35 Best Things To See And Do In Greece

The Ultimate Greek Bucket List

35 Best Things To See And Do In Greece [The Ultimate Greek Bucket List]

If you’re traveling to Greece this summer and want some insane stories you may (or may not) want to share with your friends and family when you get back home, you’ve come to the right place.

Wild & Away loves nothing more than to travel the globe finding the craziest parties in the world’s most stunning destinations, and Greece just so happens to be our favorite country for all things wild and beautiful.

When you hear the word Greece, you probably imagine the caldera sunset views of Santorini, its incomparable panoramic landscapes, and world-renowned nightlife. And you’re imagining correctly.

But there’s so much more to Greece than Santorini sunsets and Paradise Beach.

Greece truly has it all, whether it’s beaches, parties, cliff jumping, or yummy food. With thousands of islands to explore, it can get quite confusing to choose where to go during your travels.

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Let us just be clear… you can’t experience this beautiful country’s full potential without visiting these top Greece bucket list items.

And no, we’re not just talking about those typical, boring old places that you read on every other blog.

We’re talking about the very best parties all around Greece, the most gorgeous beaches & panoramic vistas, and so many fun-filled activities that will soon make Greece your favorite holiday destination.

Trust us when we say you’d be lucky to make it halfway through this list before inevitably booking that flight to Greece.

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Melissani Cave, Kefalonia

This little slice of heaven can be found on a reclusive island called Kefalonia found west of the mainland in the Ionian Sea. The astounding lake of the Melissani Cave is truly fit for a fairy-tale.

As Greek mythology would tell it, this stunning natural beauty was known as the cave of nymphs.

The striking clear blue water immaculately reflecting the sunlight creates the illusion that the boats in the cave are literally gliding on air!

Far Out Beach Club, Ios

Relatively new on the European party scene, Far Out Beach Club is definitely starting to turn heads.  This beach club has completely transformed Ios into the party Mecca that it is today.

So much so that it often has given Ios the firepower in needs to stand toe to toe with some of Europe’s most famous names in nightlife.

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Climb Mount Olympus

If you are a fan of Greek Mythology, then you are well aware of the significance of Mount Olympus and probably already have this penciled in to your Greece travel bucket list.

For those who didn’t pay attention in history class, Mount Olympus is known in Greek Mythology as the home of the Gods and was the location of Zeus’s throne.  Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece with an elevation of 2,918 meters.

Antisamos Beach, Kefalonia

Crowned the favorite destination in Kefalonia for swimming and water sports by locals, this pebbly beach cove allures beach goers with it’s captivating two toned turquoise water and impressive mountainous backdrop.

Paradise Beach, Mykonos

Mykonos is synonymous with the word party and manages to draw thousands of tourists each year as one of the world’s most infamous party destinations.

Tropicana makes Paradise Beach a never-ending party, so prepare your liver, mind and soul for all the drunken madness that awaits!

Shipwreck Beach, Zakynthos

Photo By | @sonjq

Lightroom Preset | Blue Dream from The Tropical Obsession Collection

Boasting stunning white sand beaches, towering sea cliffs and crystal clear turquoise blue waters, this beach is truly second to none.

As if this isn’t enough reason to visit, the real life 1940’s Spanish shipwreck continues to add to the unparalleled magnificence of Navagio Beach.

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Watch A Sunset in Santorini

You can’t go to the ever so beautiful Santorini without watching an iconic sunset. There’s just something magical about the way the Mediterranean sun gives the traditional white buildings a golden tint, while it lights up the sky all different shades of orange, purple, and pink that you really won’t be able to take your eyes off.

Eat a Gyro

Did you even really travel to Greece if you didn’t try one of their world famous Gyros?

This Greek delectable made up of either pork, chicken, or lamb is cooked to perfection on the traditional vertical spit, wrapped in fresh pita bread, along with tomatoes, onions and the ever so mouthwatering tzatziki sauce.

Explore Corfu Island

Corfu’s lush green hills and beautifully sheltered coves offer travelers some of the best hiking opportunities in all of Greece.

If you are feeling extra adventurous, then you can even attempt to hike the Corfu Trail which spans an impressive length of 220 kilometers and will take you around 8 – 10 days to complete.


Whenever you think of Greece, it is often overshadowed by thoughts of beautiful white beaches and countless islands to explore.

