15 Most Instagrammable Places In Thailand

That Will Inspire Your Wanderlust

most instagrammable places in thailand ghost tower

15 Most Instagrammable Places In Thailand

That Will Inspire Your Wanderlust

The tropical haven of Thailand is arguably one of the most Instagrammable places in the world.

Boasting an endless array of tropical palm tree fringed beaches, breathtaking vistas and beautifully crafted architectures makes practically every corner of Thailand pure Instagram candy.

However, with so much to explore in this astonishing country, how are you possibly going to have enough time to sort through the best Thailand Instagram spots?

Here is a detailed list of our favorite destinations around Thailand that offer not just the most wonderful photos but, iconic and memorable experiences that will leave you utterly infatuated.

So, without further ado, here is our list of the 15 most Instagrammable places in Thailand to that will inspire your wanderlust.

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1. Railay Bay


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Where is Railay Beach – Krabi

What’s better than one beautiful beach?

Try four!

Railay Bay is one eye-catching lure that you will not want to miss out on.

Located just a short 10-minute boat ride south of Ao Nang, you will witness four different beautiful Thailand photography spots including Phra Nang, Railay East, Railay West, and Tonsai.

2. Maya Bay

Maya Bay Phi Phi Island Tour ThumbnailWhere Is Maya Bay – Phi Phi Lei

Snuggled away on the island of Phi Phi Lei this unblemished silky white sand beach is one of the most Instagrammed spots in Thailand.

Widely recognized as one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand the tropical delight known as Maya Bay truly stands in a class all it’s own.

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3. Ghost Tower

Where is Ghost Tower – Bangkok

Effortlessly claiming the title of the spookiest most Instagrammed spot in Thaialnd, Ghost tower offers flawless views of the Bangkok skyline.

Although the views are nothing short of amazing, the flawless panoramas are not what makes this desolated tower so scandalously famous.

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4. Sanctuary of Truth

sanctuary of truth

Where is Sanctuary of Truth Located? | Pattaya

Touted as the most iconic landmark in Pattaya, The Sanctuary of Truth stands 105 meters tall and is one of the most distinctive structures in all of Thailand.

Although it looks to be just another one of the many Thailand temples or palaces, it is actually neither and has no religious background.

The Sanctuary of Truth is one of the top Instagram places in Thailand and will be just the diversity your feed needs from all the tropical Thai beaches.

5. Phi Phi Viewpoint

phi phi viewpoint lookoutWhere is Phi Phi Viewpoint: Phi Phi Don

Probably the second most Instagram worthy destination in Thailand, Phi Phi Viewpoint is a place that seems almost too beautiful to be real.

Even though the Phi Phi Viewpoint only sits approximately 186 meters above sea level, as you gaze out amongst the immaculate coastline you will literally feel as if you are sitting on top of the world.

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6. The Full Moon Party

full moon party dates

Where is The Full Moon Party – Koh Phanagan

 Visiting Thailand without doing the Full Moon Party is comparable to visiting Rome without seeing the Colosseum.

Often the subject of controversy, The Full Moon Party is one of the most quintessential photos you can possibly take in Thailand not to mention one of best nights of your life.

I mean come on, did you even really visit Thailand if you didn’t do the The Full Moon Party?

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7. Monkey Beach

monkey beach | things to do in phi phi island

Where Is Monkey Beach Located – Phi Phi Don

Desperately in need of some monkey photos for your Instagram?

Look no further then secluded cove of Monkey Beach in Phi Phi Don, where you can find a beach practically covered with adorable, tiny and sometimes hostile monkeys.

However, bring a few snacks and these little guys love to strike pose for the camera.

8. Elephant Sanctuary


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Where Is The Elephant Sanctuary Loacated – Chang Mai

If you think you fell in love with the monkeys just wait until you meet the elephants.

Pro Tip

Just be sure not ride the them, no matter how much the tour guides insist.

This is considered animal cruelty and is extremely bad for the elephant’s health.


9. Koh Nang Yuan

Where is Koh Nang Yuan Located – Near Koh Tao

Commonly misconceived as the actual island of Koh Tao, Koh Nang Yuan is a tiny but ever so spectacular island located just off the coast of Koh Tao.

This iconic photo spot is one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand so be aware you may have to wait your turn to snap the perfect Instagram photo.

10. Dragon Crest Mountain

Where Is Dragon Crest Mountain –Krabi

Appearing like a scene straight out the movie “Black Panther” Dragon Crest Mountain sits majestically perched 565 meters above the rest of Krabi.

Take a break from all the monotonous photos of the Thai beaches and climb to the highest point in Krabi as well one of the most Instagram worthy destinations in Thailand.

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11. James Bond Island

most instagrammable places in thailand james bond island

Where is James Bond Island – Phang Nga Bay

Initially featured in the James Bond film “The Man with the Golden Gun” Khao Phing Kan (better known as James Bond Island) has been famous ever since.

Even though not directly located on the island, this is one of the favorited Phuket Instagram spots for many of travelers.

Therefore, try to get here early in the day otherwise this place turns into a mob scene.

12. Khao Sak National Park

khao sok thailand

Where Is Khao Sok National Park – Surat Thani

As one of the most beautiful places in Southern Thailand that is not a beach, Khao Sok National Park is such a remarkable experience that it is obvious why it’s touted as one of the most Instagrammable places in Thailand.

With a seemingly endless array of activities including jungle trekking, canoeing, up close and personal elephant encounters and so much more, Khao Sak is can’t miss attraction along any Thailand backpacking holiday.

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13. Hong Island

Where is Hong Island | Krabi

 Even though this next most Instagrammable spot in Thailand is technically four separate places grouped into one, we’ll give it a pass because it simply so freaking amazing.

Hong Island also known as the Koh Hong group of islands is one of the most photographed destinations in the entire country.

So, if you happen to recognize it from somewhere, that’s probably because it’s practically been used on at least half of all the Thailand wallpapers and postcards ever made.

14. Ang Thong National Marine Park


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Where Is Ang Thong National Marine Park Located – Gulf Of Thailand


This unfathomably gorgeous Thailand Archipelago consists of a total of 42 different islands.

Ang Thong Marine Park can be reached via a short boat ride from the nearby island of Koh Samui located in the Gulf of Thailand.

While this is definitely one of the most Instagrammable places in Thailand, out of everywhere on this list it is probably the least publicized.

So, you might want to hurry up and visit this beauty before it’s too late.

15. Wat Arun


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Where Is Wat Arun – Bangkok

The final contender on our list is Wat Arun, also known as the temple of dawn is definitely one of the most Instagrammable places in Bangkok.

This striking riverside landmark is one of the city’s most spectacular attractions that serves the “religious purpose protecting the spiritual lives of Thai Buddhists from dusk til dawn.”

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