Koh Nang Yuan Island Thailand

{The Best Koh Tao Viewpoint}

koh nang yuan islandKoh Nang Yuan Island Thailand

The Best Koh Tao Viewpoint

Thailand is practically filled to the brim with iconic tropical destinations scattered far and wide.

Although there may seem to be a never-ending list of Must-See Thailand destinations, The Koh Nang Yuan viewpoint is certainly among its most popular.

Commonly featured as one of the most beautiful places in Thailand, travelers are often left utterly infatuated by the beauty of the Koh Nang Yuan viewpoint.

koh nang yuan beach

Located a bit off track from the typical one week Thailand backpacking route, visiting Koh Nang Yuan Island does present a bit of a logistical problem for backpackers traveling on a shorter time frame.

However, a majority of backpackers make it a mission to get this unforgettable Instagram spot crossed off of their Thailand bucket list.

Additionally, given Koh Nang Yuan Islands small size, a quick day trip to the island is more than enough to satisfy any wanderlust, although the option to stay overnight is available.

Continue reading for everything you need to know about visiting the best Koh Tao viewpoint on Koh Nang Yuan Island.

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koh nang yuan viewpoint

Where Is Koh Nang Yuan Viewpoint?

Widely misperceived as being located on the actual island of Koh Tao, Koh Nang Yuan is in fact, located just off the coast from the island.

Nestled just a 10-minute boat ride from the most popular beach in Koh Tao named Sairee Beach, backpackers can easily organize a boat trip to Koh Nang Yuan from the boat dock.

What Are The Koh Nang Yuan Opening Times?

The island is open from 9:30 a.m to 5 p.m every day of the week.

However, it is possible to be out on the beach earlier if you stay overnight in the Koh Nang Yuan Island Resort.

koh nang yuan viewpoint


How To Reach Koh Nang Yuan Island? 


 Koh Tao To Koh Nang Yuan

Located directly outside of Lotus Bar on Sairee Beach, you will be able to hire a Longtail Boat (Thai water taxi) to bring you to Koh Nang Yuan.

The boat ride should cost you no more than 300 TBT (which is approximately $9 USD) for a return ticket to the island.

Your driver will ask you what time you would like to be picked up from the island.

Typically, 2 hours is enough time for visitors to hike to the viewpoint and lounge on the beach for a bit afterward.

Pro Tip

  • Do be aware that if you are traveling alone, the longtail boat may require you to wait until more passengers arrive.
  • Try and swap contact info with the driver in order to help ensure your return trip back to Koh Tao.
  • Transfer prices are much more expensive in town, therefore, organizing your longtail boat from Lotus Bar will offer you the best price.

koh tao to koh nang yuan

Koh Samui to Koh Nang Yuan Island

If for some reason you don’t have time to visit Koh Tao then an alternative option is to take a high-speed catamaran from Koh Samui to Koh Nang Yuan Island.

The price of the catamaran from Koh Samui should cost anywhere between 2000-2500 TBT (Thai Baht).

Included in the ticket price is the catamaran transfer, snorkel gear, lunch and the entrance fee to Koh Nang Yuan Island.

Although the price is a bit more expensive than if you had left from Koh Tao, for those who really want to get this particular Thailand Instagram Spot ticked off their bucket list, then it is definitely more than worth it.

Bangkok To Koh Nang Yuan Island

If you are traveling from Bangkok to Koh Nang Yuan, you can either fly into Koh Samui International Airport or Chumphon Airport (the closest airport to Koh Tao).


koh nang yuan island

How Much Does It Cost To Visit Koh Nang Yuan Viewpoint? 

Once you arrive at Koh Nang Yuan, visitors are expected to pay an entrance fee of 100 TBT (Thai Baht).

While the entrance price is quite cheap, consider bringing some lunch with you or eating before you arrive because there is only one restaurant on the island and it is way more expensive than the average Thai restaurant.

