Medellin Nightlife Guide

The Ultimate Guide On Where To Party In Medellin

medellin nightlife

Medellin Nightlife Guide

The Ultimate Guide On Where To Party In Medellin

One of the best things to do in Colombia is to party, especially when you’re in the country’s most notoriously famous party city of Medellin.

With a smorgasbord of nightlife venues, rambunctious youth hostels and a unification of backpackers ready to party incessantly, sleep virtually becomes an afterthought.

However, if you don’t know how to properly maneuver this city and its vast assortment of nightlife options, then it is quite possible to get lost in all the madness.

Therefore, in this guide, I will introduce you to the best Medellin bars and clubs as well as the city’s most famous party hostels that truly deserve your attention.

Basically, after reading this blog, consider yourself an expert on the topic of where to party in Medellin!

What Is The Best Medellin Nightlife Area In Medellin For Tourists?

For any tourist or newbie looking for where to party in Medelllin, I highly recommend you head straight for the area known as Parque Lleras in the El Poblado neighborhood of the city.

Although at first, the word “Parque” (which translates to park in Spanish) might lead you to believe this is the perfect place for a picnic and nap, you would be completely mistaken.


el poblado medellin 3

In fact, Parque Lleras is approximately a two-block hive of activity until about 4 in the morning that is jam-packed with some of the best Medellin clubs and bars, restaurants and hotels.

Commonly the first choice of nightlife for many expats and backpackers, chances are you will end up partying in Parque Lleras at some point during your stay in Medellin.

Parque Lleras nightlife options are diverse and plentiful, ranging from the classic Salsa and Reggaetón bars to some hip-hop and Techno bars if you know where to look.

Where To Party In Medellin?

La Octava (The Ball Pit Bar)

Easily one of the coolest and most exciting bars I have ever been to, La Octava takes you back to your childhood days as you spend the night drunkenly clamoring through their massive ball pit!

And no that is not a typo.

La Octava is sporting a massive ball pit dead smack in the middle of the bar just like you would expect from any high-quality kiddie amusement center.

The whole experience of La Octava is truly invigorating and equally addicting as you just can’t manage to stay away from this place.

Pro Tip
Don’t come here planning to dance a whole lot, as this place is definitely more focused on the ball pit.

la octava ball pit bar

Happy Buddha Hostel

Commonly referred to as the best party hostel of El Poblado, Happy Buddha Hostel throws huge parties every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night.

Featuring a considerably sizable bar area for a hostel, Happy Buddha is the popular pre-game spot among many expats and backpackers.

Known as one of the best bars in Medellin, people often times head to Happy Buddha simply for some warm-up shots and to meet up with some friends before they head out for the night.

However, on some nights the party becomes completely out of control fun, it proves quite impossible to leave this place to explore the other Medellin club and bar options.

Pro Tip
While Happy Buddha is considered the undisputed champ of party hostels, if you are looking to actually get some sleep while you are in Medellin, we have listed some of our other favorite places to stay in the link down below.

Click Here For The Ultimate Guide On Where To Stay In Medellin Colombia

happy buddha hostel

Envy Rooftop Bar

If you’re looking to escape from the characteristic backpacker crowd of Parque Lleras and get a little Bad and Boujee for the night, then Envy Rooftop bar is calling your name.

Located on the top floor of the Charlee Hotel, the Envy Rooftop Bar provides a classier standard of drink featuring simply spectacular panoramic views of Medellin.


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Midnight Club

Providing partygoers with a more urban feel, Midnight is definitely one of the better hip hop clubs in Medellin.

Playing a mix of about 70% reggaetón and the remainder hip-hop music, this is one of your safest bets when searching for a good hip-hop club in Medellin.


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Los Patios Hostel Pub Crawl

Los Patios Hostel runs a weekly pub crawl every Friday night starting at 8:00 p.m.

Much like any other pub crawl you will be introduced to loads of international travelers and taken around to some of the Medellin clubs and bars.

If you have just arrived in the city and are looking to make a few new friends who also want to a feel for the layout of the town, then this Pub Crawl is the perfect option for you.


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Best Nightclubs In Medellin That Are Open Late

A majority of the El Poblado clubs and bars close at 4:00 am, however, there are a few Medellin bars and clubs that stay open well past this hour if you know where to look.

Although you will need to grab a taxi or an Uber to reach these different clubs, the ride is only about 15 minutes away and should cost no more than 20,000 COP.

Club Seven

This is not one of those places that likes to sleep early.

In fact, the party doesn’t get going here until about 4:00 am after all the El Poblado bars and clubs shut down for the night.

Club Seven is open until 6:00 am spinning some of the best Reggaetón and Hip-Hop beats.

