The Ultimate Gili Trawangan Party Guide

To Bali’s Most Sinful Island

gili trawangan party guide _ gili trawangan nightlife

The Ultimate Gili Trawangan Party Guide To Bali’s Most Sinful Island

 Despite the islands rather small size, the Gili Trawangan party scene sure does pack a punch.

Although not technically apart of Bali itself, Gili Trawangan is a regular on the Bali backpacking itinerary, iconic for its relentless late-night party antics.

Fueled by cheap drinks, an exceptional party atmosphere, and steamy promiscuous escapades, Gili Trawangan is the undisputed king of everything wild here in Bali. 

So, if you’ve been searching for the best nightlife around, Gili T is where you belong.


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The Long And Short Of The Gili Trawangan Party Scene

Jiggy Boat Party Group Photo

Photo By Jiggy Boat Party  

Although Gil Trawangan may be the undisputed champion of nightlife, there are some key things about the island that you should be aware of.

• Although the drinks on Gili T may be cheap, beware the overwhelming amounts fake alcohol being sold on the island. If a particular drink special seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

• The best way to avoid fake alcohol is to buy your own alcohol from either Gili Mart or one of the other reputable markets found on the island.

•Furthermore, try to only buy drinks from the more popular bars and clubs on the island, albeit avoiding all those sketchy unfathomably cheap drink spots you might discover along the way.

• If you want to learn more about the dangers of Methanol Poisoning on Gili T be sure to Click Here.

• After 1 a.m every bar on the island will close except for whatever bar is the designated late-night spot for that particular night. You can find the nightly schedule down below.

• Although this might seem like a good idea because it helps assure that every night the bar will be packed, it actually gets rather frustrating because you will only be able to party at your favorite bars on the island one night a week.

• All party hostels have a Strictly Enforced “Zero Noise Policy” after 10 p.m, which can become extremely frustrating when you think you’ve booked a true “party hostel” and you have to literally walk around quiet as a mouse..

• Finally, and most importantly all bars close at 3 a.m so don’t start the pregame too late otherwise you will be up partying by yourself.


gili party island map

Gili Trawangan Party Map


How To Get To Gili Trawangan

gili trawangan party

The Gili islands are located just off the coast of Lombok, however getting to Gili Trawangan from Bali is equally a relatively simple task.


A majority of fast boat tours operate out the Padang Bai port, which is located on the eastern coast of Bali around an 1h 30min drive from Seminyak/Kuta.

The crossing takes about 2 hours and costs around 400k IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) which is approximately $30 USD.

Bali To Gili Islands Option 1

Pro Tip

I recommend booking your tour with one of the many travel agency offices throughout Bali or even inquire at your accommodation about Gili Trawangan transport.

Click Here To Check Out Full How To Get From Bali To Gili Islands Guide


best beaches in asia gili trawangan


 If you are departing from Lombok, located east of Bali then you will be departing from Bangsal Harbour located in northern Lombok.

The crossing takes just 35 minutes if you take the fast boat for around 100k IDR which is about $7 USD when booked through a travel agency.  This price includes transport from your accommodation to Bangsal Harbour.

Pro Tip

I recommend booking your tour with one of the many travel agencies throughout Lombok.  Although you can get tickets from Bangsal Harbour for around half the price, the fact that the 100k IDR ticket which usually includes transport from your accommodation anywhere in Lombok, makes this an unbeatable price.

Click Here For A Detailed Guide On How To Get From Bali To Gili Islands

Bali To Gili Islands Option 2

Where To Stay On Gili Trawangan?

My Mate’s Place (Personal Recommendation)

Having stayed at two out of the three top party hostels in Gili Trawangan, My Mates Place easily wins the crown for Gili Trawangan’s best party hostel.

Although they are missing a pool like Gili Mansion and Castle, they more than make up for this with their exceptional cleanliness, amazing party atmosphere, superior free breakfast, actual hot water showers and unequivocally awesome staff. 

Not to mention that you can head down to Mansion or Castle for their pool parties and use the pool for free.

Our stay at My Mate’s place was such an awesome and revitalizing experience, especially after spending a rather disappointing and frustrating 5 nights at Gili Mansion, we wouldn’t ever think of staying at any other party hostel on Gili T.

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Bali To Gili Islands My Mates Place

gili trawangan party guide my mates place

Gili Castle

Adding a unique twist on the standard hostel design, Gili Castle is set up just as the name implies… a castle.

Highlighting a distinctive 6-meter rock climb leading to an epic cliff jump, Gili Castle is widely recognized as the original party hostel on Gili Trawangan.

Although the rooms and facilities are a bit outdated and rather dirty, Gili Castle is still a sure thing for everything party, providing backpackers with a bonafide good ol’ time.

Pro Tip

Additionally, you might want to stick around for the Sunday Funday pool party.  Although it won’t be the wildest pool party you’ll ever experience, it’s a still amusing time.

