Mancora Peru Nightlife

Where To Party In Mancora Peru

mancora beach nightlife

Mancora Peru Nightlife

{Where To Party In Mancora Peru}

There are pretty much three reasons why people come to Mancora Peru. To either surf, relax in the sun, or party til they drop!

When it comes to nightlife in Peru, no place gets as wild as Mancora Beach.

This hopelessly hedonistic beach party town located up the northern coast of Peru is the go to destination for everything wild with an assortment of party options.

mancora peru nightlife

Photo By |  Loki Hostel Mancora

If you are even considering visiting Mancora Beach, then I think you will be quite pleased with your decision as I have not met one person who had anything negative to say about this vibrant party town.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know for your visit to Mancora Peru.

How To Get To Mancora Peru? 

The fastest and cheapest way to get to Mancora is to fly from the international airport in Lima to either Talara, Piura, or Tumbes.  These are all cities located near Mancora.

Mancora is a small beach town with no major airport, so this is the best way to get there.

Talara airport is located the closest to Mancora, around 1.5 hours away.

On the other hand, Piura to Mancora takes around 3 hours. While Tumbes to Mancora takes around 2 hours.

Once you arrive at these airports, you will then organize a bus, collectivo or private taxi to take you the rest of the way.

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Airport To Mancora Beach Average Prices

  • A bus ticket to Mancora should cost you no more than 30 PEN.
  • A collectivo to Mancora should cost you around 30 PEN to 60 PEN depending on which airport you’re coming from.
  • A private taxi to Mancora should cost you around 100 PEN to 200 PEN depending on which airport you’re coming from.

Once you have arrived in Mancora Town, you can either walk or take a tricycle taxi to your hostel or hotel.

Taxi’s in Mancora beach only cost around 5 PEN per trip and pretty much everything you need is within walking distance.

mancora beach town peru

Best Places To Party In Mancora Peru

Loki Mancora Party Hostel

Loki is a beacon for all forms of hedonism in Mancora where no matter what time of day it is, someone is already drunk.

As the best place to party in the entire town of Mancora, Loki manages to redefine the phrase “party hostel”, considering its undeniable resemblance to a nightclub.

On the regular, Loki is infamous for hosting an assortment of daytime and nighttime party events that are known for getting more than just a little bit out of control.

From the delicious but deadly Bloodbomb Shots to the plethora of wildly provocative drinking games, chances are a few nights spent partying at Loki Hostel will bring both the best and worst out of everyone.


loki mancora | mancora peru nightlife

  • Although Loki is technically still a hostel, anyone is invited to visit and party there. All that is required is to sign in at the front desk so you can get your wristband for entrance into the party.
  • There is no entry fee either, so you can save all your money for Bloodbombs and tequila shots.
  • Although Loki is the biggest nightlife venue in Mancora, keep in mind that the party does end a tad bit earlier than you’d expect.
  • On weekdays the party typically ends around 1 a.m, while on weekends the party ends around 3 a.m.

mancora peru nightlife | Loki party hostel


loki mancora party hostel

Photo By |  Loki Hostel Mancora


loki mancora party hostelPhoto By |  Loki Hostel Mancora

The Point Hostel

As the lesser of the two major party hostels in Mancora, The Point Hostel, which is located on the opposite side of town from Loki is another great party option for nightlife revelers.

Filled with party hungry backpackers from around the world, The Point is an excellent nightlife alternative while visiting Mancora.

However, keep in mind the parties here are a much different vibe than the ones you will find at Loki.

Therefore, if you’re looking for something a little less rambunctious and more relaxed, then The Point is for you.

Not to mention, the poolside view during sunset is absolutely remarkable.

the point hostel mancora

Beach Bars

Located just few minutes’ walk from Loki Hostel are several popular beach bars that attract a more local crowd along with anyone who loves to dance reggaetón.

While the parties here will never get as rowdy as they do at Loki, these little beach bars do offer a nice alternative.

Although I have heard mix information about these bars being the afterparty once Loki shuts down for the night, I did not find this to be the case while I in Mancora this past August.

