Mykonos Party Island

The Ultimate 2019 Mykonos Nightlife Guide

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Mykonos Party Island

The Ultimate 2019 Mykonos Nightlife Guide

Ahhh Mykonos.

I’ll begin by stating that Mykonos is one of the top party holiday destinations in not just Greece, but probably all of Europe and is something everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime.

If your goal for the summer is nothing more than lazy days spent basking in the sun along the beautiful Mediterranean coastline, followed by nights gallivanting through some of the most hedonistic and wild parties you’ve ever experienced, then rest assured…

Mykonos is where you want to be!

Unlike most beaches throughout Greece, this is a beach not made famous for it’s jaw-dropping scenery or breathtaking panoramas (in fact Mykonos is probably one of Greece’s least beautiful islands), but rather for its outlandish, wild and anything goes party reputation that is guaranteed to offer you the craziest nights of your summer holiday.

Mykonos is one of the Greek party islands you MUST visit if you want to experience something completely outlandish.


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How To Get To Mykonos

You can reach Mykonos by either plane or ferry.  I have done both and I can’t say I prefer one more than the other.


If you are planning on island hopping around the Cyclades, then I definitely recommend doing so via the ferry.

The ferries are reasonably priced and for the most part, can be booked directly at the ferry port at the time of departure.

There are daily ferries to Mykonos from the two Athens ports of Piraeus and Rafina.  Piraeus is closer to the city center, while on the other hand, Rafina is closer to the airport.

Travel times for the ferries usually last between 3 to 5 hours.

The Greek ferries are quite nice and offer an excellent way to catch up on some much needed sleep.

If you are interested in purchasing your ferry tickets early or just simply want to check prices this is my go-to site for that.

Click Here For Ferry Schedule and Prices


Flights are an excellent option if you want to reach Mykonos in a hurry.

Flights from Athens are around 30 minutes travel time and typically very affordable.

However, if you are flying to Mykonos internationally and want to skip the whole Athens stop first, the higher price might be worth it.

If your plan is to only visit Mykonos, then you are better off paying more to fly direct to Mykonos as opposed to flying to Athens first and then catching a ferry from there.

I recommend Skyscanner to find the cheapest rates on flights anywhere around Europe.

Best Place To Stay In Mykonos

Paradise Beach Mykonos

Anyone interested in experiencing the wild side of Mykonos should look no further than Paradise Beach.

During the three summers I spent in Mykonos, this was my ultimate stomping ground.

Paradise Beach literally has everything you desire out of a summer holiday, including chilled out beachside bars, epic super clubs that don’t close until sunrise, delicious Greek restaurants, and affordable accommodation that couldn’t put you any closer to the action if they tried.

Both the people and the beach are simply stunning and full of cheerful vibes that will have you ready to mingle in no time.

The two accommodation choices below are best for budget travelers and those searching for an upbeat social atmosphere.

Paradise Beach Camping

Paradise Beach, Mikonos 846 00, Greece

  • Unbeatable location
  • Private Rooms
  • Affordable Prices

Paradise Beach Camping literally puts you the center of the action.

It’s all about location and you can’t find anywhere more centrally located than here.

All the best parties and clubs can be found just a few hundred feet away from your doorstep.

Have we mentioned how perfect the location is?

Paraga Beach Hostel

Paraga beach, Mikonos 846 00, Greece

  • Friendly Backpacker Community
  • Only a 10-minute walk from Paradise Beach
  • Scenic pool area
  • Affordable Prices

Even though Paraga Beach Hostel is located just about a 10-minute walk outside of Paradise Beach, this is actually my preferred choice of accommodation during my Mykonos getaways.

Although the rooms are comparable to Paradise Beach Camping, I prefer the layout of this hostel a bit more than that of the former.

I find Paraga has a bit more of the friendly backpacker vibes that I’ve come to love so much during my solo travels, making meeting new people a breeze!

Where To Party In Mykonos

Mykonos is loaded with top-notch bars and clubs that over the years have facilitated this island into the “Party Mecca” that it is recognized as today. It’s definitely on par with Ios for being the best place in Greece for nightlife.

Here is our ultimate list of the best Mykonos party places…

Paradise Beach Club

I already know you’ve all heard of Paradise Beach Club. And that’s because it’s number one on pretty much everyone’s list of where to party in Mykonos.

If you suddenly notice the ground begin to pulsate, don’t fear… it’s not an earthquake.  It’s just the heavy bass of endless tunes pumping through the mammoth speakers of Paradise Beach Club, while nearly 5000 party goers rage through the night… every night!

