Las Cabanas Beach Zipline

The Top El Nido Zipline Guide

Las Cabanas Beach Zipline

Las Cabanas Beach Zipline

The Top El Nido Zipline Guide

If you’re in the mood for something a little more adventurous than getting the perfect tan at the beach, then you might want to give the Las Cabanas Zipline a try.

This 2500 ft zip line sends you soaring through the sky flying high above the turquoise colored ocean to the neighboring Depeldet Island as you are completely surrounded by tropical beauty and filled with nothing less than pure adrenaline.

Although Las Cabanas beach is known for its spectacular golden sunsets, this zipline is pretty much the icing on the cake to an already perfect destination.

Therefore, be sure to continue reading this Las Cabanas Beach blog for everything you need to know about the famous El Nido Zipline. 


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Important Things To Know About The Las Cabanas Zipline

• The Las Cabanas Zipline (aka El Nido Zipline) is widely considered as one of the best things to do in El Nido. Despite the fact that it would most likely fail every safety regulation in the U.S., this El Nido Zipline is a can’t miss surge of adrenaline that will provide you with some of the most unforgettable views of Las Cabanas beach. 

• The Las Cabanas Beach Zipline gives you the option of booking a one way or a round trip ticket. If you book the one-way ticket, you will be able to walk back to Las Cabanas beach across the sandbar that joins the two islands together.

• Las Cabanas beach is arguably the most famous place in El Nido to watch the sunset. Therefore, be sure to finish the El Nido Zipline early enough, so that you can find the perfect spot along the beach for the Las Cabanas sunset. Prepare to be amazed.  


las cabanas beach sunset

Las Cabanas Beach Sunset

Where Is The Las Cabanas Beach Zipline?

The Las Cabanas Zipline is located about 15 minutes south from El Nido Town on Las Cabanas Beach.  With that being said, despite how easy the drive is to the Las Cabanas Zipline, finding the actual entrance can be a bit more confusing.  However, this is only a problem if you drive yourself. 


Las Cabanas Beach Zipline

How To Get To Las Cabanas Beach From El Nido Town?

Traveling to Las Cabanas Beach From El Nido Town is quite simple thanks to how close they are located to each other. In addition, the ride is along a nice paved highway where you will arrive at The Vanilla Beach Shopping Center. 

Tricycle -This is the most common way to reach the Las Cabanas Zipline from El Nido Town. There are tricycle drivers located all over the city who are more than willing to make the drive. Expect to pay around 100 -150 pesos for a tricycle from El Nido Town to the Las Cabanas Beach Zipline.  The tricycle will drop you off outside of the newly built Vanilla Beach Shopping Center which is the entrance to Las Cabanas Beach. This is where you can walk through the shopping center for easy access to the beach. There will be a McDonalds in the front so it shouldn’t be too hard to spot.

Motorbike – Another option to reach Las Cabanas Beach from El Nido town is to simply take your own motorbike. Although it is not financially beneficial to rent the bike for just one day in order to ride to Las Cabanas Beach because taking a tricycle would be cheaper, it is a quite pleasant ride if you’ve already rented one.

Motorbikes can be rented for about 300 -400 pesos (which is approximately $6 – $8 USD) per day and it is possible to haggle for discounted rates if you are renting the motorbike for extended periods of time.

Unlike taking a tricycle, those who drive their own motorbike have the option to ride their bikes up the steep hill where the zipline is located as opposed to walking up. However, beware that the hill is a dirt path that is quite difficult to ride up, especially for new motorbike riders. To be specific, you will need a dirt bike or Motocross bike in order to make it up. Trust me when I say, this cannot be done on a typical scooter.  

You will find the entrance to the dirt road on your first right just past the Vanilla Beach Shopping Center coming from El Nido.  Once you’re on the dirt path just make your first left and continue along until you see the massive hill on your right side.

On the other hand, you always have the option to park your motorbike at the shopping center parking lot instead, if you don’t feel comfortable riding on the dirt road.    

What Hours Is The Las Cabanas Beach Zipline Open? 

The El Nido Zipline is open from 8 am until 5:30 pm.  I suggest arriving around 4:30 pm, so that you can enjoy the thrill of the El Nido Zipline and then after relax and watch the perfect golden Las Cabanas Beach sunset. 

How Much Does The Las Cabanas Beach Zipline Cost?

The Las Cabanas Beach Zipline price changes depending on what package you order.  The packages are as follows:

Sitting Position (One Way) | 500 pesos

Sitting Postion (Roundtrip) | 900 pesos

Superman Position (One Way) | 700 pesos

Superman Position (Roundtrip) | 1100 pesos

Mix Of Both (Roundtrip) | 1000 pesos


Although most people choose the Superman Position because it looks cooler, I actually prefer the sitting position. Not only does it all you to see more as you rotate 360° but, it also allows you to flip upside down which offers a truly unique El Nido Zipline experience.

Las Cabanas Beach Zipline

A blurry image off of an iPhone video recording screenshot of Las Cabanas Zipline


The Las Cabanas Zipline has lines running to and from Depeldet Island. Therefore, you can either book one way or roundtrip tickets.

If you book the one-way tickets you will have to walk down from Delpeldet Island across the sandbar that connects the two beaches and along Las Cabanas Beach in order to reach the main road where the Vanilla Beach Shopping Center is located.  However, the walk is quite scenic so most people just choose to book the one-way ticket. 

Las Cabanas Beach Zipline

Walking back from the one way Las Cabanas Beach Zipline.


Is There Las Cabanas Beach Accommodation?

Yes, there is Las Cabanas Beach accommodation and in fact, there are some really luxurious options as well. I have listed the most popular accommodation options below.

Lexias Hostel – Before we get into the more luxurious Las Cabanas Beach accommodation, let’s look at a more budget-friendly option for the thrifty backpackers out there. Lexias Hostel is probably the only spot on Las Cabanas Beach within most backpacker’s price range. For $20 USD per night, you can enjoy front row seats to the best sunset in El Nido.

Check Prices For Lexias Hostel On Hostelworld.

Maremegmeg Beach Club – Featuring an absolute flawless design, Maremegmeg Beach Club is absolute eye candy in every direction.  With a perfect location set up right along Las Cabanas Beach, as long as you can afford the steep price tag then you are in for a treat.

Check Prices For Maremegmeg Beach Club On Agoda

Las Cabanas Beach Resort – Boasting the best views of the flawless sunset on Las Cabanas Beach, this beach resort is the perfect spot to stay for any beach lover.  Though the rooms are quite minimalistic, Las Cabanas Beach Resort has the perfect location for those travelers who are more interested in exploring the Philippines as opposed to lounging around at a resort all day. 

Check Prices For Las Cabanas Beach Resort On Agoda

Las Cabanas Beach Resort Drone Shot

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Las Cabanas Beach Entrance Fee?

No there is no entrance fee for Las Cabanas beach. You can simply walk back through the shopping center until you reach the beach free of charge.

Is There A Nacpan Beach Zipline As Well?

Unfortunately, there is not a Nacpan zipline yet. However, with all the new renovations happening on Nacpan Beach, this could possibly change sometime in the near future. 

Can You Fly A Drone At The Las Cabanas Beach Zipline?

For the time being yes, drones are permitted despite obvious safety concerns for anyone on the zipline. With that being said, Zipline Adventure Inc (who are the owners of the El Nido Zipline), have their own drown and offer paid drone footage of you as you go down the zipline for 400 pesos. The videos they take are quite amazing so I highly recommend this for anyone that wants video proof that they were brave enough to go down the zipline.

Drone photography of Las Cabanas Beach Zipline

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