How To Find The Rumah Pohon Treehouse And Thousand Islands Viewpoint?

How To Find The Rumah Pohon Treehouse And Thousand Islands Viewpoint

I think it’s just about impossible to have Instagram and not have seen an image of the Rumah Pohon Treehouse or Thousand Islands Viewpoint at some point during your scrolling.

As two of the most admired panoramas on Nusa Penida, the dramatically captivating vistas will be a spectacle not soon forgotten.

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What Is Rumah Pohon Treehouse?

Rumah Pohon Treehouse is exactly that; A treehouse airbnb that you can actually reserve as your very own accommodation during your stay on Nusa Penida!

Can you imagine waking up to this view every morning?

Don’t imagine anything too fancy… what you’ll get is literally a room with a bed, but what you’re paying for is the unbeatable view of the sunrise every single morning you’re there.

Also, the bathroom is separate from the treehouse itself and is shared with the rest of the treehouse tenants.

However, be aware…

Thousand Islands Viewpoint is one of the many stunning attractions of Nusa Penida, where lots of tourists come daily to snap that perfect shot of the view.

If you stay here, don’t be alarmed of all the tourists coming past and taking a photo of the treehouse too. Thanks to Instagram, Rumah Pohon Treehouse is now a famous place to get a photo for the ‘gram.

Click on the links below to see prices for Rumah Pohon Treehouse

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Where are Rumah Pohon Treehouse And Thousand Islands Viewpoint Located?

Rumah Pohon Treehouse is located on island of Nusa Penida at the Thousand Islands Viewpoint.

Nusa Penida island is located just 30 minutes by speed boat off the east coast of Bali.

The two attractions are located on the East side of the island about a 45 minute ride away from our (recommended accommodation), Green Beach Inn and about  a 20-minute drive away from the ever so popular Atuh Beach.



If you decide the Rumah Pohon Treehouse is not quite for you then you could always stay at our favorite little Nusa island hotel Green Beach Inn.

Green Beach Inn is a quaint little seaside accommodation offering all the key elements to a wonderfully pleasant stay on Nusa Penida.  The hotel is located around 45 minutes from both the primary sightseeing locations on the island Kelingking Beach and Atuh Beach.  Private shuttles and motorbike rentals can also be organized from the hotel for very affordable rates.

What We Loved

  • Large comfortable bed
  • Hot shower
  • Located just a few minutes outside of town by motorbike.
  • Free daily breakfast that will serve your food according to your preference and schedule.
  • Friendly and helpful staff
  • Excellent WiFi connection from room

What We Didn’t Love

  • By foot restaurants and other stores are a tad bit out of the way.

Check Availability Here For 

How To Get There?

It is about 10-minute walk to get down from the parking lot atop the hill down to the viewpoint and treehouse.  Its a bit of steep climb but, nothing the average individual won’t be able to handle.

If you’re thinking about staying here a couple of nights along with how the hell you’re going to carry your bags all the way down to the treehouse then don’t worry because the friendly workers will gladly assist you with your luggage!

Just be sure not to forget to tip!

How To Get Around Nusa Penida?

Here’s the fun part. Just in case you weren’t aware, Nusa Penida is known as the land of ‘broken roads’, meaning to get around to all the gorgeous attractions isn’t as easy as it usually would be on a different island.

Just to clarify, everywhere is accessible on motorbike but only if you are experienced and confident riding one. The roads can become exceedingly broken and dangerous making it very easy to lose grip and fall off.

If you are an experienced motorbike rider than you have a bit of trouble, but ultimately be just fine.  However if you are a bit new to riding motorbikes, then you might want to see some other options of transportation.

Another option?

Hire a shuttle for around 600-800 IDR for the day, where you will be comfortable in an air-conditioned private van with a driver who will take you to all the places you desire.


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