Strangely, but not surprising, there is a party bus that rolls up here once the bars close in El Poblado, carrying all the night owls too drunk to go home.

Once you see this party bus arrive you can be assured the party is on.


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Club Fahrenheit

In addition to Club Seven, Club Fahrenheit is another popular late-night choice among the Medellin nightlife venues.

However, unlike the former, Fahrenheit actually stays open until 7:00 am and is comprised of mostly all Medellin locals.

Additionally, do expect to pay a small cover fee in order to enter, but don’t worry because it will be worth it.

The venue itself is one of the biggest nightclubs in Medellin and the sound system has got some extra bass to it.



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Corner of Calle 86 & Carrera 42 in Itagui

The last spot for some after-hours entertainment is in an area called Itagui.

This area is very popular among the locals of Medellin and has around 6 different bars and nightclubs in this one small area on the corner of Calle 86 & Carrera 42.

Just tell the taxi driver to take you to Palmahia (one of the bars here) and he will know exactly where to take you.

Don’t expect a cover for a majority of these bars unless it is extremely crowded on that particular night.

All bars on this Itagui corner close at 6:00 am.

Pro Tip
There is a food stand just outside the bars on the corner that sells beer at a much cheaper rate than what you would buy it for in the bars and clubs, so it’s a good idea to re-up on some drinks before heading inside.

The bouncers in some (not all) of the bars in Itagui can be a bit strict with who they allow inside the club.

In our particular scenario, one of the clubs did not want to allow my group of friends in because we had too many “Gringo’s.”

If this happens to you as well, don’t even argue because it is truly pointless when you could easily just move to the next bar, of whom were more than happy to let us in.


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Best Party Hostels In Medellin

best hostels in medellin

Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel

Check Prices On

This is widely considered to be the original party hostel of Medellin.

Hosting nightly events with the biggest nights held over the weekend, Happy Buddha is now hyped as the nightly pregame spot of Medellin.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a party you won’t have to search too far because when staying at this hostel it will literally be at your doorstep.



hostel rango hostel medellin

Hostel Rango Boutique

Check Prices On

As one of the cleanest and nicest party hostels in Medellin, backpackers can’t go wrong with dorming at this beautiful hostel.

While the bar here doesn’t get nearly as crowded or rowdy as Happy Buddha Hostel, this is the perfect place for a good time and to meet other likeminded backpackers.

Hostel Rango Boutique hostel manages to strike a perfect balance between a good party atmosphere and a comfortable stay, which is something that very few party hostels can say.


Medellin Nightlife Tips

medellin nightlife guide

Is It Ok To Have Too Many Guys In Your Group?

The boy/girl ratio in some clubs throughout Medellin is a very important rule and depending on the particular venue, the club may or may not deny the guys entry.

Instead, try to have more girls than guys in a group and this should not be an issue for you.

On the plus side, when you have a large diverse group, several bars and clubs around Parque Lleras will actually invite you inside and provide you with free drinks in order to entice you to stay.

However even if you accept the drinks, don’t feel obligated to stay if you don’t really want to be there.

How Safe Is It To Party In Medellin At Night?

For anyone who hasn’t visited Colombia yet, safety is probably one of your biggest concerns.

While the city of Medellin, in particular, has come a long way since its more violent past, Colombia, in general, is still not the best place to let your guard down, especially when out partying after dark.

Although Medellin is a beautiful and exciting city, it is definitely not the place to go wandering off on your own at night making typical sketchy drunken decisions.

Instead, try to never be alone and always stick to the more touristy crowded areas.

The neighborhood of El Poblado is considered to be very touristy and with police on practically every corner, it is probably one of the safest neighborhoods in all of Medellin.

With that being said, if done responsibly and as long as you stick to the right areas, partying in Medellin is considered to be very safe.

What Is The Dress Code of Medellin?

In most of the Medellin bars and clubs, the dress code is considered to be super casual.

Jeans and a simple t-shirt should do just fine.

While I was there I even managed to get into several places wearing a tank, so you know it’s quite casual.

However, if you are planning on visiting some of the more upscale spots in the city like Envy Rooftop Bar, then be sure to bring some better clothes.

In venues like these, they really do “dress to impress” and in nightclubs or bars like these, you will not be allowed in if you look any other type of way.

Is Nightlife In Medellin Good Every Single Night?

In an enormous city like Medellin, it is no surprise that there are always bars open and people somewhere looking to party.

No matter what night you decide to go out, you will always be able to find something going on.

Just be prepared to look a little bit harder.

With that being said, without a doubt, the two biggest nights to party in Medellin are Fridays and Saturdays.

This is when you will truly witness the city of Medellin come to life!


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