How To Get From Lima To Huacachina

The Complete Guide

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How To Get From Lima To Huacachina

{The Complete 2019 Guide}

In case you weren’t aware, the little desert oasis known as Huacachina is one of Peru’s most alluring attractions and it’s not hard to see why.

Though at first glance from pictures you might be left scratching your head wondering how the heck does anyone go about reaching an isolated place like this, however, it is actually quite simple.

Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about traveling from Lima to the Huacachina Desert Oasis.

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Where Is Huacachina Oasis?

Huacachina is in fact the only desert oasis found in South America located just 4 hours south of Lima, near the city of Ica.

Lima is the closest located major city with an airport to the town of Huacachina.

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How To Get To Huacachina From Lima?

The best way to reach Huacachina from Lima is to take a public bus.

However, contrary to popular belief, you will not find a direct bus from Lima to Huacachina.

 Instead you must search for buses running from Lima to Ica.

Remember Huacachina is a small desert Oasis that does not even have a bus stop, which requires vistitors to first arrive in Ica.

From the Ica bus station, the town of Huacachina is only a 10-minute taxi cab drive away.

Once you arrive at the Ica bus terminal, there are plenty of taxi cab drivers happily waiting to take you to your final destination of Huacachina.

With that being said, if you are not mindful they will also be more than happy to overcharge you as well.

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The standard rate for the 10-minute taxi to Huacachina should be around 7-10 Soles, however it’s common for some cab drivers to try and take advantage of unsuspecting tourists and charge around 15-20 Soles instead.

They often give excuses like it’s dark, the roads are bad or its out of the way, however don’t let them fool you.

This is a very standard trip for them but, when they see backpackers, they will immediately try to increase the price.

If this happens to you, be prepared to bargain because most of the drivers do not want to lose a potential passenger and will eventually give in and do the ride for a lesser amount.

However, if they do not agree to a lesser price then be prepared to walk away and find another driver…Trust me, there are plenty of them.

Pro Tip

A lot of traveler’s fear that because they are scheduled to arrive in Ica so late at night, there won’t be any cab drivers available to take them to Huacachina, however this is not true.

In fact, there are plenty of taxi cab drivers still available at that hour who will be more than willing to take you.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to attempt to bargain with your cab drivers at any time of day with the fear that if they are particularly stubborn and do say no, there is no one else to take you… becasuse there most certainly is.

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Where To Book Your Bus From Lima To Ica

Booking A Public Bus Online (Book 24 Hours In Advance)

When booking a public bus from Lima to Ica, I strongly recommend using the booking website called

This is where I booked all of my bus trips throughout Peru, and the website really manages to streamline and simplify the booking process.

As long as you book your trip to Ica at least 24 hours in advance, you will have no problem finding a good bus.

With that being said, once on the Busbud website, I recommend traveling with the bus company called Cruz Del Sur.


busbud cruz del sur (Bus From Lima To Ica)

Cruz Del Sur is one of the most highly rated sleeper bus companies for travelers to use when traveling Peru and is typically the first bus to sell out of seats.

The Cruz del Sur Lima route to Ica has buses departing Lima from 12 am until 10pm at night and typically cost between $8 to $20 USD for a one-way trip.

Not to mention some of the seats on these buses recline to a max of 180 degrees making it the perfect way to catch up on some sleep.

The buses depart from the Javier Prado bus station in Lima and it is best to be there around 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.

And in case you are wondering there is a bathroom on the bus along with WiFi, though I wouldn’t count on it.

Buying Your Ticket Directly from The Bus Station

If for some reason you are unable to book your tickets online or would rather purchase your tickets in person then you could always buy your tickets directly from the Javier Prado Bus Station in Lima.

However, keep in mind that purchasing tickets directly from the bus station (last minute) does run some risk of buses being sold out or lack of available time slots.

With that being said, sometimes it is necessary for less popular routes that are not available online, however the bus from Lima to Ica is certainly not one of the those.


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