Kayangan Lake Coron Island Boat Tour

The Ultimate Guide

Kayangan Lake Coron Island Boat Tour

Kayangan Lake Coron Island Boat Tour

The Ultimate Guide

Delicately nestled between the looming limestone rock formations and shimmering natural green foliage lies the magnificent Kayangan Lake. Located in the majestic islands of the famous Palawan province in The Philippines, Kayangan Lake will be the centerpiece of your Coron Palawan boat tour adventures.

A visit to Kayangan Lake Coron will not only compliment the beauty discovered on your Philippines adventure but will also set lofty expectations for future travel destinations. However, as the number one attraction in Palawan, Kayangan Lake has become absolutely packed with tourists over the past few years.

With that being said, this detailed Kayangan Lake blog will guide you through everything you need to know when planning your visit as well as how to best avoid the ever-increasing number of tourists.  

Kayangan Lake Coron Island Boat Tour


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About Kayangan Lake Coron Palawan

• Declared as the cleanest lake in Asia, a swim through the translucent waters of Kayangan Lake is an experience that can only be described as enchanting. A simple snorkel offers unparalleled underwater views of the vibrant marine life and marvelous rock formations.

• Commonly trademarked as “The cleanest lake in the Philippines”, Kayangan Lake is one of the most iconic natural sights of the entire Philippines archipelago. Additionally, the 70/30 mixture of fresh and saltwater, creates the perfect swimming and diving conditions.

• Most of the Kayangan Lake photos that you see on Instagram don’t show the actual Kayangan Lake that is only reached after a 10-minute hike over the surrounding mountains but instead, show the viewpoint of the Coron Island bay where all the boats dock.


Where Is Kayangan Lake Coron Palawan?

Kayangan Lake is located directly on Coron Island within The Philippines cluster of islands of Palawan. The archipelagic province of Palawan is renowned for its assortment of breathtaking panoramas and lagoons that are quickly gaining attention from around the world.

However, in order to clear up a common misconception, the island that most people refer to as Coron is actually Busuanga Island, and Coron Town is just an area located on Busuanga Island. Busuanga Island and Coron Island are located very close to each other which is why Coron Town is the best place to seek accommodation for anyone interested in visiting Kayangan Lake.

Kayangan Lake Coron Island map

How To Get To Kayangan Lake Coron Island?

Kayangan Lake, which is located on Coron Island is only accessible by boat. You have the choice of either taking a public boat or a private boat from Coron Town in order to reach Kayangan Lake and the surrounding attractions like Twin Lagoon and Barracuda Lake.

Public Kayangan Lake Coron Island Boat Tour

As the top attraction in not just Coron but all of Palawan, Kayangan Lake is always featured on most public Coron Island boat tours.  Most Coron Island boat tours cost around 1300 – 1700 PHP (which is approximately 25-34 USD) depending on the other stops included on the tour. The public tour includes 10-15 other tourists as well as a classic Filipino buffet-style lunch.  

Though every tour company is different, Kayangan Lake is included in the Coron Island hopping package also referred to as Tour A, which commonly includes Twin Lagoon, Skeleton Shipwreck, Coral Garden and CYC Beach.

Despite the blatantly affordable price, I don’t recommend the public Kayangan Lake Coron Island Boat Tour A as the best option.  Choosing the public boat tour will take you to Kayangan Lake when the majority of the other tourist boats will also be arriving. Trust me, Kayangan Lake is not a destination you want to be at during peak hours. 

Unless of course, you plan on swimming in a lake full of other tourists, waiting in a long line for the best Kayangan Lake viewpoint and constant photobombs in every picture you take.

Kayangan Lake Coron Island Boat Tour

Private Kayangan Lake Coron Island Boat Tour

If you prefer to explore the beauty of Kayangan Lake and the other attractions of Coron Island at your own leisure outside of peak tourist hours, then I suggest you organize a private boat instead.

When we visited Barracuda Lake, my group and I had arranged a private boat tour from Coron Town that included Barracuda Lake, Twin Lagoon, Banul Beach, Skeleton Shipwreck, CYC Beach, Atwayan Beach, Green Lagoon and Kayangan Lake.  For all of this, we only paid 1900 PHP per person (approximately $38 USD per person) which included entry to all destinations we visited on this tour.

For the little bit of extra money, organizing a private Kayangan Lake Coron Island boat tour allows for added flexibility in your itinerary allowing you to visit all the best places on Coron Island in one day.