However technically August is the end of the high season in Mancora beach so maybe this is true during the earlier parts of the high season of May – July.

Best Party Hostels in Mancora

If you didn’t already get the idea from the section above, the two best party hostels in Mancora beach are Loki Hostel and The Point Hostel.

However, instead of discussing the party aspects of each hostel, we will focus on the accommodation aspects of these hostels in the section below.

Loki Mancora Party Hostel

 Hostelworld Rating: 8.7

 I cannot say enough positive things about my experience at Loki Hostel.

As a solo traveler visiting Mancora for the first time, I didn’t know what to expect when first walking in.  However, Loki greeted me with open arms and truly welcomed me into the hedonistic family of misfits, which is how they treat all of their guests here.

The staff here are truly exceptional and go above and beyond to make every guest of the hostel feel like they are right at home.

For any person who is very closed minded, doesn’t like to party and more importantly is antisocial, then Loki is definitely not the place for you.

However, if you are willing to embrace the beautifully vibrant social atmosphere of Loki Mancora, then don’t you dare think twice about booking your stay at Loki.

loki mancora party hostel

Things To Consider About Loki Mancora Hostel

  • There are parties every single night that go until 1 a.m during the week and until 3 a.m on the weekends.
  • Sleep is definitely not a priority when staying at Loki, so keep this in consideration when trying to determine how many nights to book for.
  • Different than most hostels, Loki Mancora requires a down payment to be paid ahead of time before your arrival in order to confirm your booking.
  • The dorm rooms at Mancora Hostel are very basic but comfortable, so don’t expect anything too fancy like at Wild Rover Cusco.
  • They also have an onsite restaurant, large outdoor pool and bar area.
  • Loki is located just steps away from the beach and other restaurants and shops.

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mancora peru nightlife | loki party hostel

The Point Mancora Beach Hostel

Hostelworld Rating: 8.8

Self-proclaimed to be paradise on earth, The Point, which is another popular party hostel chain in Peru is another excellent accommodation choice for backpackers.

Embellished with a beautiful panoramic view of Mancora Beach along with a refreshing outdoor pool, it’s no wonder why The Point has become such a popular choice amongst backpackers.

Topped off with a warm and friendly atmosphere along with some extra relaxed vibes, you’ve got yourself one awesome hostel.

Things To Consider About The Point Beach Hostel

  • The Point Hostel is a toned-down version of Loki Hostel, which is perfect for backpackers who are interested in a more relaxed yet extremely social atmosphere.
  • Though Mancora is a rather small beach town where everything is within walking distance, The Point is located a little out of the way from the main area.
  • Depending on what time you visit, there have been reports of the hostel being rather empty and having “more volunteer workers than staff”.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Is Mancora Peru Safe?

Yes, Mancora Peru is considered safe for backpackers, considering you follow typical safety procedures like not wandering the streets or beach at night alone.  During the time that I spent in Mancora I did not hear about any dangerous situations for tourists or things to watch out for.


How Is The Food In Mancora?

Quite good actually! Famous for their seafood dishes like Ceviche and Arroz Con Mariscos amongst other dishes, I think backpackers will be quite satisfied with the food selection in Mancora.

mancora food dish

How Many Nights Should I Stay In Mancora? 

Generally, I would recommend staying 3-4 nights if you are solely there for some quality beach time and to party. However, if you are into surfing then you may want to stay longer since this is widely considered to be a surfer’s paradise.

I stayed in Mancora for 5 nights and would have honestly prolonged my stay by volunteering at Loki Hostel if I hadn’t already booked my flight home.

However, keep in mind that a lot of the volunteers that work at these hostels are backpackers who fell in love with Mancora and just work at the hostels as a way to prolong their time there.  This is a very common occurrence at places like Loki and The Point hostels.

loki party hostel mancora

How Is The Beach In Mancora?

Honestly, not that great. The beach is very basic compared to other destinations in South America.

It’s good for surfing and relaxing, but aside from that, not much else considering it’s not the most visually appealing beach.

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