The Ultimate Ios Greece Backpackers Party Guide

"When the time comes for you to set sail on the rest of your journey, you will have made friendships that last a lifetime and memories that you will treasure forever."

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Ios is one of the most unique places we have ever had opportunity of traveling to.

The island thrives on a wild party atmosphere, similar to spring break parties except Ios takes day drinking to the next level.

It is then followed by an even crazier nightlife that doesn’t begin to turn down until the crack of dawn.  One bar in particular, Sweet Irish Dream doesn’t even open their doors until 3 in the morning!

However, as crazy as this may sound, the partying is not what will impress you the most about Ios.

We can only describe this place as magical in the sense that everybody that comes here, absolutely falls in love with it.

We have yet to meet a single person who has had anything negative to say about Ios.

When the time comes for you to set sail on the rest of your journey, you will have made friendships that last a lifetime and memories that you will treasure forever.



Minimum Stay: 5 days

Best to Visit: June – August

Getting Around: Walking and Quads

Where To Stay: Chora

Wild & Away Factor

Scenery 8/10
Excursions 6/10
Food 6/10
Price 10/10
Day Drinking 10/10
Nightlife 10/10
Vibes 10/10

There are a number of reliable accommodations to choose from on Ios. Chora is the main town and probably a better location as it is central to all the late night bars and clubs. Catching a return bus or taxi to Mylopotas Beach, the main beach during the daytime is easier than trying to find a taxi or hike back to your accommodation on the beach at night.

Far Out Beach Club Camping 

Mylopotas Beach, Ios 840 01, Greece

“Offering a superb social atmosphere, delicious food and the wildest parties in all of Ios, Far Out Beach Club Camping has all of your entertainment needs on lock.”

  • – Very Affordable
  • – The biggest pool parties on the island are located here.
  • – Mylopotas Beach (The main beach of Ios) is directly across the street.
  • – A variety of shops and affordable restaurants are within walking distance.
  • – The camping shacks tend to get humid, depending on the weather.
  • – No personal showers and you must walk on the sand in order to access the restrooms. Standard “camping” conditions.
  • – 30 minute hike up the mountain to reach Chora.  Not particularly fun when you’re drunk.

Hermes Hotel 

Ios 840 01, Greece

“The feeling you get when sipping on a mojito while gazing the poolside view is an unbeatable and total euphoria.”

  • – Affordable
  • – Pool – Not as big as Far Out Beach Club but a cool meeting point that serves the purpose of chilling with your friends for some day drinking.
  • – 10 minute walk from Chora. 20 minute hike from Mylopotas Beach.  So it’s kind of in the middle.
  • – Amazing view overlooking the island.
  • – Not as cheap as other accommodations like Far Out Beach Club and other hostels on the island.
  • – There are a few other hotel options that are even closer to Chora.


Far Out Beach Club

Far Out Beach Club hosts several different party events like Swedish Midsummer and the Canada Day parties, just to name a few. They even host the most epic wet t-shirt contests Wild and Away have ever seen, even compared to the infamous Spring Break competitions.



All of the nightlife happens in Chora, and this is the reason we strongly recommend getting accommodation in this area.

Lost Boys

It’s almost ritualistic to begin the night at Lost Boys for some epic beer pong and flip cup games that really get you amped for everything else that is to come.

Sweet Irish Dream

If you’re still standing by the time the clock strikes 3, then pat yourself on the back and head over to Sweet Irish Dream, where the club doesn’t finish until about 7 in the morning.

At Sweet Irish Dream be prepared to party like the night just got started!  Oh yeah, and make sure to be on the lookout for the club’s favorite stripping song. Yeah…you read it correctly the first time.

Mylopotas Beach

Ios is known for its chilled out and relaxed environment. There’s not much to do here but lay back, chillax and turn into the true definition of a “beach bum.”

Harmony Bar

Much more than your typical restaurant.  They offer live music, a very chilled out environment and have sangria drink specials to get that pre-game vibe started right.

Rent Quads

If you are feeling particularly adventurous, there are quad rentals to go explore some of the more secluded spots of the island offering some nice cliff jumping for the more daring traveler.

Transportation To And From Ios


Travelling by ferry is the only way to travel to Ios. Travel time from Athens is 4 hours on the fast ferry and 8 hours on the normal ferry, however you can take a ferry to Ios from most major Greek Islands like Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros, Milos, Crete, and more.

Pro Tip
Be sure to take the fast ferry instead of the normal ferry to cut a few hours off your travel time!


There is no airport in Ios, so taking a plane is not an option!  However you can easily fly into any of the islands mentioned above to easily catch a ferry.

Budget Tips
  1. Book ahead of time if you’re travelling in July because prices will skyrocket.
  2. Drinks aren’t that cheap, so pregame before you go out to save a few euros.
  3. Water ranges from 50-80 euro cents in Greece.
  1. Party for a whole week straight!
  2. Become a beach bum at Mylopotas Beach for a day… or two!
  3. Challenge someone to a Strawpedo contest and win!
  4. Make it until 3 am and party like a rock star in the wildest bars on the island.
  5. Go sing and dance to the acoustic tunes being played at Circus Bar.

Are We Missing Something?

Did we miss anything in this article?  Comment below to share your tips and tricks for The Ultimate Ios Greece Backpackers Party Guide.

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