For the best Mykonos beach party look no further than the legendary Paradise Beach Club.

Pro Tip

Expect a cover fee of anywhere from 25-50 euros.

Skandinavian Bar

Home to some of the best of Greece nightlife.

If you ever need a reason to wrench yourself away from the awesomeness that is Paradise Beach, let Skandinavian Bar be that reason.

Some of my wildest memories in Mykonos Chora are thanks to this club.

Super Paradise Beach

Now this Mykonos party always gets the best of me.

Another Mykonos beach party offering an extremely lively atmosphere including water sports, shopping, restaurants and some of the wildest parties on the island.

The ‘anything goes’ mentality is definitely alive and well on this party beach.

Guapaloca Paint Party

This is another budget friendly alternative to the high priced super-clubs of the island.

Located on Paradise Beach, Guapaloca Paint Party is in full swing every night of the summer, and will have partygoers dancing under the stars in what is sure to be an evening they won’t soon forget.

Tropicana Beach Bar

It’s only right that my absolute favorite Mykonos party of them all is located right on Paradise Beach.

Not only does the party get started much earlier here, but it actually manages to keep the festivities going strong way into the early hours of the morning.

The thing that makes partying at Tropicana Beach Bar even better is you won’t be forced to pay the exorbitant entry fees like some of Mykonos’s other popular venues.


Prepare to lose yourself amongst the fun-fueled and debauchery driven nights, as the vivacious celebratory atmosphere of Paradise Beach is guaranteed to lead you a step closer to the dark side with every passing moment.

Even with every regrettable, risky, all-around bad decision that I actually manage to remember, I will always cherish the friendships and memories that I was fortunate enough to experience during my time spent partying here.

This is one of the party places in Mykonos everyone needs to experience and go absolutely nuts doing so!

Cavo Paradiso

Last on this list is one of the best clubs in Mykonos.

This club plays host to some of the most famous DJ’s around the world and is a staple in the Mykonos nightlife scene.

Although club entry can range from 25-50 euros a night depending on the DJ, this is an absolute must when visiting during your Mykonos holiday.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mykonos

Isn’t Mykonos supposed to be a “strictly gay” island?

If it is, then I have yet to even notice.

I had heard this rumor as well when I was first deciding to visit, however luckily for me, I love to party with everyone so it did not influence my decision whether or not to visit what so ever.

Although certain bars do cater in particular to the gay community such as Super Paradise Beach Club, by no means would I ever classify Mykonos as a “gay party island.”


What is the dress code? Dress code?  What dress code?

The ‘anything goes’ mentality of Mykonos also applies to the dress code, so if you want to rock up to the club in an edible skittles thong or in one of those awesome dinosaur costumes, then by all means.


Is Mykonos too expensive for a budget backpacking trip?

Most definitely not!  The first few times I had the pleasure of visiting this island, I was on a “budget-backpacking trip” and still managed to have the time of my life.

However with that being said, compared to some of the other popular Greek party islands you will have to “ball on a budget.”

So don’t plan on buying too many rounds at the bar, but instead just Pregame, Pregame and Pregame some more.


How many nights should I stay in Mykonos?

This all depends on how much of a pounding your body can take…

No but seriously, a majority of your time on Mykonos will be spent partying, so this all depends on what you can handle.

The longest I have ever stayed on the island was 5 nights, however, this was followed up by two weeks on an island called Ios, which is basically Mykonos’s younger brother, and one of the most insanely wild Greek party islands.

Safe to say my party stamina was critically tested during this month!

However, the 5 days that I did spend in Mykonos was more than enough.

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Is Mykonos ok to travel to alone?

Yes, the island is perfectly safe for solo travelers both male and female and one of the best places to travel alone!

Furthermore, if you are traveling alone, staying at a party hostel such as Paraga is the best way to meet like-minded travelers.

These places create such upbeat social atmospheres and make it so easy to meet new people from all around the world, even for the most introverted people.


Is Mykonos too wild for me… Like would I fit in?

Mykonos is what you make of it; if you don’t feel comfortable with some of the raucous behavior you might witness there, then don’t feel pressured to participate.

There are plenty of folks who come to Mykonos without the sole intent to party ‘til they drop (literally) and still have a wonderful time!

Don’t be intimidated at all by Mykonos’s wild party reputation; you will still have the summer of your life! I promise.

Are We Missing Something?

Did we forget to mention some important information in “Mykonos Party Island {The Ultimate 2019 Mykonos Nightlife Guide}”?

Drop your comments & suggestions below!

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