The Greek Party Islands

The Absolute Best Places For Nightlife In Greece!

The Greek Party Islands [The Absolute Best Places For Nightlife in Greece!]

When it comes to the country that has the most islands with the wildest party reputation, no country in the world does it better than Greece.

You can just about randomly voyage to any island in the country and you’re almost guaranteed to discover a decent party scene.  Actually no, it’s not just decent. These parties are insane.

With that being said, Greece may be home to some of the most outlandish party islands in the world, but which of these islands in particular actually deserve a visit during your next summer holiday?

Whether you choose to visit one of these islands or all four of them, there’s bound to be either a wet t-shirt contest, dance contest, or a few rounds of body shots no matter which place you choose to go to.

These islands offer a Wild & Away level of partying, and this level of craziness is not for the faint of heart.


We have narrowed the list down to the top 4 best Greek party island holidays you can possibly take this summer, therefore keep reading to discover the absolute best party places in Greece!

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Not only is Zakynthos one of the most beautiful islands in the country but, it is unexpectedly also one of its most wild.

As one of the most popular Greek party islands every summer, hordes of zealous partygoer’s flock to Zakynthos (or Zante for short), for its vast bar and club scene, rowdy nightlife, and ‘anything goes’ party mentality that will often time leave your jaw on the floor.

Where To Party

Laganas Strip – On the south coast of the island, you will discover Laganas.  The Laganas strip is undoubtedly where you will explore the wildest bars and nightlife the island has to offer!

Best Events

Rum And Raybans Boat Party – Get ready for your wettest and wildest time in Zante as you spend the night aboard Europe’s largest boat party experience.

Endless vodka shots, belly flop competitions, and several steamy games turn these party cruises into complete and utter mayhem.

The party goes down every Wednesday, but be sure to book tickets in advance because this has been Zante’s largest sell-out event for 3 years in a row!

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Where Is Zakynthos?

Zakynthos is the third largest of the Ionian Islands located on the western coast of Greece near Corfu and Kefalonia.

How To Get There?

You can reach Zaknthos by either ferry or plane, however we recommend flying.  The Zakynthos airport is located on the southern side of the island near a town called Kalamaki.

Athens to Zakynthos is around a 45-minute flight time and often reasonably priced.

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Ferry options are available from the neighboring islands of Corfu and Kefalonia as well.

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Where To Stay?

The party zone of Laganas has heaps of affordable accommodation within a few steps of all the action.

 Zante Atlantis Hotel

  • An inexpensive backpackers resort that is perfect for those in search of good nightlife.
  • Only a six minute walk from the beach and 3 minute walk from the main strip.

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Talk about wild, Ios is definitely wilder. If you’re anything like us, this little island is just the perfect little slice of the Greek party paradise you’ve been waiting for.

This is an island built around a fairytale; with endless alcohol, the wildest wet t-shirt contests you’ll ever see, and non-stop dancing.

Did you even get through that sentence without booking your ticket to Ios?

With some of the best nightlife in Greece, it’s no wonder why travelers keep coming back to this unforgettable Greek party island.

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Where To Party

Far Out Beach Club – This is the epicenter of all things wild in Ios.  Far Out Beach Club plays host to the wildest pool parties on the island and indisputably plays the biggest part in Ios’s skyrocketing reputation among the world’s greatest party islands.

Chora – Although you may begin your day partying it up at Far Out Beach Club, you will most certainly finish it in the main town of Chora. This is where you are guaranteed to find some of the best nightlife in Greece.

Every night around midnight, once partygoers wake up from their little siestas after the all the shenanigans of Far Out Beach Club, the momentum then shifts up here where you find yourself simply adrift in the unrelenting Ios nightlife.

Prepare for some serious “Vamp Life.”  Often times you won’t even step foot out the club until the sun is up.

Best Events


Swedish Midsummer – Swedish Midsummer has no room for a hangover. When you attend this event, you’ll be up and drinking alcohol for breakfast early in the morning to prepare you for a full day of nothing but partying.

 Aussie Day – Not to be confused with the actual Australia Day, Aussie Day is Ios occurs on the 26th of July every year. The island is literally overrun with Aussies, so you can imagine how this day in particular might get a bit out of hand.

Wet T-Shirt Contest – In my professional opinion, this is an event more for the guys, but either way it is an event you wont want to miss.

Prepare yourself for the unexpected.

Where Is Ios?

Ios resides in the Aegean Sea in the group of islands known as the Cyclades.

It is located very close to Santorini and Mykonos, so close in fact that you can actually see Santorini from the Ios viewpoint.

How To Get There?

Unfortunately Ios does not have an airport, so the only way to reach the island is by ferry.

Ferries leave from two different ports in Athens called Piraeus and Rafina.  It can take anywhere between 3 to 7 hours to reach Ios depending on what ferry you choose.

Another option would be to fly into Mykonos or Santorini and then just catch a ferry from there.  Ferry times from Mykonos take around 2 hours and ferry times from Santorini take around 45 minutes.

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Where To Stay?

You can either stay near Chora or down by the beach.

I recommend staying in Chora, because after a full-on day of partying the last thing you will want to do is trek back down to the beach.

Pro Tip

The trek back down the mountain from Chora to the beach is around a 30-minute walk, however there are buses available throughout the night.

This is something I could not be bothered with so I always choose accommodation close to Chora, but the choice is yours.

I recommend staying at either Hermes or Far Out Beach Camping depending on where you’d rather stay.

Hermes Hotel

Click Here For Prices

  • Moderately affordable, stunning cliff side view and chilled out pool area.
  • Hermes Hotel is about a 10-minute walk from town and a 20-minute walk to the beach, so if you’re feeling indecisive this is a good option for you.


