How To Get To Navagio Beach?

The Most Beautiful Beach In The World

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How To Get To Navagio Beach?

The Most Beautiful Beach In The World

On the north west coast of Zakynthos Island (aka Zante), you will discover the most spectacular beach in all of Greece. Navagio (aka Shipwreck Beach) is the most photographed scene in all of Greece, and truly epitomizes the beauty of this dreamlike country.

Shipwreck Beach is paradise on earth with its turquoise waters, beautiful coastal vistas, and is even home to an actual shipwreck hence the name Shipwreck Beach.

Among the many nicknames given to Navagio, the name “Smugglers Cove” was earned thanks to the smuggler ship that lost engine power in 1981 and crashed ashore.

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how to get to navagio beach

How Much Does It Cost?

The boat tours including Navagio Beach, The Blue Caves, and other swim spots in route range between 25 – 40 euros.

Don’t forget to haggle, as they are very flexible with prices especially when you have a group.

How To Get To Navagio Beach Shipwreck By Boat?

The exposed cove of Navagio can only be reached by boat.

Scheduling your visit can be done through a wide range of boat trips easily booked through the local tour agencies on Zakynthos island.

How To Get To Navagio Beach Shipwreck By Car?

The best way to view Navagio Beach is from atop the vertical limestone cliffs, that offer unparalleled views of the famous shipwreck as the sunshine glistens across a vista of sapphire and turquoise.

We recommend renting a car to get to the viewing area.  There is also free parking available.

Instagram Photo | @sonjq

Other transportation options include a quad bike or one of the local tours.

Once you reach the viewing platform, you will notice a little trail to your right that leads along the cliff.

If you follow this trail which takes about 10 – 15 minutes to walk, it will lead you to the best picture taking spots of Navagio Beach.

When Should You Visit?

The lofty title as the most photographed beach in Greece is nice and all, but with a reputation like this, expect thousands of other eager tourists to be joining you on your beach day at Shipwreck.

The beach can get quite crowed especially with all of the constant boats dropping off and picking up passengers.  This definitely has the potential to ruin a good photo shoot capturing the raw natural beauty of the Navagio cove.

Prime time here is from 10 a.m until 2 p.m.  In order to best avoid the crowds, be sure to visit early in the morning or delay your visit until after 3 p.m when most of the tours have already completed their trips for the day.

Surprisingly enough, the views from the cliffs above the beach don’t get nearly as crowded as the cove below, so no need to the fear of swarming hordes of tourists.

Furthermore, the sunset here is absolutely spectacular when observing from the cliff side viewpoints looming above the famous shipwreck. So you might prefer to take this trip a bit later in the day if you’re interested in seeing one of the best sunsets Greece has to offer.

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Pro Tip

– Be aware that the roads in Greece are not well lit so if you do decide to stay for sunset, the drive back can be quite dark and cold, especially if you took the quads.

– There are jellyfish at the blue cave so beware when snorkeling.

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