Top 7 Reasons You Need To Take A Low Season Thailand Backpacking Adventure

Top 7 Reasons You Need To Take A Low Season Thailand Backpacking Adventure

So, you are wondering whether or not it is ok to backpack through Thailand during the low season? You’re afraid that Thailand’s dramatic change in weather might possibly ruin your entire trip that you’ve worked so hard for.

Thailand’s high season runs from November through April.  However, once May hits the weather immediately begins to change. The amount of rainfall jumps from an average of approximately 60 mm per month during the high season to a whopping 200 mm per month average during the low!

Well don’t panic, I’ve also been in a similar predicament and everything turned out just fine.

At first glance this might seem quite depressing especially if you have already booked your flight without doing the proper research however, don’t go canceling your trip just yet.

In fact, although the low season in Thailand might bring along some unwelcome rain, there are some major travel benefits that come along with it that will help keep you looking on the bright side.

Keep reading to discover our Top 7 Reasons You Need To Take A Low Season Thailand Backpacking Adventure.

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Insanely Low Prices


Location: Koh Phi Phi

Among the many motives to take a low season Thailand backpacking adventure, the insanely affordable prices is probably the biggest.  For those of us who tend travel on a budget, traveling during the low season in Thailand is one of the most gracious things you could do for your bank account.

Whereas the high season brings with it thousands of additional tourists, the low season experiences a shortfall of visitors and consequently discounted accommodation, transportation, tour, souvenir and airline rates.

All of these are all at the lowest prices of the year, making the low season in Thailand one of the most affordable holidays you will find.   It’s not uncommon to see some of Thailand’s most luxurious accommodation being booked for anywhere around 60% off or more.

Searching for lavish yet affordable accommodation becomes a breeze, meaning you don’t have to stay in hostels for the entire duration of your trip.  Although Thailand’s party hostels are loads of fun, everyone needs some quality peace and quiet every now and then.

There’s So Many Less Tourists

If price is the biggest motivator to take a low season Thailand backpacking adventure, then the Armageddon levels of tourists during the high season is definitely a close second.

While everyone and their grandmother is off gallivanting around Europe, Thailand and other Southeast Asia destinations are left begging for attention all summer long!

The summer slump in tourism means more accommodation and tour availability, a less crowded and overall exceptionally pleasant experience and most importantly less photo bombers to have to Photoshop out of all those cherished IG pictures.

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Flexible Booking

During the low season in Thailand, there’s seldom a need to reserve your accommodation in advance (except the Full Moon Party of course), adding much more flexibility to your trip.

Moreover, this allows you to negotiate an already discounted price for your accommodation down to an even lower price more suitable for your budget.


Backpacking through Thailand during the low season also means you get to experience one of the country’s most iconic and historic festivals; Songkran!

Acclaimed as the largest water fight in the world, Songkran marks the start of the Thai New Year and is an event you will not want to miss.

As one of Thailand’s busiest holidays, more than half a million locals and tourists join in on the action. In 2019 the festival will begin on April 13th and last all the way through the 15th.

Smaller Tour Groups

What’s worse than a regular sized tour group?

An overbooked one during the middle of the Thailand high season where you are constantly bombarded by hordes of over enthusiastic tourists in every direction virtually making it impossible to genuinely take in all the breathtaking surroundings and truly enjoy a once in a lifetime moment.

Traveling during the low season allows you to enjoy every breathtaking destination Thailand has to offer with a fraction of the people that would be there during the high season.

Explore Thailand’s most alluring attractions like Maya Bay, Hong Island, Dragon Crest Hike, Khao Sok National Park and countless others without feeling like you are being crammed into a sardine can the entirety of the tour.

Not to mention that you will have the chance to better interact with your tour guide and experience different aspects of the trip that would otherwise be impossible to do with a larger group.

Sometimes if you’re lucky, you and your mates might even be the only ones on the tour!

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The weather is not as bad it looks

thailand tips and advice jungle

Now it’s time to address the elephant in the room, yes, it is going to rain. Despite that fact, it DOES NOT rain the entire time.

You will experience some days where the weather is noticeably worse than others, however, a majority of the downpours will only last around 10-20 minutes leaving you with the rest of the day to go frolic around on the beach in that brand new overpriced bikini.

Seriously though, you will begin to notice dark clouds come rolling in sometime around mid-day, so just be sure to run for cover and find somewhere to hide until it passes.

Once the storm inevitably clears the tours will still be running, the beaches will still be hot, and most importantly the parties will still be just as wild.

Just be sure to plan your days accordingly and you will be just fine!

Unbeatable Scenery

Yes, the rain can sometimes be a bummer…

However, if you look on the bright side a bit and step away from the beach, you will discover that with the increased rainfall comes beautiful lush green landscapes that stretch for as far as the eye can see.

Seriously you will never see the Thailand countryside more mesmerizingly green and for some that makes dealing with the extra rain worth it.


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