Best Things To Do On Koh Nang Yuan Island 


Koh Nang Yuan Viewpoint

 Well, this should be an obvious one so no need to go into too much detail here.


Compared to most islands, snorkeling in Koh Nang Yuan is quite exceptional. Aside from the Instagrammable viewpoint, Koh Nang Yuan snorkeling is considered to be some of the best in Thailand.

The shallow reefs around the island are filled with both soft and hard corals that offer excellent shelter for various schools of fish. Vibrantly colored parrotfish and timid angelfish are among the most popular.

Additionally, the water in the bay of Koh Nang Yuan remains calm and clear creating the perfect snorkeling conditions. Snorkel gear can be rented from the Koh Nang Yuan Resort’s Dive Shop.

Relax On Koh Nang Yuan Beach 

Although the view of the beach from above is what really gets most of the attention, relaxing on the beach after the quick but exhausting hike to the top of Koh Nang Yuan viewpoint is an absolute must.

The waters are so calm and refreshing, that a quick dip will bring you back to life after that dehydrating climb.

Koh Nang Yuan Island Zipline

Yes, this actually used to be a thing, however for some reason they have stopped doing the zip line so hopefully, this wasn’t your only reason for wanting to visit.

Top Tips When Visiting Koh Nang Yuan Island


Get To Koh Nang Yuan Island Early

Try to visit early in the morning otherwise suffer the consequences.  Koh Nang Yuan is one of the best things to do in Thailand and the onslaught of tourists will prove that.

koh nang yuan viewpoint

Beware Of Cheap Snorkel Trips To Koh Nang Yuan Island

Some snorkel trips to the island are extremely cheap, (like too good to be true type cheap) but these tours don’t even stop on the island.

They just let you off for a quick snorkel around the island.

Therefore, always be sure to double check the details of your tour to ensure that that particular snorkel trip will actually take you to Koh Nang Yuan.

Bring Sneakers

The hike up to the viewpoint is not too bad, however, once you reach the top you will have wished you brought a pair of sneakers with you.

In order to get the best panoramic view of Koh Nang Yuan Beach from the viewpoint, you will need to climb several boulders.

Let’s just say, doing this barefoot is not advised.

climbing to the top of the nang yuon viewpoint

No Plastic

Koh Nang Yuan has a strict rule about absolutely no plastic on the island.

Therefore, any plastic water bottles will be confiscated and thrown away. Koh Nang Yuan beach serves everything on the island in glass bottles.

Eating And Drinking On The Island

The island only has one resort and consequently one restaurant on the island. Though the prices are more expensive than most other restaurants in Thailand, they are not totally outrageous either.

However, if you are on a tight budget, I recommend eating before you visit Koh Nang Yuan Island as well as bringing some snacks along with you.

No Beach Towels On Koh Nang Yuan Beach…

Visitors are not allowed to lay their beach towels on the beach but are instead required to rent a lounge chair and an umbrella for about 150 TBT.

Although at first, this may turn you off spending a day on the beach, you will be extremely grateful for the shade later.view of koh tao

Bring Sunscreen 

Koh Nang Yuan Island can reach sweltering temperatures and with very little possibilities for shade, sunscreen is an absolute necessity if you don’t want to return home looking like a lobster, and 10 years older.

Mosquito Repellant

Be sure to bring mosquito repellant because trust me when I tell you, for every person on the island there are at least 10 mosquitos.

Was It Worth Visiting The Koh Nang Yuan Viewpoint?


The Koh Nang Yuan viewpoint is every bit amazing in person as it appears through photos.

However, because of its widespread popularity, be prepared to wait in a short line in order to snag that once in a lifetime photo.

There is no denying the island’s beauty, however, an overabundance of pushy tourists can initially put a damper on the way you may initially envision the island.

In saying this, once you get over all the commotion the island is still a wonderful and enjoyable travel experience.koh nang yuon viewpoint


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