North Shore Oahu

A Guide To Hanging Loose

We all know and adore our beloved Waikiki Beach, but have you been to its chilled out (way cooler) brother, otherwise known as the North Shore?

If you don’t experience Oahu’s North Shore, you’re missing out on a HUGE chunk of the island.

There’s more to Oahu than Honolulu and Waikiki Beach. If you love nature, chilled out vibes and the best Garlic Shrimp you’ll ever taste, you need to rent a car and get your butt to the North Shore.

Home to the Colette Miller Global Angel Wings, the World’s most insane surf beaches, and DELICIOUS food trucks, there’s not much in this town that won’t surprise you (in a good way of course).

It takes a scenic one hour drive to get to the North Shore, but boy oh boy is it worth it! You can almost smell the garlic shrimp as you get closer to the area.

Waikiki is certainly the most touristy place in Oahu, so it really is worth staying away from the crowd and heading to the North Shore for a day of relaxation and serenity.

There’s nothing that screams peacefulness more than paddle boarding, turtle spotting and magical sunsets.

A day in the North Shore will teach you the meaning of the term ‘Hang Loose’.

north shore oahu

If relaxation isn’t really your thing, then the coast of the North Shore has some of the best surf in the entire world.

It’s is so well known for its surf, that if surfing was an Olympic sport, the games would be held here.

The entire North Shore Oahu coast hosts various surf competitions with the most renowned being the Billabong Pipeline Masters held annually at Banzai Pipeline Beach.

Maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to be in Oahu for one of these surf competitions where you can watch the World’s best surfers take on those crazy 20-foot waves!

Not convinced yet? Below are 9 of my favourite things to do in North Shore Oahu, so keep on reading!

Paddle Boarding

north shore oahu

You can rent a paddle board for pretty cheap at Tropical Rush Surf Co located on the main road in Haleiwa (Kamehameha Hwy).

Depending on which paddle board you rent, it’ll cost $10-$15 for the full hour.

Take a charming and leisurely paddle board down the river and try to spot the turtles while you’re at it!


north shore oahu

At the same place as mentioned above, you can also rent a surf board for the day.

The North Shore is home to some of the best surf beaches in Oahu so do as the locals and catch some waves!

If you’re lucky you might even meet a famous surfer! I mean… where else but the North Shore right?

Pro Tip
November-January is when the surf is at its peak in the North Shore Oahu!

Wings At Anahulu's Shaved Ice

north shore oahu

So the best part about renting from Tropical Rush Surf Co, is they will give you free shaved ice whenever you rent anything.

And in case that isn’t enough, you know that photo everyone takes in front of those wings somewhere in Hawaii?


Anahulu’s Shaved Ice is where those famous wings are located, so grab your shaved ice, and take the photo that will spice up your instagram feed!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… If you don’t take a photo with these wings, did you even go to Hawaii?


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Giovanni's Garlic Shrimp

north shore oahu

Also located on the main road in Haleiwa, you will find the ever so popular Giovanni’s Garlic Shrimp amongst other food trucks.

It’s the BEST garlic shrimp in North Shore Oahu.

You will know which one is Giovanni’s because of the long line (yet extremely speedy cooking time).

Garlic breath isn’t even an issue when the food tastes this good.

Pro Tip
Parking is just up the road from where the food trucks are. Follow the signs for the parking, and for the love of God DO NOT I repeat DO NOT park at McDonald’s across the road. They WILL have your car towed.

Banzai Pipeline Beach

north shore oahu

Whether you love to surf or prefer to sit back and watch the surfers, the entire North Shore Oahu will have you sorted!

Pipeline Beach is where to go if you want to see those huge waves Hawaii is so well known for!

Home to the annual Billabong Pipeline Masters surf competition, I wouldn’t try surf here if you’re just beginning.

Pro Tip
Make sure you visit during high tide for the real deal!

Sunflower Fields

Location: Du Pont Pioneer Sunflowers Farm, 67-172 Farrington Hwy, Waialua, HI 96791, USA

north shore oahu

Yet another place that your Insta feed will thank you for! These freaking stunning sunflower fields are something you shouldn’t pass up especially if you’re into photography.

The Sunflower Fields are only open to the public for a few weeks in November when the sunflowers are actually blooming. If you enter at any other time you are actually trespassing.

Call ahead as you’re supposed to make a reservation before visiting. Call Dupont Pioneer on (808) 637-0100.

Three Tables Beach

north shore oahu

If you want to see one of North Shore’s prettiest beaches, Three Tables Beach is your guy.

Obviously you can surf there like most North Shore beaches, but the sand gets lonely too so it’s also a perfect tanning spot!

Waimea Bay

north shore oahu

Cliff jumping, sunsets, huge waves, snorkelling & sea turtles! What more could you want from a beach? You literally have it all at Waimea Bay.

Pro Tip
Definitely wait for the waves to die down a bit before cliff jumping to avoid serious injury.

Sunset Beach

north shore oahu

There’s a reason it’s called Sunset Beach. At the end of the day before heading back to Waikiki, we recommend waiting at Sunset Beach to watch the sunset. You won’t be mad about it.

PS- There’s one of those 100-year-old palm trees that is basically standing horizontally that will look incredible in your sunset photography!

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