9 Insanely Cheap Tropical Island Adventures That Will Blow Your Mind!

tropical island

Do you ever scroll through your Instagram feed only to stop at those mind-blowing images of mysterious oasis-like destinations that seem like something out of make-believe? Seriously, you can almost feel the serenity of these places pulsating through the screen of your phone.

You’re wondering where, what, and how these lucky individuals can afford to be traveling to such surreal destinations, that you never even knew existed. For most of us, the only thing stronger than the desire to explore such tropical island destinations is the worry about the chunk it would leave missing out of your bank account.

tropical island

However, you don’t need to break the bank holidaying in the Caribbean just to cure that stubborn wanderlust within you.

Believe it or not, a majority of these tropical island getaways are not just financially within your means, but are so affordable, you’ll actually be living like a king while you’re there. Southeast Asia is crawling with insanely low-cost, vibrant tropical islands that are comparable to nowhere else in the world.

You haven’t truly lived until you’ve experienced the lush greenery of Vietnam, colossal sights of The Philippines, and the captivating parties of Thailand.  Southeast Asia has some of the most divergent tropical destinations that you could possibly imagine.

Bali Indonesia

tropical island

The tropical island of Bali is a broke backpackers paradise, that offers an impeccable mix of outlandish parties, jaw–dropping scenery and unforgettable adventures all for the low price of “CHEAP AF!”

Seriously though, at least 53.5% of the photos in your Instafeed are probably from this tropical paradise!

Scenery 10/10
Excursions 10/10
Food 8/10
Price 8/10
Day Drinking 7/10
Nightlife 10/10
Vibes 10/10

If you’re looking for a holiday that is a pure adrenaline rush from beginning to end, filled with life changing experiences than get you’re a** to Bali!”

Can't Miss

Nusa Islands

These are a tropical trio of islands located about 30 minutes off the coast of Bali, offering breathtaking views for miles to come.

Gili T

With powdery white sandy beaches and crystal clear blue water, this is every tropical island lovers oasis!


Surrounded by miles of greenery and tranquility, Ubud’s serene atmosphere is just what you need on your tropical island getaway.

Komodo Island

An island full of Komodo dragons… need I say more?

tropical island

Koh Phi Phi | Thailand

tropical island
The Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint

Largely commercialized after the release of the backpacker classic “The Beach”, Koh Phi Phi is the very essence of everything you could desire out of a tropical island adventure!

Gorgeous tropical beaches, breathtaking panoramic views, and an overly welcoming backpacker community continues to seduce thousands of travelers yearly, from all around the globe!

The friendly people you meet and magical moments you will all share on this tropical island paradise will form an everlasting bond, making your departure overwhelmingly difficult.

Scenery 10/10
Excursions 10/10
Food 8/10
Price 8/10
Day Drinking 7/10
Nightlife 10/10
Vibes 10/10
Koh Phi Phi Thailand Backpackers Party Guide

A quick visit to Koh Phi Phi is likely to last longer than you had initially intended!”

Can't Miss

Maya Bay

Koh Phi Phi has been built up based on the cult following of The Beach, so the primary adventures on the island revolve around this.

Monkey Beach

A beach full of cute little monkeys… count me in!

Pro Tip
Monkeys will bite you if provoked.

View Point

The breathtaking sunset view of Koh Phi Phi’s double sided beach is definitely worth the hike.

Ibiza Pool Party

Who doesn’t love a good pool party? Hosted every Sunday and Wednesday, this is the most anticipated party event on the island so be sure not to miss this one!

Koh Phangan | Thailand

The “Full Moon Party” has long been the source of Thailand’s world renowned reputation as a hedonistic playground!

Although Koh Phangan is branded by many travelers as the notorious party island of Thailand, this tropical island paradise has much more to offer than just it’s boisterous nightlife shenanigans.

Venture out from Haad Rin and find mountainous landscapes offering seemingly endless panoramic views of  the island along with those pristine white sand beaches you’ve been so desperately searching for.

Scenery 10/10
Excursions 10/10
Food 8/10
Price 8/10
Day Drinking 7/10
Nightlife 10/10
Vibes 10/10
Koh Phangan Thailand Backpackers Party Guide

Just take a motorbike out and explore the more pleasant side of the island for the day.  Who knows what wonders you may discover on this tropical island paradise along the way.”

