How To Get To Ditaytayan Island Coron Palawan 

The Ultimate Guide

How To Get To Ditaytayan Island sandbar

How To Get To Ditaytayan Island Coron Palawan

The Ultimate Guide

Let’s just say it doesn’t get much more tropical than Ditaytayan Island. This jaw-dropping island escape is regarded as one of the most beautiful spots in the Philippines and the very epitome of a beach paradise.

The distinctive Ditaytayan island sandbar that extends out several hundred meters into the sparkling turquoise blue waters is truly a sight to behold. However, despite this island’s undeniable beauty it is not as simple to get to when compared to other famous Coron attractions like Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon. 

With that being said, this detailed Ditaytayan Island blog will guide you through everything you need to know when planning a visit to a tropical paradise.

How To Get To Ditaytayan Island Coron Palawan

The Ditaytayan Island sandbar beach taken from Dji Mavic 2.


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Quick Facts About Ditaytayan Island Coron Palawan

  • For anyone looking to escape the other crowded attractions of Coron Palawan, Ditaytayan Island is a perfect choice. Located a bit further away from Coron Town, Ditaytayan Island is nowhere near as crowded as places like Kayangan Lake and Twin Lagoon.
  • Pretty much a deserted island, make sure you bring everything you need for the day during your visit to Ditaytayan Island.
  • Though it requires a bit of a further trek, Ditaytayan Beach is one of my favorite beaches in all of Coron Palawan.



Where Is Ditaytayan Island Coron Palawan?

Ditaytayan is a part of the Calamian Islands located off the southwestern coast of Culion Island.  Situated around 1.5 hours southwest by boat from Coron Town, a visit to Ditaytayan Island offers an excellent day trip from the popular tourist area of Coron Island.

Where Is Ditaytayan Island sandbar

Find Ditaytayan Island Coron Palawan Here

How Do You Get To Ditaytayan Island Coron Palawan?

Despite being located closer to Culion Island, Coron is still the better option to reach Ditaytayan Island from. Especially considering how much easier it is to reach Coron vs Culion Island.

Not to mention Coron is much more accessible from pretty much anywhere in the Philippines with daily flights operating out of Manila and Cebu.   


Ditaytayan Island Public Boat Tour

 For around 1400 -1800 pesos (approximately $27 – $35 USD), you can book a public Culion Islands boat tour from any booking agency in Coron Town.

However, a Culion Islands boat tour (usually referred to as Tour C or The Islands Escapade Tour) only typically includes a visit to Bulog Dos Island, Banana Island and finally Malcapuya Island before returning back to Coron. 

Therefore, you will have to double-check with the booking agency to see if any public Culion Island boat tours include Ditaytayan Island in their itinerary. 


Although I am not sure if there are any Ditaytayan Island public boat tours, the above-mentioned islands in Tour C are located within a 15-minute boat ride from Ditaytayan, so theoretically there might be one that also includes it. However, if not a private boat is another option. 

How To Get To Ditaytayan Island Coron Palawan

Ditaytayan Island Private Boat Tour 

When we visited Ditaytayan Island, my group and I had arranged a private boat tour from Coron Town that included Waling Waling Beach, Bulog Dos Island, Coco Beach, Banana Island, Malcapuya Island and last but not least Ditaytayan Island.

For a group of 5 people we were able to book the private Ditaytayan Island tour for about 2200 pesos per person.  Though it is a bit more expensive than the Coron public boat tour C, we were able to add in a couple other spots like Waling Waling Beach and Ditaytayan Island that were not included in the original Culion Islands public tour itinerary. 

Another benefit of booking a private boat tour is that the boat crew cooks for you during the journey.  In addition, unlike the Coron public boat tours, the private tours actually allow you to go food shopping from the local market before you board the boat so this way you can handpick your lunch which is a very unique experience.   

Best Time To Visit Ditaytayan Island

The Ditaytayan Island sandbar was the fourth stop out of five on our private boat tour at which we arrived around 2 pm.  Despite the fact that there were several other tourist boats at Ditaytayan beach around the same time we were there, it was not enough people to make you feel like the beach was too crowded.

There was still more than enough space to walk around and do your own thing without feeling like all the tourists are just piled up on the Ditaytayan sandbar.  However, with that being said, it’s quite difficult to say what is the best time to visit Ditaytayan beach throughout the day considering that most trips that come here are private tours that don’t have a set schedule to arrive.

With that being said, Ditaytayan Island and the Calamian Islands in general are not very touristy destinations in Coron and still relatively unknown. Which means, regardless of what time you decide to visit, there shouldn’t be too many other tourists there at the same time.  

How To Get To Ditaytayan Island Coron Palawan 

 Ditaytayan Island Entrance Fee? 

The Ditaytayan Island entrance fee is 200 pesos per person (approximately $4 USD per person).  This fee is typically paid up front when you initially book the boat tour.  

Frequently Asked Questions?

How Long Should I Spend On Ditaytayan Island?

Well considering the only attraction on the entire island is the Ditaytayan sandbar beach, you won’t need much time here at all. I recommend around an hour or so is enough to soak up all its beauty.

What To Do On Ditaytayan Island?

Despite Ditaytayan being one of the larger Calamian Islands, the only real thing to do here is to visit the Ditaytayan Island sandbar where most people just relax and cool off in the water or take photos for an hour or so before they eventually leave. 

What About Ditaytayan Island Accommodation?

Ditaytayan Island is very remote and lacks literally any modern convenience or amenity. Although its remoteness is partially what makes this island so amazing to visit, don’t come here expecting to spend the night unless you came prepared with your own tent ready to stay on a deserted island.  Which now that I am writing this, actually does sound pretty cool. 

With that being said, the nearby Malcapuya island does offer some lodging options (literally a shack on the beach with zero electricity). 

Not to forget the 5-star Two Seasons Resort located on the nearby island of Bulalacao next to Bulog Dos Island. However, this place starts at around $400 USD per night. 


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