However, one of Greece’s greatest spectacles lies on the mainland about 350km north of Athens.

The monasteries sitting atop the sky-high pillars of Meteora resembles a place lost in time.


Hike The Samaria Gorge

Snuggled peacefully among the mountains of Crete, the Samaria Gorge National Park spans a lengthy 16 kilometers long, and is one of the most eye-catching attractions on the island, perfect for any adventurous nature lover.

Cliff Jumping

Calling all cliff jumpers! Greece is at the top of the list if you’re looking for some of the best cliff jumping in Europe. Our favorite places to cliff jump are at The Pink Palace Booze Cruise in Corfu, Never Bay in Ios, or Porto Limnionas in Zakynthos which all offer cliff jumping with a view to say the least.

Milos Island

If you’ve ever seen a postcard from Greece with an awe-inspiring picture of caves and bright blue water, it’s most likely been taken in Milos. This little island has some of the prettiest cave scenery and secret beaches that can only be accessed by boat.

Visit Delphi

Delphi, a popular ancient site in Greece, is a town located on Mount Parnassus and is famously known as the home of the great Oracle Apollo.

The Pink Palace Boat Party

If you are in the mood for some next level partying, then you’ve obviously heard of the Pink Palace Booze Cruise right?

Board the flamboyantly pink vessel and spend the day voyaging the picturesque shores of Agios Gordios Bay as you undergo one the wildest boat parties in all of Greece.

Stories of 50-meter cliff dives, seductive body shots, whip cream parties and the likelihood of losing a piece of clothing or two will make this a Booze Cruise you won’t soon forget.

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Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia

A close second to Navagio in terms of natural wonders, Myrtos Beach has a truly visually stunning landscape that offers quite a few picturesque panoramas.  Myrtos Beach is conveniently located on the neighboring island of Kefalonia, which is only a short boat ride away from Shipwreck Beach on the island of Zakynthos.

So there is virtually no reason not to visit  both of these scenic masterpieces during your next Greek holiday.


Acropolis, Athens

The Ancient fortress that sits high on the mountain overlooking the city of Athens brings Greek mythology to life.

You simply cannot visit Greece without seeing the Acropolis.

The first glimpse of the Parthenon is magical, and when it’s lit up at night it is purely inconceivable. The Acropolis is listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, and also the most visited historical site in Greece. You’ll see why when you see it for yourself.

Pathos Sunset Lounge, Ios

Pathos Sunset Lounge creates the perfect ambiance to grab some cocktails, and vibe out with some friends as you relax poolside and await the sun to set over the stunning Aegean shoreline.  With a flawless menu, stylish design and chilled out atmosphere, this is a place you’ll most definitely want to come back to.

Porto Limnionas, Zakynthos

As one of the most concealed and least touristy attractions in Zakynthos, this quaint little lagoon is one of the favorite destinations for swimming and snorkeling on the island.  The tranquil vibes of Porto Limnionas make it a great place to relax in the sun, or if you’re feeling a bit more spontaneous you can always do some cliff jumping.


Malia, Crete

Insanely popular among the Brits, Malia has been an incessant summer party destination, boasting some of the wildest nightlife in Greece.

The island of Crete doesn’t scream “rager” to the oblivious traveler but let me assure you, Malia itself is an all-day party town.

Rent a Quad

No matter what island you’re on, renting a quad bike in Greece is always the best way to personally discover the hidden gems tucked away in each and every unique destination.

Quads typically range anywhere from 15 to 50 euros depending on the location but don’t worry it is worth every cent.

Agios Gordios Beach, Corfu

Agios Gordios Beach is one of the most eye-catching shorelines in all of Corfu as the golden sands of this charming bay sit nestled between the lush green ridges of the islands impressive mountain range.

The Pink Palace Hostel, Corfu

This place is the reason you’re going to Corfu. Your stay at the Pink Palace will be memorable to say the least. It’s a place where all your wildest dreams come true.

For something to do during the day, the hostel will take you kayaking, or riding through the hills on an ATV.

Or you can choose to just chill by the beach. They have you covered for night time too. There’s a different themed party event EVERY single night.

Our personal favorite ironically happens to be the daytime ‘booze cruise’ where you all get wasted on a boat and party under the sun. They also feed you free breakfast and a really nice home-cooked dinner for only 6 euros. Oh, and they provide you with cheap drinks. Seriously, you wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else.