Far Out Beach Camping

Click Here For Prices

  • Insanely affordable, located directly on Mylotopas Beach, and drunken stumble away from all the action.
  • When you stay at Far Out Beach Camping the party is literally in your front yard!

Click Here To Watch The Official Ios Party Movie!


mykonos party guide thumbnails

Of all the party islands in Greece, Mykonos is truly a force to be reckoned with.  Summers spent in Mykonos fleetingly turn into one big blur with the ‘7 days a week every day is a Friday’ party mentality.

Similar to Ibiza, this world-renowned party island entices individuals from around the globe eager to experience its flawless concoction of legendary nightlife, scandalous adventures, and infectious vibes.

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Where To Party

Paradise Beach – Beach parties dominate this island both day and night, so plan on spending a majority of your time here at Paradise Beach.

Paradise Beach has it all with a seamless mix of relaxing beachside bars, delightfully delicious Greek restaurants and a jaw-dropping nightlife that doesn’t end till the sun comes up.

Skandinavian Bar – One of the few reasons to momentarily deviate from Paradise Beach, is to visit the booming nightlife found in Mykonos Chora.

Brimming with an assortment of bars and clubs to choose from, Skandinavian Bar leads the nightlife scene and promises nothing short of a wild time.

Cavo Paradiso – Located just up the hill past Paradise Beach lies the famous Cavo Paradiso.  Touting a remarkable cliffside view of the Mykonos shoreline along with headlining the biggest names in the EDM music scene, Cavo Paradiso is a party venue you won’t want to miss.

Click Here To Check Out Our Full Mykonos Nightlife Guide

Where Is Mykonos?

Mykonos is the most popular among the group of islands called the Cyclades, located near Ios and Santorini.

How To Get There?

You can reach Mykonos by either ferry or plane. Flights from Athens are often very cheap and take around 30 minutes.

It is also common to find affordable international flights to Mykonos from various cities throughout Europe.

Just check Skyscanner to find the best priced flight.

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If you are not in a rush or flights are too expensive, taking a ferry is an excellent option, especially when island hopping around Greece.

There are daily ferries to Mykonos from the two Athens ports of Piraeus and Rafina.  Piraeus is closer to the city center, while on the other hand Rafina is closer to the airport.  Travel times for the ferries usually last between 3 to 5 hours.

The Greek ferries are quite nice and offer an excellent way to catch up on some much needed sleep.

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Where To Stay?

Backpacking Europe can get quite expensive and unfortunately all this lavish partying on Mykonos comes with a price.

If you are a budget backpacker like us then I highly recommend you stay at either Paradise Beach Camping or Paraga Beach Hostel.

Paradise Beach Camping

  • Offers an unbeatable location, private rooms, and most importantly affordable prices.
  • Paradise Beach Camping will have you only a few steps away from the party.

Click Here To See Prices

Paraga Beach Hostel

  • Offers a friendly backpacker community, picturesque pool area and affordable prices.
  • Paraga Beach Hostel is located just 10-minutes outside of Paradise Beach, however thanks to its kind and friendly backpacker vibes, this is my preferred accommodation choice, especially when traveling alone.

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Not many people see Corfu as a party island, and that’s because all the wild and crazy parties are tucked away in this one little very pink party hub, called The Pink Palace Hostel.

Although this may be one of Greece’s best kept secrets, nothing is kept secret when you’re surrounded by other crazy travelers like yourself in this real-life fantasy where rules just don’t exist.

If you prefer to go to the clubs and bars for a good time, Corfu also has a not-so-quaint village called Kavos, that can fulfil your every party desire.

Corfu is one of our favorite Greek Islands to go and party Wild & Away style.


Where To Party

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The Pink Palace – The Pink Palace is a wild backpackers dream come true. With endless shots of ouzo, out of control parties every night, followed by some skinny dipping under the stars, you can’t really have a bad time here.

By the way, don’t expect anything low key on the booze cruise, especially once the body shots and whipped cream come out to play.

This place alone single-handedly turns this island into one of the best party places in Greece

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Kavos – Located one hour away from The Pink Palace, Kavos is a little party village where all things to do with partying are welcomed with open arms.

If you’re looking for a change of scenery and prefer to party at bars and clubs, check out Kavos while you’re in Corfu.

Where Is Corfu?

Corfu is the second largest Ionian Island, closely located near Kefalonia and Zakynthos.

How To Get There?

You can reach Corfu via plane, which is the quickest way. The plane ride takes only one hour from Athens and tickets are usually not too expensive.

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Another way to get there is by ferry, but it takes longer depending on where you’re coming from.  Although I much prefer the flight for the sake of simplicity in this particular scenario, ferry options are available from the neighboring islands of Zakynthos and Kefalonia as well.

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Both the Airport and the Ferry Port is located on the East coast of the Island, about 30-minutes away from The Pink Palace Hostel, and one hour away from Kavos.

Pro Tip
The Greeks don’t actually refer to Corfu as Corfu. They call it ‘Kerkyra’ so if you are confused as to why you’re seeing signs for Kerkyra instead of Corfu, that’s why.

Where To Stay?

Pink Palace Hostel

  • We probably don’t need to explain ourselves for this one.

Click Here To See Prices

Roussos Studios, Kavos

  • This is the perfect place to stumble back from a drunken night out. It’s located right on the beach, and even has a gorgeous pool where you can spend some time recovering from the night before.

Click Here To See Prices

Are We Missing Something?

Did we forget to mention some important information in our blog “The Greek Party Islands [The Absolute Best Places For Nightlife in Greece!]?

Drop your comments & suggestions below!

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