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gili mansion party hostel

Bali To Gili Islands

gili nightlife guide | gili castle pool

Gili Mansion

As the sister hostel to the more popular Gili Castle, we decided to stay here for our first five nights in Gili T.

Gili Castle is pretty much identical to Gili Castle, just without the rock climbing wall and a significantly smaller jumping tower.

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Bali To Gili Islands

gili nightlife guide gili mansion

Day Life

gili trawangan party jiggy boat party

Jiggy Boat Party

It’s no surprise the hedonistic party capital of Bali would boast one of the wildest boat parties in Southeast Asia.

As the most advertised event on the island, it’s damn near impossible to visit Gili T without at some point feeling slightly harassed and peer pressured by random promoters to book your tickets for the “nearly sold out” Jiggy Boat Party.

In spite of all the pestering don’t let this turn you off from joining in on all the drunken mayhem because the Jiggy boat party is guaranteed to be one of your wildest booze filled adventures during your Southeast Asian holiday.

Jiggy Boat Party Gili Trawangan Party

In fact, it was so much fun the first time around that we ended booking this event twice during our 10 day stint in Gili Trawangan.

Few things sound more awesome than a 5-hour boat party around the three charming Gili islands with an onslaught of free shots as you party your butt off into the stunning golden Indonesian sunset.

Gili Trawangan Party Jiggy Boat Party

Jiggy Boat Party Dates

The cruise embarks Wednesdays and Saturdays at 14:00.

Although if the island is crowded enough they will sometimes run it three days a week.

Jiggy Boat Party Price

The ticket prices are 250k IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) for girls and 350k IDR for guys which respectively equate to about $18 and $25 USD each.

Pool Parties

There are two different weekly pool parties on the island both hosted by Gili Castle and Mansion on Sundays and Thursdays respectively.

These pool parties are definitely more chill than wild, nonetheless offering a welcoming and entertaining atmosphere to meet some new friends.

Gili Trawangan Nightlife

gili trawangan party guide gili bar


Jiggy Bar

Regularly swarming with party ravenous backpackers every night of the week, Jiggy Bar touts some the best music and vibes on the island.

As the bar is repeatedly filled to the brim, the festivities will ultimately spill out along the beach as everyone continues to party under the stars.

In spite of all its popularity thanks to some unwritten “Gili Trawangan Party Rule”, Jiggy Bar closes at 1 a.m every night of the week, except for Tuesdays which is the bars designated late night.


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Jungle Bar

Owned by the same owners as the popular Hostel My Mates Place, Jungle Bar is most famous for its insanely affordable happy hour prices.

Aside from cheap drinks Jungle Bar prides itself as one of the premier Gili Trawangan party spots offering one of the best late night atmospheres on the island notorious for its spontaneous rounds of free shots facilitating the bars hedonistic atmosphere.

Similar to the Jiggy Bar schedule, Jungle Bar is also open every night of the week, but inconveniently closes at 1 a.m, except for every Thursday night during which it stays open until 3 a.m.



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Sama Sama

Located on the northern tip of the Gili Trawangan party road, Sama Sama is the designated live music bar on the island specializing in old-school rock and reggae music.

Open until 3 a.m on Saturday nights, Sama Sama offers the most relaxed and chilled out atmosphere out of any other bar on this list.

Blue Marlin

Located dead smack in the middle of the Gili Trawangan party road, Blue Marlin bar is somewhat branded as a late-night legend on the island, featuring two distinctive dance floors pumping only the best Hip-hop and EDM club-bangers.

Blue Marlin doubles as a dive center during the day, hence the massive dive pool located in the front of the bar.

Nevertheless, every Monday night, Blue Marlin almost instantaneously transforms into one of Gili Trawangan’s preferred late night venues.



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Evolution Bar 

Although not one of the most popular bars on the island, Evolution will be any EDM fanatics favorite late-night venue.

The sweat-soaked congested dance floor is illuminated by flashing lights and laser effects set the tone for the rambunctious festival style party atmosphere.

Evolution is the late-night spot every Sunday, following the typical Gili Trawangan party schedule, abruptly closing at 3 a.m.



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Late Night Gili Trawangan Party Schedule


Early Night Bars

Jungle & Jiggy

Late Night Bar

Blue Marlin


Early Night Bars

Jungle & Jiggy

Late Night Bar



Early Night Bars

Jungle & Jiggy

Late Night Bar

Irish Bar


Early Night Bars

Jungle & Jiggy

Late Night Bar



Early Night Bars

Jungle & Jiggy

Late Night Bar

Sand Bar


Early Night Bars

Jungle & Jiggy

Late Night Bar

Sama Sama


Early Night Bars

Jungle & Jiggy

Late Night Bar


gili trawangan party guide | Nightclub schedule

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