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Jimmy’s Gyro, Mykonos

As you are causally strolling through the beautifully winding streets of Mykonos, every so often you will notice the pleasant aroma of Jimmy’s Gyro that comes dancing past your nose. Don’t hesitate to follow this alluring scent to the best Gyro restaurant in all of Mykonos.

Although Jimmy’s Gyros comes at a cost a slight bit higher than the average Gyro in Greece, it is guaranteed to be an absolutely tantalizing experience your taste buds won’t be able to forget.

Ios Island


While Mykonos might momentarily hold the crown for being Greece’s most popular party destination, it’s most certainly not the only name you should know.

Located halfway between Santorini and Mykonos lies our favorite little party island in the world called Ios.  Often times, the novelty of any party destination in Greece wears off after a few relentless nights surviving on nothing but Ouzo shots and lamb.

However, Ios flawlessly infuses a wild party atmosphere with the carefree relaxed vibes that makes your eventual departure from this little island ever so difficult.

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Fira, Santorini

Usually people go to Santorini to see the famous caldera sunset views from the town of Oia (along with the thousands of tourists who do the same), however the sunset in Fira town is just as amazing, without the hordes of people fighting for the best seat to take their latest Instagram photo.

Bonus! Fira has all the best bars so you can party under the moonlight and it’s also way closer to the beaches than Oia is.

Laganas, Zakynthos

Take a break from all the breathtaking beauty of Zakynthos for a bit and step into the debauchery filled madness of the Laganas strip.  Practically a second home to the Brits in the summer (and we all know how the brits love a good party), nightlife in Laganas is not to be taken lightly.

Featuring massive pub crawls, crazy themed parties that will make your head spin, and not to forget the epic Rum and Raybans AKA the biggest boat party in all of Europe, it’s safe to say you won’t be getting much sleep here in Zakynthos.

Rum and Raybans Boat Party, Zakynthos

As the self-proclaimed largest boat party in all of Greece, this is one Booze Cruise you will not want to miss.  Boasting two massive double decker ships, endless vodka shots, hilarious belly flop competitions and some promiscuously competitive adult games, the Rum and Raybans Booze Cruise has without a doubt solidified itself as the premier party event in all of Zante.

Never Bay, Ios

Photo By | @sonjq

Lightroom Preset | Summer Haze from The Tropical Obsession Collection

On one of your myriad of quad explorations around Greece, don’t forget about this secluded Ios island gem.

As one of the most concealed attractions on this list, this beloved swim and cliff jumping spot can be a bit tricky to find without a locals assistance but don’t worry, the extra effort will be worth it in the end.

Blue Caves, Zakythos

The name Blue Caves stems from the striking reflections of the translucent turquoise water inside the caves. As one of the most advertised attractions on the island, this superb swim spot is often paired along with boat excursions to Shipwreck Beach and Turtle Island for added convenience.

Ride a Donkey in Santorini

Before cars and quads were around, the Greeks used to travel by donkey. Luckily for us, they still offer donkey rides in Santorini that take you from the top to the bottom of the mountain and vice versa. So, if you need to get down to the bottom of the mountain and can’t access a car or quad bike, the next best option is to ride a donkey!

Mykonos Town

Photo By | @sonjq

Lightroom Preset | Blue State Of Mind from The Tropical Obsession Collection

Admire the iconic whitewashed architecture of Mykonos town (aka Chora).

Get lost for the day as you explore a labyrinth of chic little restaurants, beautifully colored wooden doors, traditional white bleached houses and churches along with a myriad of other hidden treasures that will leave you yearning for more.

Marathonissi (Turtle Island), Zakynthos

Looking for some turtles?  Look no further than Turtle Island in Zante to visit the nesting homes of the Loggerhead Turtles.  The island is surrounded by crystal clear blue water making spotting these magnificent creatures a breeze.

Cameo Island, Zakynthos

Seemingly taken straight out of a fairytale, Cameo Island is truly one of Greece’s best-kept secrets.  As it’s usually a popular wedding destination, don’t be surprised if spot a bride or two here.

Ios View Point

Just a short uphill walk through the beautiful little town of Ios Chora will lead you to best view point on the island that exposes one of the most flawless sunsets in all Greece. It’s hard to think of a better way to end yet another perfect day on the island of Ios.


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