Is The Pink Palace Corfu Europe's Best Party Hostel?

Not that many people know about Corfu, yet another beautiful island in Greece. Even fewer people know about the Pink Palace Corfu Hostel – which is the reason why we are so in love with Corfu.

This hostel is nothing short of a good time and even ranks as number one on the list of the Worlds Craziest Party Hostels and is featured on our list of The Top 13 Wildest Party Destinations Of Europe!

To put it in a nutshell, it’s a non-stop party haven with backpackers from all around the world, each person more wild than the last, and we have yet to mention the hotel staff.

You best come here expecting the unexpected because this place will surely surprise you.

Pink Palace Corfu located directly on the beach, you get free breakfast, 6-euro dinner, cheap alcohol, and different themed parties every night. The best part is their booze cruise, which seriously gets out of control.

Corfu is such a beautiful island to see, but to experience it at it’s best, you must stay at the Pink Palace!

We would even go as far as to advise you not to visit this island unless you’re staying at the Pink Palace Corfu Hostel. It’s THAT good.

Pink Palace Corfu


25-30 Euros | Dorm Bed
55 – 125 Euros  | Private Room

  • Private rooms range from standard double twin private to deluxe 5 bed private.
  • Prices include breakfast and dinner.

Pink Palace Corfu

Why You Need To Party Here
  • It’s one of the craziest hostels you’ll ever experience.
  • The hostel has everything you need. You literally never have to leave.
  • There’s a different themed party every night.
  • The booze cruise is no joke – one of the wildest boat parties we’ve seen.
What Really Happens Here
  • Plate-Smashing
  • Whipped Cream
  • Body Shots
  • 15-Meter Cliff Jumps
  • Excessive Binge Drinking

Pink Palace Corfu

How To Get Here

  • Corfu can be easily accessed by plane or ferry, however if within your budget we recommend flying, as taking the ferry is a bit more of a hassle.
  • The hostel provides airport and ferry port transfers when organized in advance.
  • Public transport is also available.

When You Should Stay Here

  • June and July are the busiest months.

Why You Need To Party Here

What better Greek party experience is there than an actual Toga Party?  So get ready for plate smashing, traditional Greek dancing and an endless supply of Ouzo shots to keep the party rolling until the early hours of the morning.

Pink Palace Corfu

Pink Palace Corfu

As far as booze cruises are concerned, The Pink Palace Corfu has come the closest to perfecting the secret formula.  Featuring a daring 15-meter cliff jump, an endless supply of beer and a notoriously wild Captain and crew that don’t know the meaning of a bad time at sea, a day spent on this booze cruise will leave you asking yourself “what the heck just happened”.

Any party that the Pink Palace Corfu throws is sure to be one hell of a night, but this one, in particular, holds a special place in our hearts.  Get loud and messy with all your newfound mates at Europe’s best party hostel, cause once the paint starts flying this night quickly becomes legendary.

Pro Tips

No Itinerary – You should travel to The Pink Palace with no fixed schedule for at least a week.  Many travelers come here and end up extending there stay.  Those that have a strict itinerary and can’t, regret it.

Just Fly – It’s a huge hassle to to travel from Zakynthos to Corfu via ferry.  We ended up missing our first night at Corfu while in transit.


Pink Palace Corfu Hostel is like no hostel we have ever experienced before.  In fact, it does not feel like a hostel at all, but rather a backpackers party resort!

Comparable to a college campus with its copious amounts of buildings spread across the property, Pink Palace Corfu is a vibrant backpacker community made up of travelers from around the world, all on the the communal mission of  having a good time.

The property is equipped with a fully serviced restaurant/club, 24-hour bar, jacuzzi, volleyball court, gym, laundry service, quads, kayaks and most importantly, their own party boat!

Warning: You won't see much of Corfu because the PInk Palace hostel has literally everything you need!

Be sure to come to the Pink Palace Corfu with an open mind, an unreserved attitude and a well-prepared liver to experience Europe’s unparalleled party hostel at its absolute best. You can thank us later.