hidden party haven that not too many people know about is one of Greece’s best-kept secrets.

Corfu will leave you full of stories you may or may not want to tell the grandkids someday.

Pro Tip
Accommodation – This review is largely based on our time spent at the Pink Palace. If looking for a similar experience, only stay here.
Travel – There are no direct ferries from other Greek islands, only the mainland.  We recommend spending the extra cash for a flight as oppose to the ferry/bus trek, as this can be a bit of a hassle.



Minimum Stay: 4 days

Best to Visit: June – August

Getting Around: Walking and Quads

Where To Stay: Pink Palace

Wild & Away Factor

Scenery 9/10
Excursions 8/10
Food 10/10
Price 7/10
Day Drinking 8/10
Nightlife 8/10
Vibes 10/10

Quite frankly The Pink Palace is what puts Corfu island on the map as a party destination in Greece.  Most of the fore mentioned events and tours are run through this place.  The Pink Palace provides an atmosphere like no other hostel, with a resort style vibe offering visitors the perfect social party environment.  A majority of travelers venture to this magical place alone and end up leaving with lifelong friendships.

The Pink Palace Hostel

Agios Gordios 490 84, Greece

“You may have booked for 3 nights, but I promise you’ll end up staying for the entire week. It’s that good.”

  • -Modern room with new amenities
  • -Option of privates and dorm rooms
  • -Shared room with ensuite
  • -Very accommodating and friendly
  • -Party paradise
  • -Excursions can be organized directly from the hostel
  • -Meal plans with tasteful Greek cuisine (highly recommended)
  • -It’s right off the beach



Booze Cruise

As far as booze cruises are concerned The Pink Palace has come the closest to perfecting the secret formula.  Featuring a daring 15 meter cliff jump, an endless supply of beer and a notoriously wild Captain and crew that don’t know the meaning of a bad time at sea, a day spent on this booze cruise will leave you asking yourself “what the heck just happened”.


Toga Party

What better Greek party experience is there than an actual Toga Party.  So get ready for plate smashing, traditional Greek dancing and an endless supply of Ouzo shots to keep the party rolling until the early hours of the morning.

Paint Party

Any party that the Pink Palace throws is sure to be one hell of a night but this one in particular holds a special place in our hearts.  Get loud and messy with all your newfound mates at The Pink Palace cause once the paint starts flying this night quickly becomes legendary. 

Pro Tip
Party – Although there are other bars to party on the island, the best party is definitely found right at home when you stay at the Palace.  There is a different theme every night so it never gets old.
Skinny Dip – At the Palace the phrase “clothing optional” is a bit of an understatement.  A good event usually ends with a massive skinny dip after party on the beach where things really tend to heat up.

Kayaking Tour

The Pink Palace offers daily group kayaking tours so take advantage and grab your mates for a day at sea. 

Quad Adventures

The island of Corfu has a truly breathtaking landscape so be sure not to miss out on this quad adventure to really explore the best scenes of the island. 

Mount Pantokrator

This is the highest mountain on the island located in the northeastern side of Corfu offering a spectacular view.


Featuring the beautiful Canal D’Amour, Sidari beach, scuba diving, watersports and their very own waterpark be sure not miss this exciting town located in the northern tip of Corfu.

Transportation To And From Corfu


We highly recommend taking a plane to Corfu from Athens or another Greek island.


You can also take a ferry from Athens or neighbouring islands, Zakynthos or Kefalonia.

Pro Tip
Taking the ferry is a huge hassle with that group of Greek islands. You’re better off saving time and taking a plane.

Budget Tips
  • Free breakfast at Pink Palace Hostel!
  • 6 euro dinner at Pink Palace Hostel
  • Eat Gyros.. it only costs around 2-3 euros!
  • Buy your own alcohol from the convenience store to pregame of course!
Wild & Away Checklist
  1. Do the daring 15-meter cliff jump!
  2. Toga Party
  3. Skinny Dip with everyone at the beach
  4. Have a Jacuzzi party
  5. Never miss a party event
  6. Body shots on the booze cruise

Are We Missing Something?

Did we miss anything in this article?  Comment below to share your tips and tricks for The Ultimate Corfu Greece Backpackers Party Guide.

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