Can't Miss

Full Moon Party

Chances are this is the very reason you are even on this island so be sure to make the most of it!

Slip N’ Fly

One of the coolest surprises of the island!  An Olympic Ski jump style slide that sends daredevils launching into the into the air, all while praying you don’t belly flop in front of the crowd of spectators eagerly waiting for that next painful splash.


The most chilled out restaurant on the island set atop one of Koh Phangan’s premier viewpoints.  You won’t want to miss this!

Garden of Eden

A hippie oasis… one can only imagine the goodies that await!

Halong Bay | Vietnam

tropical island

Knowing that Halong Bay was the filming location for the latest King Kong movie was enough for us to pack our bags and head straight for this array of tropical islands in Vietnam.

Halong Bay is ample with limestone rock formations in every direction as far as the eye can see. It’s truly one of the most unique places in the world. You’d be foolish to miss it!

Pro Tip
Do the Castaways Boat Party! You’re Welcome.

Can't Miss

Cat Ba Island

This is the backpackers hub of Halong Bay, copious with excursions, nightlife and beaches. And before you ask, no there are no cats on Cat Ba Island.

Monkey Island

As the name depicts, there are indeed monkeys living on this island! And they’re not afraid to bite if you get too close! Don’t let this discourage you. If you’re simply laying on this tropical island minding your own business, they won’t even notice you!

tropical island

Boracay | Philippines

tropical island

Well everyone knows about Boracay! The most visited island in the Philippines is the perfect tropical island getaway for those who want to relax by the beach, eat good food, and get their hair braided while getting a foot massage!

What makes Boracay stand out from the rest, is their annual Labor Day weekend ‘La Boracay Festival’, which is almost a knock-off version of Thailand’s Full Moon Party which gets unambiguously wild.

With cheap resort-style accommodation, backpackers, boat parties and chaotic nightlife, you will do no wrong going to Boracay.

Scenery 7/10
Excursions 7/10
Food 10/10
Price 7/10
Day Drinking 8/10
Nightlife 9/10
Vibes 10/10
The Ultimate Boracay Philippines Backpackers Party Guide

Can't Miss

White Beach

There’s no shortage of palm trees on this beach. It’s the main beach in Boracay, it’s always busy and full of life with restaurants on the sand, other travelers, and eager Filipinos ready to braid your hair.

Frendz Hostel

Hands down the best backpackers party hostel on the island!

tropical island

Phuket | Thailand

tropical island

Phuket is probably the most popular of all the tropical island holidays in Southeast Asia, famous for it’s powdery white beaches, looming palm trees, and energetic city vibes.

As the most modernized tropical island on this list, Phuket, much like it’s western counterpart Koh Samui offers a diverse selection of traveling accommodations for both budget and luxury travelers.

If in search for nightlife, Phuket’s central party area Bangla Road along Patong Beach is famous for its lively and exceptionally debauched atmosphere, however it is not everyone’s cup tea as some travelers can find it too sleazy and rather distasteful.

Basically there’s a f**k ton of lady boy’s and prostitutes.

However if this sounds like too much for you don’t cancel your plans just yet, as the northern part of the island has a myriad of eye-catching beaches adequately fit for your tropic adventure.

Also if you’re still in search of a good party, just hop on a quick boat over to Koh Phi Phi.  You won’t be disappointed!

Scenery 5/10
Excursions 10/10
Food 7/10
Price 8/10
Day Drinking 4/10
Nightlife 5/10
Vibes 2/10
Patong Phuket Backpackers Party Guide

Can't Miss

James Bond Island

First appearing in the James Bond Film “The Man With The Golden Gun”,  James Bond island has been a huge tourist attraction ever since.

Phang Nga Bay

Take a cruise through this mystical maze of limestone islands that will have you snapping photos left and right until your camera dies!

Phuket Viewpoints (around 10 in total)

There is no better way to witness the beauty of Phuket… unless of course you have a personal helicopter.

