Nacpan Beach El Nido Palawan

The Twin Beach Nacpan Guide

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Nacpan Beach El Nido Palawan

The Twin Beach Nacpan Guide

I still remember the days when Nacpan Beach used to be considered an El Nido hidden gem. When that long stretch of golden sandy shoreline perfectly lined with an endless supply of gracefully swaying palm trees had barely a soul in sight.

However, those days are long gone and now Nacpan Beach El Nido has completely transformed its image into what is now considered to be one the trendiest destinations in The Philippines.

To put things in perspective, there’s even a Nacpan Beach Full Moon Party now, but I’ll elaborate more on that later.

Whether you are totally opposed to the commercialization of Nacpan Beach or you are totally loving the new vibes, for a place as beautiful as Nacpan is, the change was inevitable, so it’s best to just accept it.

However, in consideration of all Nacpan’s recent upgrades, I felt the need to revisit and get to know the new Nacpan Beach, and holy smokes is it different.   With that being said, here is the completely updated Nacpan Beach blog that will tell you everything you need to know for your upcoming visit.    

nacpan beach el nido palawan

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About Nacpan Beach El Nido 

• Despite all of the recent changes, don’t let this deter you from visiting. Nacpan Beach is still as beautiful as ever, and in my opinion, it remains as one of the best beaches in Southeast Asia. It’s just a bit more touristy now.

• Nacpan Beach is a whopping 2.5 miles long, so no matter how crowded it may be on a particular day, it’s always possible to find a nice quiet section all to yourself.

• Many consider Nacpan Beach to be the most stunning beach in The Philippines.

nacpan beach el nido palawan

Where Is Nacpan Beach El Nido? 

Nacpan Beach is situated in El Nido on the island archipelago of Palawan around 30 – 45 minutes north of Corong Corong Beach which is where El Nido Town is located.

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Find Nacpan Beach El Nido Palawan Location Here

How To Get To Nacpan Beach From El Nido Town?

 Nacpan Beach Shuttle – The Nacpan Beach shuttle can be booked from El Nido Town for 500 PHP per person (approximately $10 USD per person). It is a roundtrip booking so you will be taken to anywhere on Nacpan Beach, as well as being picked up and brought back to your accommodation in El Nido Town.  You will be picked up in a modern large van with aircon that fits around 8 people.

Although I much prefer the ride to Nacpan Beach on a motorbike, the Nacpan Beach shuttle is a very affordable and convenient option. 

Nacpan Beach by Motorbike – Getting to Nacpan Beach by motorbike is perhaps one of the favorite parts of my trip. The journey could not be more beautiful as you drive along a paved tropical highway for around 25 minutes before you eventually arrive at the turnoff to Nacpan Beach.

Once you turn off of the highway, you will then travel down a bumpy dirt road for about 10 minutes before arriving at Nacpan Beach El Nido.

Getting to Nacpan Beach on a motorbike is quite easy and although there is a portion of the trip where you must travel over an uneven dirt road, I feel like even a novice motorbike rider could still easily manage this trip.

nacpan beach motor bike

Nacpan Beach by Tricycle – The price for two people to travel to Nacpan Beach by tricycle is 1000 PHP.  The trip takes just over an hour and is insanely uncomfortable because of the bumpy dirt road.  Not to mention, I don’t consider riding in Tricycles to be comfortable for even five minutes let alone an entire hour!

With that being said, I clearly don’t recommend it, but I just figured I’d at least mention it for the sake of being thorough. 

Nacpan Beach Tour E  – Another way to get to Nacpan Beach is on El Nido Tour E (Inland Beaches and Waterfalls).

This is one of the less popular tours to do in El Nido, as most people opt for El Nido boat tours A through D that takes you to see some of the other top destinations that are only accessible by boat.

In addition to this, there are plenty of more convenient and affordable ways to reach Nacpan Beach. 

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How Much Is The Nacpan Beach El Nido Entry Fee?

Although there never used to be, there is now a 200 PHP entry fee if you wish to enter Nacpan Beach on a motorbike.

 What Are The Best Things To Do On Nacpan Beach?

Relax On The Beach – After that long drive, the first thing you are probably going to want to do is simply relax on the beach. Nacpan’s stunning 2.5 mile stretch of powdery golden sand provides plenty of space to chill out and relax. If the crowds don’t bother you then you can hang out on the southern side of the beach closer to Mad Monkey Hostel where the majority of the activity is.

