Mykonos Beaches Gone Wild

The Ultimate Backpackers Party Guide

"With a plethora of beach clubs, each more wild than the next and a nightlife scene that doesn’t even slightly know the meaning of “Turn Down”, Mykonos is the bona fide definition of a party island."

Mykonos Tops Ibiza is a common tagline you will see plastered on various souvenirs throughout the island and for good reason…

We don’t know about you but any destination drawing comparisons to the most infamous party haven known to man certainly deserves a spot on the ol’ bucket list.

However, as the self-proclaimed Party Mecca of Greece, we would expect nothing less from this exceedingly hedonistic yet quaint little Mediterranean island.

Let’s be clear, the time you spend partying in Mykonos will not just blow your mind, it will actually force you to redefine your so-called moral code.

There are very few destinations that truly test Wild & Away’s party stamina and believe us when we say that Mykonos is one of them.

With a plethora of beach clubs, each wilder than the next and a nightlife scene that doesn’t even slightly know the meaning of “Turn Down”, Mykonos is the bona fide definition of a party island.

Pro Tip
– Mykonos can get pricey, especially once drinks start flowing
– Extreme hedonistic atmosphere, so be ready to see anything
– Mosquitos are quite a problem on Mykonos so consider getting a hotel closer to town if too much of an inconvenience.



Minimum Stay: 4 Days

Best To Visit: June – August

Getting Around: Walking or Boats

Best Location: Paradise Beach

Wild & Away Factor

Scenery 4/10
Excursions 3/10
Food 6/10
Price 3/10
Day Drinking 10/10
Nightlife 10/10
Vibes 10/10

The place to stay in Mykonos is near Paradise Beach, as you are guaranteed to always be near the party.

Although no water sports are offered, this is the most popular beach on the island with a good time just across the road.

However, you will have to sacrifice a bit of comfort when choosing camping and hostel options surrounding paradise beach, unless you can afford to stay at the pricier, alternative locations.

Paradise Beach Camping 

Paradise Beach, Mikonos 846 00, Greece


“Literally steps away from the best nightlife in Mykonos, Paradise Beach is sure to offer you an exhilarating party experience!”

  • -Unbeatable location, a mere drunken stumble from all the action
  • -Private Rooms
  • -Expect typical camping conditions
  • -Very pricey for a camping accommodation

Paraga Beach Hostel 

Paraga Beach, Mykonos, 846 00, Greece


“Paraga Beach Hostel is the backpackers party hub of Mykonos… The atmosphere is intense and the backpackers are wild.”

  • -More affordable than other accommodations
  • -Only a 10 minute walk from Paradise Beach
  • -Scenic pool area
  • -Expect typical camping conditions
  • -Very pricey for a camping accommodation


Paradise Beach

Known as the party central of the island, Paradise Beach is the setting for some of the wildest behavior in Mykonos.

Don’t be confused by the nice, social lounge area offered during the daytime as this place progressively transforms into the party enthusiast’s dream as the day goes on.

Paradise Beach is definitely the rowdiest of all the Mykonos beaches.

Though the party level is kept pretty chill during the daytime, be sure to return once the sun goes down to experience all of the pure unadulterated madness.


No matter the time of day or day of the week, Guapaloca is always a good time. Officially, it gets started around 4 PM with the Twerk It party and at 10 PM with the Body Paint party.

Super Paradise Beach

A bit more crowded than its counterpart Paradise Beach, this prime day drinking venue turns into that Mykonos level of crazy way before the others.

If your body isn’t feeling worn out by the relentless party atmosphere of the wild Mykonos beaches just yet, be sure to pay this beach party a visit.



Paradise Beach

Waiting until midnight to start raging not really your thing?

Then be sure to head over to Paradise Beach around 7 PM because once the sun begins to set this place will demonstrate first hand how Mykonos rightfully earned its hedonistic reputation.

Skandinavian Bar

Located in Chora, this is the wildest bar Mykonos has to offer that isn’t situated along the beach.

Skandinavian Bar has been a staple in Mykonos for years now and for good reason, providing an excellent atmosphere to just let loose and rage the night away.

Although the streets of Chora can become confusing at night, sometimes making this bar a difficult find (especially when you’re a bit drunk) be sure to stay focused as we promise your search will be greatly rewarded.

Mykonos Town | Chora

Aside from just Skandinavian Bar, the other bars of Mykonos Town (Chora) offer a vibrant party scene with there own unique atmosphere.

Be sure to bar hop and discover the hidden nightlife within the winding streets of Mykonos.

Guapaloca Paint Party

A nice alternative for backpackers who don’t feel like paying those pricey entrance fees for the Mykonos super clubs.

Paint Party goes every night of the week lasting until early morning and leaves backpackers partying with the pleasantly scenic Mediterranean coastline as their backdrop.

Super Clubs

Take your pick between Paradise Beach Club and Cavo Paradiso but we assure you either choice will satisfy your Mykonos Super Clubbing experience.

These world-renowned nightclubs have capacities of around 5000 people and sound systems so loud you can practically feel the bass pumping through the island.

Be prepared to lose control as both clubs offer a heavy dose of wild abandonment and the “I don’t care” behavior that you traveled all the way across the Mediterranean for.

Pro Tip
Keep in mind that some clubs do require a fee, which changes with the season and specific event


This is the only reason people come to Mykonos anyway…right?

Platys Gialos Beach

This is by far the most scenic of all the Mykonos beaches.  Although not as lively as Paradise and Super Paradise beach, there is still a number of restaurants and hotel options available.

Paraga Beach

Paraga beach is perfect for the backpacker who wants something a little less rowdy than other Mykonos beaches like Paradise or Super Paradise Beach. If you’re looking for a chilled out atmosphere and other backpackers to vibe out with, Paraga Beach is where to go.


If you’re wanting a break from exploring all the Mykonos beaches, have a shopping day in Mykonos Town aka Chora. Chora has got to be one of the nicest and heartwarming towns in all of Greece, offering that famous Greek architecture, an abundance of small shops to satisfy your souvenir needs and appealing little eateries for those passionate foodies.

Rent Quads

Much like anywhere else you will visit in Greece, quad exploration is always recommended as a way to discover all the alluring secrets hiding within each Greek Island.

Transportation To And From Mykonos


By far the quickest and easiest option, but also the most expensive. The flight time from Athens is under an hour so if time is of the essence, take a flight!


If you’re on a tight budget and don’t mind spending a few hours on a ferry boat, then the ferry is a good option for you. It takes around 2-3 hours to travel from Athens to Mykonos with the fast ferry, and around 5 hours with the normal ferry. The ferry is a really popular option among tourists when travelling between Greek Islands.

Pro Tip
Be sure to take the fast ferry instead of the normal ferry to cut a few hours off your travel time!

Budget Tips
  1. Pregame before going out to save money on alcohol.
  2. Book ahead of time if you’re travelling in July to avoid a high season price surge.
  3. Eat Gyros, it only costs up to 3 euros!
  4. Book an overnight ferry to save on a nights accommodation.
  5. Water ranges from .80 euros in Greece!
Wild & Away Checklist
  1. Go wild for the night at the Mykonos Super Clubs
  2. Get painted from head to toe at Guapaloca.
  3. Skinny dip in the waters of the Mediterranean.
  4. Rage hard at the Skandinavian Bar
  5. Try one of the island’s best food joints at Jimmy’s Gyros
  6. Dance all night in the moonlight along Paradise Beach

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