Coron | Philippines

tropical island

This hidden gem tucked away in the stunning region of Palawan, Philippines has been kept a secret for many years, only recently coming to surface for all those travelers itching to see something wonderful and new (so… all of us).

If you Google ‘Coron’, you’ll most likely see a picture of Kayangan Lake, only one of the many jaw-dropping sights of Coron. If you ask someone to pinch you, it won’t work. This is not a dream! This place actually exists!

Warning: Coron may literally blow your mind.

One of the best parts about Coron is that it isn’t completely overrun by tourists yet. It’s one of the only places left in the world where you won’t find a single selfie stick.

All jokes aside, my best advice is to visit Coron before the serenity gets ruined by the sound of drones flying in the air.

Scenery 10/10
Excursions 8/10
Food 5/10
Price 8/10
Day Drinking 1/10
Nightlife 2/10
Vibes 5/10
where to stay in coron thumbnail

Can't Miss

Kayangan Lake

Seriously one of the best places you will ever see. It’ll leave you wondering how the eff the world can create something so beautiful, when it can also create something so ugly (like Trump).

Twin Lagoon

If you don’t know how to swim, you better learn! Twin Lagoon is disguised by huge limestone rock formations and can only be accessed by swimming through a small cave, where on the other side you will be exposed to one of the world’s most stunning lakes.

Banul Beach

I mean hey, if you want to see the most flawless beach in the world, then get yourself to Banul Beach.

Skeleton Wreck

An old Japanese Shipwreck that’s been commandeered by thousands of different species of fish who now rightfully occupy this part of the ocean!

Koh Samui | Thailand

tropical island

Thailand’s second largest island has a multinational mixture of both budget backpackers enjoying month long adventures, to prosperous big ballers looking for a lavish weekend retreat.

Koh Samui is an extremely versatile island offering a little something for everyone.  No matter what you’re visiting this captivating tropical island for, Koh Samui is more than happy to accommodate to your every desire.

Scenery 9/10
Excursions 8/10
Food 8/10
Price 8/10
Day Drinking 6/10
Nightlife 8/10
Vibes 8/10
Koh Samui

Can't Miss

Chaweng Beach

Fortunately Koh Samui’s most dynamic city is conveniently located on the islands most charming beach.

Ark Bar Beach Resort

The epicenter for the best day life on the tropical island of Koh Samui can be found at this vibrant one-stop party destination.

Wat Plai Laem

Be sure not to miss one the islands most compelling attractions, the stunning 18-arm statue of Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy and Compassion.

tropical island

El Nido | Philippines

tropical island

Are there any negatives to this place? That was a rhetorical question. We can only say good things about El Nido because it’s a backpacker’s haven, hook, line and sinker.

The streets are sprinkled with harmonious backpackers and the beaches are bountiful with palm trees and powdery white sand. Need we say more?

If you pass up the opportunity to go to El Nido, you’re delusional. Seriously, this place is full of incredible sights, impeccable beaches and there’s even decent nightlife and boat parties for those who like to party (like we do!)

Pro Tip
Don’t forget to look up at the sky full of stars when hopping in between the beach bars!

Scenery 10/10
Excursions 10/10
Food 7/10
Price 8/10
Day Drinking 3/10
Nightlife 7/10
Vibes 9/10

Can't Miss

Small Lagoon

Kayak through this glorious turquoise lake that’s situated smack-bang in the middle of the ocean, where all you will hear are your own echoes bouncing off the limestone walls.

Big Lagoon

Basically a canal portal that opens up to be a big blue lagoon so you can feel like a mermaid for the day!

7 Commandos Beach

If you wished you were on that plane that crashed in Castaway, only so you could be on a glorious, secluded beach (we’re guilty too), then good news! You can take a non life-threating boat to 7 Commandos Beach for a few hours to experience the tropical island life!

Pro Tip
Just don’t miss the boat back to El Nido otherwise you may also be castaway for a while.

Snake Island

Have you ever seen a sandbar in the shape of a snake? No? Go to Snake Island!

So there you have it!

Our 9 insanely cheap tropical island adventures that you can visit to cure your wanderlust even when you are strapped for cash. The only negative about these gorgeous destinations is that they will leave you wanting to go back again and again!

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