However, if you want to escape to a less crowded section and have some alone time then all you have to do is take a quick 10-minute stroll up the beach past the Nacpan Beach glamping until suddenly you feel as if you have just discovered your own private beach.


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Twin Beach Nacpan (Calitang Beach) – Head to the northern end of Nacpan Beach and you will eventually come to the section many refer to as El Nido’s Twin Beach.  This is the section where Nacpan and the neighboring beach of Calitang both share borders of a small peninsula creating the appearance of a double-sided beach that has been titled Twin Beach. 

nacpan beach el nido palawan

Walking towards Twin Beach Nacpan

Hang Out At Mad Monkey Backpackers Hostel Nacpan Beach – Looking for a place on Nacpan Beach to hang out and do some day drinking? If yes, Mad Monkey is calling your name and yes, they have joss shots!

Located towards the northern end of the island, Mad Monkey is the best place to go for some delicious food, decently priced drinks, and a vibrant social atmosphere. You’ll find tons of backpackers laying out on the beach or hanging by the bar getting an early start on the night’s festivities. 

mad monkey hostel nacpan beach

mad monkey hostel day party


Is There Nacpan Beach Nightlife?

Mad Monkey Hostel Bar – Summed up as one of the rowdiest party hostel chains in Southeast Asia, Mad Monkey is a genuine wild time no matter the night of the week. Probably because everyone there is too drunk to even care.

Mad Monkey Hostel has a massive bar area where they host nightly themed parties right along the beach. Quite frankly, the party never seems to stop at Mad Monkey and everyone is welcome to join.

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Nacpan Beach Full Moon Party – Though it’s still hard to believe it, Nacpan Beach now has their very own Full moon party hosted by the newly built Nacpan Day Club called The Gardens. Though it’s nowhere near the level of craziness or the ridiculous size of Thailand’s Original Full Moon Party, it still manages to get pretty wild.

With a bass pumping sound system, poolside cabanas, open bar, and dance competitions, what is there not to love? Not to mention that the Nacpan Beach Full Moon party even has a massive Slip N’ Fly which definitely wins it some major bonus points.

Where To Stay On Nacpan Beach? 

Where it was once a deserted beach absent of any form of development aside from a couple of dingy little beachside huts, Nacpan Beach accommodation has exploded in these past few years. New guesthouses, boutique hotels, party hostels, and even the insanely popular Nacpan Beach Glamping have all popped up in order to meet the new tourist demand.

However, despite more and more new Nacpan Beach accommodation surfacing each day, these are the most popular places to stay on Nacpan Beach.

nacpan beach el nido

Mad Monkey Hostel Bar – Mad Monkey is pretty much a no brainer for any backpacker looking for affordable accommodation and a wild party scene. In addition to that, Mad Monkey runs regular boat tours to some of the most beautiful islands and beaches in El Nido. Nothing better than exploring during the day and partying at night.

Check Prices For Mad Monkey Backpackers Hostel Nacpan Beach Here

Nacpan Beach Glamping – Disconnect from the world as you enter a glamourous haven that promises the perfect combination of relaxation and pure tropical bliss.  Nacpan Beach Glamping is the trendiest and most popular El Nido accommodation, where the tropical nature of the Philippines meets contemporary luxury.

Check Prices For Nacpan Beach Glamping Here

Cadlao Resort & Restaurant – These extravagant beachside bungalows practically scream tropical luxury.  The Cadlao Resort & Restaurant is pure Instagram eye and an absolute tropical treat as long as your budget can afford the hefty price tag. 

Check Prices For Cadlao Resort & Restaurant Here

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I stay on Nacpan Beach or El Nido Town?

On one hand, El Nido Town is super cluttered and not very eye appealing, while on the other hand, Nacpan Beach is the very definition of a tropical paradise. It sounds like a pretty easy decision if you ask me.

Aside from a wider food selection, climbing Taraw Cliff, or catching a shuttle to Nacpan, there’s really no benefit to staying in El Nido Town that you can’t also find on Nacpan Beach.  With that being said, as long as you can find good accommodation on Nacpan Beach, I wouldn’t think twice about skipping out on El Nido Town.  

Is There A Nacpan Beach Zipline? 

No there is no Nacpan Beach Zipline, however, there is a zipline located on Las Cabanas Beach which is about a 45 minute to an hour-long drive from Nacpan Beach.

las cabanas beach form nacpan beach

Las Cabanas Zipline

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How Far Is Nacpan Beach From El Nido?

It takes around 30 – 45 minutes to reach Nacpan Beach from El Nido Town, however, it is a very scenic and pleasant drive.

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