Bali Vibes | Professional Lightroom Presets

These 11 new Bali Inspired Professional Lightroom Presets are the perfect fit for your travel photography.

With just one-click these handcrafted photo filters will invigorate your images adding an assortment of bright colors and vibrant tones to help you perfectly showcase all the crisp details in your photography.

The filters are the perfect photo editing tool for any avid traveler, beachgoer or adventurous hiker interested in bringing their photos to life while at the same speeding up up their workflow.

Begin your photo edits with these powerfully transformative Bali Inspired Professional Lightroom Presets.

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$30.00 $19.99

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Note:  These presets work for Adobe Lightroom Mac, PC and Mobile.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a way to bring your Instagram Travel photos to life, look no further.

The highly requested Wild & Away professional Lightroom Presets are now available!

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Possible Adjustments

As with all Lightroom Presets, the filter effects may vary based on your camera, lighting and file type (such as JPEG or RAW.)

Once the Lightroom Filter is applied if you still feel it needs some tweaking these are the best steps you can take.

  1. Exposure – Adjusting the exposure of the image will be the first step you want to take if your image is too bright or too dark.
  2. Highlights/Shadows –  After adjusting exposure, if parts of the image are still too bright or too dark, then adjusting the highlights/shadows is the next step to achieving your desired look.
  3. Orange Saturation/Luminance – The final possible adjustment will be dependent upon your subjects skin color.  If you want to make your subjects skin warmer and darker then slightly increase saturation and decrease luminance until you achieve desired look.

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