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Coron Palawan Hotels On A Budget {The Backpacker’s Guide}

For those who don’t want to stay in a Coron hostel but are still on a backpacker’s budget, this list of hotels in Coron Palawan are cheap, comfortable, and most importantly private, unlike a hostel dorm room.

Coron cheap hotels are not hard to find, however, on the other hand, finding a quality budget hotel with modern conveniences is, so it’s wise to do your research before booking!

This list of hotels in Coron Palawan are all options that offer everything you’d want in a budget accommodation and they all definitely get our tick of approval. For a budget price tag, you can’t really go wrong with these Coron Palawan hotels.


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Where Is Coron Palawan?

Coron Palawan Map

The area referred to as Coron is located amongst the Calamian Islands in northern Palawan. The main island in Coron Palawan is Busuanga Island, where Coron Town is located. In fact, Busuanga Island which is where Coron airport is also located is about a one hour flight away from Manila. 

However, Coron Island which is where Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon are located is a separate island located around a 20-minute boat ride away from Coron Town.

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Best Area To Stay In Coron Palawan

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Busuanga Island is quite a large island, however, the majority of Coron Palawan hotels, conveniences, restaurants, bars, and the ferry port, are all located in Coron Town. This is why Coron Town is the best area to stay in Coron Palawan  It’s located just 30-40 minutes away from the airport by car, and just 10 minutes via tricycle to the port where you can catch a ferry to El Nido.

Coron Town is full of travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, and even a few bars where you can have a few drinks if you want.

There is an abundance of Coron Town hotels for you to choose from, but you better book your room ASAP, as the accommodation usually books out quite quickly in Coron Palawan.

Best Budget Coron Palawan Hotels

Micasa Lodge

Micasa Lodge is the perfect Coron hotel for those wanting something not too expensive, but nice enough to be comfortable and enjoy the privacy you wouldn’t get in a hostel.

While it’s not the absolute cheapest option you can find, if you’re traveling as a couple and split the price of the room, it’s not much more expensive than getting a Coron hostel dorm bed each! In addition, it’s located right in Coron Town, close to any restaurants or conveniences you may need.

It doesn’t come with a pool or a bar, but the nightly rate does include a free breakfast every morning, and I know we all love a free breakfast!

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Islands View Inn

The perfect option for those who want the privacy of a hotel but are on a backpacker’s budget! Islands View Inn is located right in the middle of Coron Town, just steps away from restaurants, the few bars that Coron has, the port, and convenience stores.

The rooms are a tad small, but nonetheless this Coron hotel is perfect for backpackers on a budget who aren’t too keen to spend their nights in a hostel dorm room. While it doesn’t come with its own pool like other hotels listed here, it does have everything you need in a hotel and at a cheaper price. It’s one of the best Coron cheap hotels you will find!

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Sunz En Coron Resort

Let me start by saying that everyone loves their stay at this Coron hotel.

Sunz En Coron Resort is located just outside of Coron Town, only about a 3-minute tricycle ride away. This means you have a completely peaceful environment at your hotel, all while being at a close enough distance to the center of the action in town. They offer a gorgeous pool, bar, free breakfast every morning, and a Korean restaurant for guests.

While it’s more expensive than a hostel, it’s not that much more expensive when you split the room between two people, and you get all the extra amenities, comfort, and privacy that comes along with it, making it one of the best Coron Palawan hotels out there.

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Sea Horse Guest House

With free breakfast, its own bar, and a terrace overlooking the ocean, what more do you need in a Coron budget hotel? This hotel is perfectly situated in the center of Coron Town, in the midst of the busy streets next to any convenience you may need.

Sea Horse Guest House offers a normal hotel room type with a king bed as well as a 4-bed dorm room type. Therefore if you’re traveling with more than two people, it’s a great option to grab that dorm room all together and split the costs.

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Coron Gateway Hotel & Suites

Coron Gateway Hotel & Suites offers spacious suites, making guests feel as comfortable as possible. It’s located in Coron Town, but on a quieter street away from all the main street noise, ensuring you get a peaceful night’s rest.

It’s not the cheapest option of the Coron Palawan hotels on this list, but it’s a pretty reasonable price for a 4-star hotel. So, if you’re wanting a suite type room that is spacious, comfortable, private, and with a proper shower (which is hard to come by in the Philippines), Coron Gateway Hotel & Suites is your guy.

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Slightly More Expensive Coron Palawan Hotels

Palladium Hotel

If you have the extra cash to spend, spend it at Palladium Hotel, one of the best Coron Palawan hotels you will find. This Coron hotel will make you feel like you’re in Santorini with the way they’ve decked this place out.

Located just a few minutes outside of Coron Town, you’ll get the peace and quiet you’re after and at the same time be located close enough to enjoy the business of Coron Town.

Palladium Hotel offers a stunning pool for guests, and also a bar and restaurant. The blue and white Santorini theme is consistent throughout the hotel, and no other Coron hotel offers a vibe quite like this one.

Palladium Hotel is one of the best Coron Palawan hotels, so definitely check it out if you’re interested in something a little more luxurious!

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Coron Underwater Garden Resort

Hands down one of the best Coron Palawan hotels is Coron Underwater Garden Resort. It’s not on Busuanga Island, but it is located nearby on Baquit Island which is just a 15-minute boat ride away from Coron Town.

And if you’re worried about being isolated on an island, don’t be! This Coron hotel offers free boat rides to and from Coron Town every hour.

Coron Underwater Garden Resort offers over the water style villas for a not overly expensive price when compared to the overwater villas in Bora Bora for example. (However, keep in mind, they look nothing alike.)

If that’s not enough, this Coron hotel also comes with two separate infinity pools, one with fresh water and one with salt water. Though it’s not as cheap as the other hotels on this list, the unique luxury experience helps to justify the higher price.

For someone on not too strict of a backpacker’s budget, it’s totally worth it in my eyes!

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