Malcapuya Island Coron Palawan

The Malcapuya Beach Guide

Malcapuya Island Coron Palawan

Malcapuya Island Coron Palawan

The Malcapuya Beach Guide}

Can you even imagine a dreamier place to switch off and recharge than the pristine tropical shores of Malcapuya Island in Coron Palawan?  

Perhaps one of the last few places to escape the endlessly growing crowds in what is now one of the Philippines’ most popular destinations, this tropical gem is one of the last few hiding places from all the swarms of tourists taking over Coron Island.

The long stretch of powdery white sand further embraced with an ever so flawless tropical palm tree backdrop certainly makes Malcapuya Beach one of the best beaches to visit in Coron. Whether you simply want to visit for the day or end up falling in love so much that you decide to spend the night, a journey to this island will be an experience you won’t soon forget.

With that being said, this in-depth Malcapuya blog will tell you everything you need to know for your journey to this little Philippines island paradise.


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Quick Facts About Malcapuya Island Coron Palawan

  • Despite what you may have heard about Coron Island, nice beaches are hard to come by. Most of the biggest attractions in Coron are lagoons and lakes which is what makes Malcapuya Island such a gem.
  • Malcapuya Beach is in fact, one of the nicest beaches in Coron which easily makes it a can’t miss attraction for anyone visiting the area.
  • While not completely secluded, Malcapuya Island still offers a brief escape from all the heavy crowds you will find touring around Coron Island.

Malcapuya Island Coron Palawan

Where Is Malcapuya Island?

Malcapuya Island is located around 1.5 hours southwest of Coron Town just off the eastern coast of Culion Island.   Despite being located closer to the island of Culion, Coron Town is still the most practical destination to reach Malcapuya Island. 

How Do You Get To Malcapuya Island? 

The best way to reach Malacapuya Island is to take either a public or a private boat tour from Coron Town.

Malcapuya Island Public Boat Tour

For around 1400 -1800 pesos (approximately $27 – $35 USD), you can book a public Malcapuya Island boat tour from any booking agency in Coron Town.

The Malcapuya Island tour (usually referred to as tour C) typically starts with a visit to Bulog Dos Island, followed by Banana Island for lunch and then finally finishing the tour at Malcapuya Island before taking you back to Coron Town.


Although you will probably find options to reserve this tour ahead of time online, I recommend waiting to book this tour in person when you are in Coron Town.  Chances are you will receive a better price for the Malcapuya boat tour than what you will find online. Especially if you are good at bartering. 

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Malcapuya Island Private Boat Tour

Instead of booking the Malcapuya Island public boat tour, for a few extra bucks I recommend, you book the private boat tour instead. The islands have so many beautiful destinations to choose from and the private boat tour allows you to handpick which of your favorites you want to visit as well as how long you want to stay at each.  Not to forget the best part that the boat crew cooks a full-on seafood feast for you during the tour.

Keep in mind, if you wish for the crew to cook for you during the tour, then you must purchase your food from the local market that morning before you board the boat. 

On our Malcapuya Island private boat tour we chose to do Waling Waling Beach, Bulog Dos Island, Coco Beach, Banana Island, Ditaytayan Island and last but not least Malcapuya Island. 

Best Time To Visit Malcapuya Island

Like I mentioned above, we chose to do the Malacapuya Island private boat tour for which we organized to meet our boat captain at ­­6:30 am. From there we went to the local market to shop for the food that we wanted the boat crew to prepare and cook for us during the day.

Despite hoping to leave earlier, our boat departed Coron town just after 8 am and arrived at the first stop Waling Waling Beach at around 9:30 am. 

The last stop on the boat tour was Malcapuya Island, at which we arrived around 3:00 pm.  Though it was the last stop of the tour for us, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

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Despite Malcapuya Beach not being completely empty, there was still more than enough room to walk further down the beach to feel completely isolated. 

Though I can’t say for certain what the crowds on Malcapuya Beach are like earlier in the day, arriving around 3 pm and staying until around 4:15 pm was the perfect time to be out on the beach.

With that being said, I would imagine that the island would be even less crowded earlier in the daytime before most of the boats from Coron Town begin to arrive around 11 am.  


What To Do On Malcapuya Island?

With its glimmering blue translucent waters, Malcapuya Island is the perfect place to go snorkeling with the vibrant marine life which is one of the biggest attractions on the island.

Aside from that, most visitors come here for nothing more than a relaxing day in the sun as they seem to magically escape all of life’s biggest problems. Not to forget shooting some hoops with the locals.

Malcapuya Island Coron Palawan

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Malcapuya Island Entrance Fee

The Malcapuya Island entrance fee is 200 pesos per person (approximately $4 USD per person).  This fee is typically paid upfront when you initially book the boat tour. 

What About Malcapuya Island Accommodation?

Unfortunately, this dreamy little island does not have any luxurious “Malcapuya Island Resort” or anything even remotely close to lavish accommodation.

However, if you don’t mind camping with minimal modern conveniences like electricity, WIFI or even an indoor shower, then you reserve one of the huts along Malcapuya Beach for 750 pesos a night.

The huts are as basic as they come including only a dingy mattress on the floor and a separate shared bathroom. 

Though it may lack modern conveniences, there are far worse places to spend a night compared to camping under the stars on a tropical secluded beach in the Philippines. 

Frequently Asked Questions?


Is There Any Modern Malcapuya Accommodation?

Though Malcapuya Island is severely lacking in the lodging department, on the nearby island of Bulalacao next to Bulog Dos Island, is the 5-star Two Seasons Resort.

For around $400 USD per night you can enjoy some of the glamorous accommodation Coron Palawan has to offer. 

Though this is a bit out of most backpacker’s price range, if you wish to splurge a bit while visiting Malcapuya Island, The Two Seasons Resort has got you covered.

Check Prices On Agoda Here

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How Long Should I Spend On Malcapuya Island?

Well if you are only planning on visiting the other surrounding islands like Ditaytayan and Waling Waling Beach, I recommend two hours max.  This should be enough to relax and enjoy all the splendor that Malcapuya Beach has to offer.

However, if you are planning to spend a bit longer, then I recommend a max of one night.  Aside from spending your days lounging in the sun along the perfect white sand beach along with the occasional snorkel, there really isn’t much else to do here. 

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