Included in the price, is a 2-3 person boat crew that not only takes you to everywhere you want to go, but even cooks a delicious handpicked seafood feast for you along the tour. Before you board your boat in the morning, your captain will take you to the local market where you will personally choose all the different foods you wish for them to prepare for your lunchtime feast.


Shopping at the local market and handpicking your lunch is one of the coolest experiences we had in Coron. It really allows you to see what life is like in The Philippines through the eyes of a local.

Kayangan Lake Coron Island Boat Tour SWIMWEAR BY: THE WILD SWIM


Coron Island Private Boat Costs

2 – 4 people | 2700 PHP total + entrance fees for each destination

5 – 8 people | 3250 PHP total + entrance fees for each destination

9 – 15 people | 3800 PHP total + entrance fees for each destination


Best Time To Visit Kayangan Lake Coron Palawan? 

The best time to visit Kayangan Lake is somewhere between November to April as this is considered the dry season in the Philippines. Although be aware that the dry season coincides with when the temperatures are at the highest so be prepared for scorching hot weather.

Furthermore, it is best to visit Kayangan Lake early in the morning sometime before 10 am when all the other tourist boats typically begin to arrive. Featured as one of the best things to do in Coron Palawan, arriving at this time will help you avoid the inevitable crowds that come in the afternoon hours.

Additionally, you can make the Kayangan Lake hike to the viewpoint a lot easier by coming at this time. Not only will you be avoiding the scorching hot mid-day temperatures, but you will also be avoiding the long line of tourists waiting to take the iconic Kayangan Lake photo. 

Kayangan Lake Coron Island Boat Tour

How Much Is The Kayangan Lake Entrance Fee?

The Kayangan Lake entrance fee costs 200 pesos per person, however, this is typically paid to your tour company prior to arriving at the lake.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Can You Kayak To Kayangan Lake?

If you’re on a tight budget and feel like getting a good workout in, you can kayak to Kayangan Lake from Coron Town.

Although not to be taken lightly as this is a very exhausting round trip journey, if you are keen for a challenging adventure then this is the perfect activity for you.

It should take 3-5 hours roundtrip depending on how fast you are able to kayak.

Kayaks can be rented for around 1000 PHP per day, however, don’t forget the various entrance fees.

Kayangan Lake Coron Island Boat Tour


Beware kayaking to Kayangan Lake. It’s a pretty strenuous and exhausting ride especially being under the sun that whole time!

And whatever you do, don’t forget to bring Sunblock!

How High Up Is The Kayangan Lake Hike To The Viewpoint? 

The hike is only a 5-minute vertical hike up several flights of wooden and rocky stairs. With that being said, hiking Kayangan Lake is not an option but an actual necessity if you to actually see the lake on the other side of the mountains.

What Are The Best Things To Do In Coron Other Than Kayangan Lake?

Twin Lagoon – This is another popular attraction when visiting Coron, oftentimes leaving visitors utterly enamored at its majestic beauty.

Twin Lagoon is usually packaged along with Kayangan Lake on the Coron Palawan Tour A.

Barracuda Lake – Beautiful scenery and clear deep waters make Barracuda Lake a popular spot for divers and is another exciting stop on any Coron Palawan Tour.

Skeleton Wreck – Loaded with vibrant marine life and some magnificent underwater scenery, this is a must-see destination for anyone who loves snorkeling.

twin lagoon coron palawan

Twin Lagoon, Coron Island


Kayangan Lake vs Barracuda Lake?

Both places are beautiful in their own way so I definitely suggest visiting both places along your Coron Island boat tour.  However, I will say that Kayangan Lake has a bit more to see and do in terms of snorkeling, hiking and photography.

Whereas Barracuda Lake is mostly just for snorkeling and diving.

What Are The Best Hotels To Stay At In Coron Palawan?

Sea Horse Guest House (Budget Option) – This Coron accommodation pairs an exceptional price with an even better location offering budget backpackers just the stay they were looking for. While this is not the best hotel in Coron, it is a nice alternative to the thriftier travelers looking for accommodation in the center of all the action.

Coron Westown Resort (Luxury Option) – Featured as the biggest resort in town, this accommodation has a beautiful swimming pool, outdoor bar and massage area that make for an ideal place to relax and unwind after a busy day sight-seeing around Coron.


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